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The 5 Not-Lame Theme Parties to Create the Ultimate Summer Vibe at Home

Inspired by Castle Lite's Ultimate Summer Vibe, we round up the coolest ways to host your own house party (hold the cheese).

The more we go out and have to deal with bar queues, lost Ubers and strangers' unsolicited opinions, the more we want to stay home. After all, who doesn’t love a good house party? This summer, we're all about creating our own Ultimate Summer Vibe (thanks Castle Lite) in the one place where we don't have to "dress appropriately"; home. 

But with practically everyone is hosting their own house party, how do you set yourself apart? A seventies theme? Done that. Gatsby inspired? Those were great - but now exhausted. 

Don't fret, we at ELLE pride ourselves on our top-notch party-throwing skills and have rounded up some of our most fashionable themes that will see you taking first-prize for summer's ultimate at-home shindigs:

The DIY Shades-Of-White Party


This one's for all you minimalist enthusiasts. Inspired by the likes of Solange and Diddy, this theme will have all your guests feeling fresh and put-together. It also adds a wonderful air of sophistication and maturity for those party-throwers who like things orderly. 

The trick here is to keep all foods and drinks in line with the theme; rice, parmesan, white wine and hummus are perfect for this summer party. 

To wear: White. Shades of white, ivory, cream, dusty pinks. Try something architectural and draped to take things up a notch.

To eat: White things like cream cheese and crackers, cauliflower-based pizza and cheese boards. Don’t forget Cloud-coloured desserts like Madagascar vanilla ice-cream and milk tart.

To drink: White and gold drinks. Moscow mules, and decanted Castle Lite (because we can't drink white wine all night).

To Avoid: That wild card friend that will mistake your clean canvas for an opportunity to spill something. 

The Outdoor Home-Movie Night

Open up your own backyard for a super fun outdoor home-movie night party. Layer blankets, hang fairy lights, and bring together friends with picnic baskets and drinks in paper cups.

To Wear: To get with the theme, try opting to wear an updated version of the 50s; Big bows, polka dots, colourful scarves, teacup length dresses in bold colours. Less costume and more fashion.

To Eat: Popcorn, and lots of it! Brightly coloured retro-inspired sweets, cotton candy.

To Drink:  Relaxed, easy-to-mix, spill-friendly options. Shareable punch in summer-fresh flavours like lime, grapes, cherry and orange. And  Castle Lite's handy resealable 910ml beer.

To Avoid: Drawn-out documentaries that might dampen the spirit.

The Out of Office Party

Make business casual for this office-themed house party. Swap out the water cooler for Castle Lite's Ice Core 2.0, and dress to impress in a sophisticated summer suit. Set up hot desks and hand out business cards as invites, this party gives us an opportunity to make networking the party trick. You might need to suit up, but you can definitely let your hair down.

To Wear: Structured blazers and slick trousers. Ties and crisp shirts are great, think formal, but with a twist. 

To Eat: Mini food in the form of burgers, sarmies and salads, served in lunchboxes and  on dinner trays of course.

To Drink: Ice-cold beer.

To Avoid: Inviting your actual boss!

The Clueless inspired Party

This year we're dying to have a Clueless themed party at home, like totally due to the revival of 90’s inspired fashion. Think fuzzy pens, mini backpacks, crop-tops, knee-length socks and yellow plaid sets. Does it get any better than that? This one's for all the Bettys and Baldwins to dress up in the film's iconic looks. 

To Wear: Any outfit inspired by characters of the film.

To Eat: 'As If' cupcakes and cookies, blush-coloured candy. Rainbow cake, red velvet cake. Mini grilled cheeses. Assorted ice-creams. 90's inspired candies.

To Drink: White chocolate milkshakes, rosé, fruit punch, strawberry mojitos and Castle Lite in red plastic cups for that house party, Rollin' with the Homies vibe.

To Avoid: Not dressing according to your squad.

The Pantone Party

Inspired by Pantone Sundays parties by Nandi Dlepu AKA Mamakashaka, this theme will see you and your guests in a single tone from top-to-toe as the dress-code calls for colour coding. Those that don’t play to the theme, well, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

To Wear: Outfits as close to single colours as possible or according to the chosen theme colour.

To Eat: Food tables organised in different colour palettes. Use Pantone charts for that extra attention to detail and to help you keep close to the chosen colour. 

To Drink: Anything inspired by a chosen colour. 

To Avoid: Not dressing up in the right colour.

Catch Ultimate Summer Vibe with Bontle Modiselle, Da Les and Don Dada, as they attempt to impress Dash Mkhathini by showcasing their best night in! Every Friday from the 30th of November on Channel 0 at 7pm.

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