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Be a sneaker queen in the new adidas ARKYN

[FEATURED] With individualism and self-expression being celebrated in the fashion world, adidas Originals introduces its newest female-focused silhouette sneaker

To celebrate the launch of the latest adidas female-focused silhouette sneaker, ARKYN, the iconic sports brand collaborated with blogger and artist Lulama Wolf to create a look book representing her culture, creativity and individuality.

The second adidas #TLKS series held in New York focused on self-expression, the impact of culture on creativity and what it means to be truly authentic.

The panel

The discussion was led by singer/songwriter Kelela, artist Ana Kras, musician and photographer Syv de Blar and vocalist and songwriter Ian Isiah. It was moderated by artist, poet and author Cleo Wade.

The South African take

After the panel discussion, Wolf shared her thoughts on the discussion.

Self-expression requires so much bravery. How have you found the courage to start creating and sharing your art?

Self-expression happens naturally, what requires bravery, in my opinion, is sharing your art and the ability to create. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded and inspired by some of the greatest artists of my time and have learned through their work about bravery. It becomes a self-confidence issue when an artist has to share their creation with the world and whatever happens after that shouldn’t matter a great deal. As an emerging artist in an industry as tight-gripped as the art industry, bravery is compulsory.

As an emerging female artist in South Africa, what motivates you in moments of self-doubt?

Self-doubt motivates me. I have had moments of imperfection while creating, and those moments mean the most to me because I am never aware of the beauty that my moments of self-doubt create. I have been painting for most of my life and learning the art of pottery for about four months, and that has taught me to be more expressive with the things I’d like to share.

How are you balancing what you keep IRL and what you share on social media with regards to your artistic journey? How important is keeping your online community informed about what you are up to while you create?

My online presence as an artist versus my online presence as a digital content creator are different, because I am more cautious about what I put out artistically. This is because my art is more personal and tells a more intricate story which I’d love to be experienced offline first, followed by online at a later stage. I consider myself very lucky to balance the two and still maintain my understanding and love for art.

How does culture influence you and what you create and how do you stay true to yourself in this process?

Culture is a prominent influence in how I get to know myself as an artist, I am a Xhosa woman exposed to different cultures and that has helped the bulk of my work. One can argue that art shapes the mood of culture or culture shapes the perspective of art, but I believe that they affect each other as gateways to touch on environmental and societal issues, and those issues rest on the backbone of culture.

How best do you see the adidas brand empowering those on their creative journey? 

I have been working with adidas for about three years, and what I appreciate about the brand is that it gives you freedom of expression and creative control. It inspires a creative to create a momentum that most lifestyle brands don’t offer, because it isn’t all about them. adidas has tailored its aesthetic to support those who are on a creative journey, because that makes the brand relatable and diverse.

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Creative Director - Lulama Wolf

Photographer - Andile Buka

Make-up Artist -  Khumo Ngwenya  (Mka Beauty)

Assistant stylist- Azania Forest

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