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Model to Watch: Sonny Turner

With over 209k IG followers, 20-year-old International curves model Sonny Turner is doing her bit for the body positivity movement.

We spoke to her prior to her Cape Town arrival about her journey, diversity in the modelling industry, and what’s next for her.

Tell us about your journey into modelling

I was born and raised in England and have been modelling since September 2016. I am managed by Above & Beyond, represented by MiLK Model Management in London and Ice Genetics in Cape Town, South Africa.

What international work have you appeared in?

Asos, Aerie campaigns, American Eagle, Primark, Reebok and On/Off London at London Fashion Week.

How long will she be in our shores?

I will be in Cape Town for at least a month. Hopefully I will be flying to and from London more in the future.

What does “body positive” mean to you?

Being body positive to me means living unapologetically in my own skin. Not comparing myself to others, but seeing beauty in all different shapes and sizes and not conforming to society’s standard of beauty.

Do you think the fashion and beauty industries are doing enough in being inclusive?

Fashion and beauty industries in London and NYC are slowly becoming more inclusive but realistically way more could be done to make people feel better about themselves. The beauty industry is lacking plus-size representation, which is crazy because a lipstick doesn’t care what size you are.  

A woman.

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Any exciting upcoming news to share?

I have another Aerie campaign dropping next week that will be up all over Times Square. I have a new beauty campaign coming out this summer in London – watch this space!

What do you hope other young girls of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities take away from seeing you in the campaign?

I hope that by seeing me in campaigns, it gives other girls hope and shows them they don’t need to change themselves. I particularly hope it shows young women of colour that they don’t need to conform to Eurocentric standards of beauty in order to be successful.

Besides modelling, what are you involved in?

I am a body positive activist. I channel this through my social media as an Influencer. I did a campaign with Simply Bee and protested in London to encourage designers to be inclusive during London Fashion Week.

Aside from modelling I am a youth worker in West London. I work in a care home with teenagers at YAM (Young Adults Matter) Network.  As part of this, I work with charity organisations to empower young women. Last week, I did an Empowerment Day at The Change Foundation to 100 school girls across London.

Three favourite songs on your playlist?

I love ‘Hurtin me’ and ‘Real Ting’ by SteffLon Don. And I’m waiting for Nicki Minaj’s new album.

Three of your Instagram accounts?

@bodyposipanda, @habitual_body_monitoring2 and @karinaairby

Favourite denim label for jeans?

Fashion Nova 

Guilty pleasure?

British Soaps! I love Coronation Street and Eastenders.

Hidden talent?

Cross Country Running

Your hair and skincare routine?

Hair routine - Moroccan oil products and a lot of conditioner! I like using products that make it smell nice. Skincare - my favourite thing ever is skin care. I use tea tree foam, Aztec clay mask and scrub every other day and moisturizers that add GLOW.

What you can’t wait to try in Cape Town?

I can’t wait to try the beaches and being on the beach in a two-piece CONFIDENTLY, as when I was younger I hated the beach because I wasn’t body confident.

Your 2018 seems to be off to a good start. What’s next?

WHAT'S NEXT? Self-love workshops with Sonny - putting on my own events. I already have a company offering to host it. I would also love to go to New York in the summer.

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