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The search for Africa’s Rising Star Designer is underway and the excitement is building! Want to know who sits on this year’s judging panel? We’ll be introducing our 7 judges over the next few weeks. Our first judge? Meet Trend Director of MRP, Joanne Frédéric.

ELLE: What are you looking for in 2015’s ERS winner? 

A cohesive collection with creative design intelligence and great execution from concept to end product

The moment you first fell in love with fashion was… 

Shew, that’s an ask to remember…it was something I just knew from really young that I loved and wanted to pursue studying fashion design

Favourite item in your wardrobe right now? 

My Karen Walker sunglasses

What stands out for you when reviewing the storyboards and collection sketch books submitted with entries? 

Quality of workmanship, attention to detail & technical knowledge

Highlight of your career so far? 

Being a part of MRP evolving from a factory shop to the fashion force it is in retail today has been an honour & a privilege

Your style in three words. 

Comfortable with an edge

ELLE: Instagram or Twitter? 


Top tips for anyone wanting to enter ERS 2015? 

Be clear in your design concept, ensure it is cohesive & that you are practically able to execute what you have designed on paper

Have you entered #ELLERisingStar yet? If not, enter here now!

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