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Nike Does A Femme-Centric Reinvention of the Airforce 1 & Air Jordan 1

Because we're living in the future and the future is female...

Nike has just released a fresh new lookbook to accompany the reinvented styles of the classic Airforce 1 and Air Jordan 1.  The iconic shoe shapes have long been associated with the Nike brand and catapulted its popularity amongst urban youth.

Designed in only 5 days as a collaboration between a diverse 10 woman team, the 10 pair Reimagined 1 sneaker range is a representation of the many facets of a woman.  The team made sure that the different styles represented the different Nike women and it's all written in the name: The Rebel, the Jester, the Sage, the Explorer, and the Lover - a shoe for every mood.

Marie Crow, the Material Design Director of Nike Sportswear at Nike Women said,

What we loved about the archetypes is that they gave us the great design narratives that were really rich but at the same time representative of different style choices.

Sneakers have increased significantly in popularity over the past two decades as the fashion world steps away from "gendered " clothing. The resurgence of female sneakerheads is one that is fast becoming adopted on runways and with celebrity endorsements - limited sizes and colourways for women are now a thing of the past, for the most part.

Here is the stylishly playful lookbook shot by Kristin-Lee Moolman below:

The Lover

The Jester

The Explorer

The Sage

The Rebel

To get a better view of the new sneaker styles go to

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