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ELLE DECORATION editor Laureen Rossouw recently came back from the Milan Furniture Fair, and says the following trends are going to be big in our homes for the year to come:


Gold, copper and brass is still very popular.

Ombré is still trending in various forms.

Materials to look out for include terracotta, marble and cork.

There is still great emphasis on recycling but with more considered lines and flair.

Chunky chains as design accents are making a comeback.

Laser-cut wood and metal will be seen in side-tables and coffee tables.

Carpets and wall-to-wall rugs are handmade in earthy, natural colours, geometric shapes and bold patterns.

With seating and sofas, a lot of attention is paid to the inside frame and engineering – it’s important that it’s sustainable and that it lasts a lifetime. The focus is on comfort, quality and ergonomics. Shapes are plush and aimed at nesting at home.

Ceramics and tableware are organic, with terracotta a favourite colour.

Storage items are looking more innovative and are becoming design focal points in the home.

Wallpaper is still in as well as coverings in vintage prints, geometric patterns and bold colours.

Modular furniture is back – the sleeper couch is now a sexy must-have in every home, and is dressed up in different patterns and exciting colours.

ELLE DECORATION decor editor Jeanne Botes also shares her top four trends for spring:

1. Floral and leaf prints

Look for jungle-like leaves like delicious monsters, tropical colours and themes like palm trees and Hawaiian prints. Bring it into your home with scatters and big floral arrangements with big leaves and foliage.

2. Wallpaper

Printed wallpaper with tropical themes, like butterflies and birds. Quality, exclusive wallpaper is expensive, so rather choose a smaller feature wall and get a professional to install it.

3. Metallics

Metallics are still a huge trend – from copper mirrors to containers and clothing.

4. Ceramics

Look for printed plates that you can also hang on the wall, and interesting ceramic items for storage and display.

What of the trends above do you emulate in your living space? Leave a comment below.


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