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ELLE  has recently welcomed six new interns into the office, so each week from now we'll be introducing them to you, one by one. Next up? Meet our fashion intern, Michelle van der Westhuizen.


Life before ELLE?

Before I started interning at ELLE I studied Fashion Design at Cape Town College of Fashion Design (CTCFD), working or being associated with ELLE had always been my greatest ambition. I applied for the ELLE Rising Star Design Award and to my disbelief I was chosen as one of the top 7 finalists. After showing my collection at MBFWJ I applied for this internship and got it!

How did you go about applying for the internship?

I applied the usual route and the next week I was called in for an interview.

What was day one like?

It was everything I anticipated, but more! The previous night was my end of year fashion show for my graduate collection; Nicole (ELLE's junior fashion editor) was kind enough to let me come into work after 12, only to be greeted by such warm and friendly faces. Everyone was so welcoming; we had a little tea party as Taylor, the previous intern and Dawn the receptionist who had been there for many years, were leaving.

Highlight of being at ELLE so far?

I have to say I love EVERYTHING about ELLE. ELLE is a great company to work for and they really want to train you in everything they know.

Tell us about your average day

There is so much to learn and every day throws a new challenge your way which I absolutely love. No two days are ever the same, besides doing the norm like sourcing clothing for shoots there is never a dull moment in the office. Yesterday, ELLE creative assistant Niquita Bento and myself were filming “walking” cupcakes together, ha ha!

Fashion cupboard crush?

Oooh this is a hard one to choose, as I utterly love everything that comes inside the ELLE Fashion Cupboard. If I had to pick one I’d have to say it's currently a pair of Reebok classic sneakers in collaboration with Melody Ehsani.

On your wish list?

I’m obsessed with Jeep's suede brogue shoes. I’ve already sent my boyfriend, Luke, a cheeky photo of them for a belated b-day present.

Currently on your radar?

Fashion designer Chu's spring/summer 2014 collection. I absolutely loved how his own unique sense of style and love for prints translated through his recent collection. It was everything that was expected, and yet so much more!

Highlight so far?

Seeing myself published in the February issue on the contributors page and #AskELLE inbox page.

Any advice for future fashion interns?

To keep a positive and proactive mindset. You have to go in whole-heartedly, it's not about money, it's really a dedication and willingness to go the extra mile - you have to love it!



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