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The final day of MBFWJ 16 at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, lived up to that of the two lists of line-ups prior, here are our highlights…



Eleni Labrou of Akedo sent out personal invitations to her presentation and began her show by engaging with her audience and giving background of her brand for context and understanding and did things a little differently by having models walk the ramp and stopping to face attendees in order to get a close up view of details, finishing and fabrication.


The collection was Labrou’s ‘personal African perspective’ that reflected earthy tones, minimal graphic prints and modern silhouettes. Trendy eyelet details, neoprene, Perspex, Lycra and wool were all combined to form one fashion message and set the tone for the rest of the day. 



Augusine’s collection defined gender fluidity with women wearing pant suits, and oversized pieces, while men wore cropped tops, loose and flowing culottes as well as tights.


The colours of the collection ranged from baby blue to black, with hints of brown and stark white, while textures included hide, leather and faux fur. All together, the show was well put together and thought provoking, drawing on elements of human nature, such as gender roles and animalistic qualities.



Selfi was a wearable, cool collection of irregular, abstract prints, fuss-free silhouettes and a freshness despite the autumnal colour palette. These shapes were similar to the work of artists like Picasso and his inspired paintings.


Some pieces included interesting and artistic imagery of human faces and bodies, while bold vertical stripes completed the other half of the collection’s print. All paired with sneakers and socks, complete with French berets and neck scarves. We loved the pieces that resembled shirts tied around the waist and the jewellery by Gisele Human of Waif that accessorized the pieces.

Tsotetsi KL


The show began with a theatrical-like introduction, to showcase socks and hosiery by Falke, who Khothatso Laurance Tsotesti collaborated with to complete his collection.


This then followed a beautiful collection of ultra-feminine brocade separates, velvet, and silks in rich jewel tones, all finished off with either socks or hosiery in complementary colours and textures. To contrast the richness, were a couple of fresh, soft mint pieces with a swallow print that breathed some life in between all the pops of colour and touchable textures. There was something sleek and subtle about all the models walking with their hands behind their back with poise and elegance. We loved the combination of colours and the fact that it really did feel like a winter collection.


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