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Sun’s Out…Legs Out!

Skirt selection status: 12 styles pending…

Minis, midis AND maxis? All of this new season talk has us staring at our open closets -unintentionally passing time- and asking ourselves “what can I wear today?” Our answer to this simple question is just that… simple. A skirt is the perfect addition to the Spring line up and we will have you embracing the balmy atmosphere by the end of this style post. So hang up those trousers, it’s time to show off those gams.

And before you get too overwhelmed just thinking about the impressive array of lengths, fabrics, colors, and styles available, worry not, we’ll have you styling your skirts like it’s second nature - in no time

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New York Str S18 053C
ComPLEAT Sophistication

Balance your pairings. An effortless top, strappy shoes and laidback accessories of the same shade definitely enhances the aesthetic appeal of this pleated midi skirt making it the feature. IMAXTREE

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Milano Str S18 431
Pleasure… Oops! We mean Pleather

All about the fit. Pleather can be a rather risky fabric to rock but proportion plays a big role in the overall harmony. Keep it loose on the top, pair it with a striking accessory (or two) and we have a match made in mini heaven. IMAXTREE

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Milano Str S18 246
Be a Good Sport

Whether you play Tennis or choose to purchase a similar micro mini skirt after reading this post, you will undoubtedly be on trend because athleisure is still thriving in fashion. Literal or not, the art of wearing lifestyle gear with an activewear twist is definitely a thing. Pair with your favourite sneaker and matching socks and you’re good to go. IMAXTREE

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Paris Str S18 1265
MAXImum Effect

Maxi skirts epitomize the meaning of freedom and comfort. Styled up or dressed down, a maxi skirt is that one item in your closet that can be pulled out no matter what the occasion. Dressed up in this case, the skirt and blazer contribute towards a more statuesque physique. Style it well and a maxi skirt can be your best friend. IMAXTREE

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Paris Str S18 314
Blue Denim Deeds

Trade in your Denim mini for a new fashion favorite- the Denim midi. This look is made of pantone dreams with one consistent hue throughout. A modern spin on the ever-classic denim 2-piece, the new dynamic is a beneficial alternative to your wardrobe- not to mention this particularly eye-catching shade of blue. IMAXTREE

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Stockholm Str S19 141
Gumdrop Buttons

Buttons, the one aspect on a garment that was otherwise ignored, is now becoming the hero of many fashion pieces. Can you picture this high-waisted mini without those larger-than-life buttons?... we don’t think so. Poise in pastels, we love the oversized blazer, beaded bag and mules. IMAXTREE

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Milano Str S18 293
Can we Borrow a Handkerchief?

Irregular hemline and print mixes? This doesn’t sound very fashion forward but the handkerchief skirt is in fact perfect for the warmer climates with its relaxed appeal and versatile styling possibilities. The crayon colored bag, subdued shades in the skirt and simple blouse channel a that summertime happiness. IMAXTREE

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London Str S18 120
A-Line Print

Nothing says summer bliss better than a printed garment. This A-line number stands out as one of our top picks for its inspired African print detail. Bursts of colour make the skirt a stand out piece and when paired with that hat, leather jacket and buckled leather shoes, we can’t help applaud the look. IMAXTREE

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New York Str S18 356
Short in SEQUINce

This look justifies that sequin can in fact be worn during the day. Metallic at its best, this gold mini skirt paired with a jumper and contrasting boots have us applauding at how unusual yet functional this look is. IMAXTREE

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Paris Str S18 027
Ballerina Girl

Length and layers of tulle embody a soft and feminine flow, with proportion playing a major role in the overall visual portrayal of a fashion week Ballerina. We can’t help but adore the utilitarian twist of a tailored jacket, boots and paperboy hat as it provides that unique galvanic aesthetic that makes it memorable. IMAXTREE

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New York Str S18 1110
Taking the Trousers with You

Just pretend like you didn’t take your dad's favourite pair of trousers to make a this flawless midi skirt. The waistband detail, fly front stitching and turn up hem are well-known features of a trouser. Pair with a ruffled blouse and a bold bag and you can unapologetically walk out the front door. IMAXTREE

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New York Str S18 1044
Slip skirt

Day to night. Another favorite with that versatile factor is definitely a satin skirt. Paired with a trendy graphic tee and the daintiest box bag- this look is ideal for daytime. Throw on some heels and a tailored blazer and you’ve got yourself the perfect going out look. IMAXTREE

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