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Model Campaigns To Become First Trans Woman Of Colour On Victoria’s Secret Runway

The American model wants to become the first trans WOC on the VS catwalk and we couldn’t applaud this more.

When it comes to diversity, we can all agree that Victoria’s Secret has a long way to go.

The brand’s clothes may go up to a size 40DDD and X but, in large, its runway shows continue to promote an overwhelming number of white, slim, and cisgender women.

Just think, when was the last time you saw a plus-size, trans woman of colour or trans woman of any ethnic background grace the VS runway?

And that's why model Leyna Bloom has stepped forward to mix up the status quo.

Earlier this week, the American star revealed she wants to become the brand’s first trans woman of colour.

‘Trying to be the 1st trans model of colour [to] walk a #VictoriaSecret fashion show. #transisbeautiful #LeynaBloom,’ she tweeted in a post that has since been retweeted by 30,000 people and ‘liked’ by almost 100,000 users.

Bloom has enjoyed a stellar career in the fashion industry for some time, becoming the first trans person of colour to be featured Vogue India in October 2017.

However, a gig with VS is the ultimate goal.


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‘It’s always been a dream for me, like so many others, not just trans – POC, all women, and some men even,’ the model told Yahoo Lifestyle. ‘This is a platform that glorifies femininity.

TY @YahooStyleBeauty ??

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‘I always felt in my most natural state I am heavenly. For my trans sisters, regardless of colour, this will be a moment for us all.

The publication reports Bloom has been a professional model since 2014 and has walked for brands such as Chromat and the Blonds.

However, despite her portfolio of work, the model claims she still struggles to book jobs in comparison to white, cis models.

‘Work has been steady. There’s definitely been a gamble with other bigger brands to take on a trans model of colour. I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to want to give us a shot. Then again, nothing happens overnight.


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