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Why We're Obsessed With Laura Harrier

Reasons why this screen siren is ready to set the fashion world alight

'Who is Laura Harrier?’ you might ask. Only the next style superstar poised to set the world on fire with her eclectic fashion choices. A model-turned actress she's graced a bevy of the world's top fashion magazines, she’s also starred in a few blockbuster movies like last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and this year’s much talked about Blackkklansmen. The Spike Lee directed film - based on Ron Stallworth’s book Black Klansman - tells the true-story of a Black police officer who infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan.

Harrier, who’s career has seen her working alongside superstars like Adam Driver and has meant that her fashion game had to be kicked up a few notches and if her recent looks are anything to go by she’s seems unflustered as any veteran starlet would be. Here are just some of the things we love about Laura Harrier’s style:

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Girl Next Door

Mistress of versatility, she proves she does 'dressed-down' well as she steps out in a great pair of jeans and tee.

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Legs For Days

Working with what she has, Laura isn't shy of showing off her best asset - gorgeous gams

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Texture Treat

Superstylist Danielle Nachmani guarantees that Harrier’s wardrobe is sharp, fun and always the truest representation of her tastes.

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Her Hair's Great

She sure likes to keep us on our toes. Her hair is always expressive of who she is whether curled, straight or braided.

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Red Carpet Ready

Every fashion girl knows how to pull off occasion-wear and Laura is no exception in that department. With a mean 'do and slinky dress she easily evokes old Hollywood glamour.

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Colourful Personality

She isn't afraid of wearing colour that compliments her coffee-coloured skin

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Very Ladylike

Laura cleans up exceptionally well, and we're smitten with her elegant and youthful approach to dressing.

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