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Livin' It Up Like Carrie Bradshaw At The Radisson Blu In Sandton

Meet me in the lobby..

View of Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton ceiling.

Situated in the centre of the cosmopolitan entertainment and business hub that is Sandton, the Radisson Blu Hotel gets the fine balance of urban city glamour and home comfort just right.

Whilst the beginning of the year can be a stressful time for most of us, it's also a time when we ought to do some self-introspection and start planning for a busy year ahead. Naturally, one would want solitude to do so and as a young journo in a big city, much like Carrie Bradshaw, I got the pleasure of staying in a beautiful skyscraper and being spoiled with first class treatment.

Here are 7 reasons why staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton is well worth breaking the piggy bank... and exponentially better than staying over at your 2nd cousin's house on your next business trip.


Access is everything! Especially for someone who is not too familiar with a city and its surrounds.  The Radisson Blu Hotel is but a stone's throw away from inner-city hotspots such as restaurants, malls and public transport. The Gautrain is a great way of getting around, however, the hotel also offers shuttle services within a certain distance meaning you won't have to be stranded(or miss your flight) after a late night.


Crisp white linen and a huge bed, a spacious room with large windows, a couch and television with a wide array of local and international channels, an ambient bathroom with a shower and a bath as well as a robe and slippers(because are you really experiencing hotel luxury without one or the other?).  Who could forget about closet space? For those of us who don't know how to pack light, there is ample cupboard space and if you are into midnight snacks then the fully stocked fridge is a lovely treat. Want your linen and towels changed as well as breakfast in bed? You can have it all by just calling the front desk. The staff are always willing to assist in any way possible - I don't know how the queen of Buckingham Palace lives but I definitely felt that I was living like one.

Radisson Blu Sandton, business class room.


In the age of social media, nothing really happens unless you have documented it. Whilst aesthetically pleasing spaces are great on camera, what matters is how they look in person. From top to bottom, the hotel décor is reminiscent of an upscale New York apartment. High ceilings, a stylish lobby, modern framed wall art, velvety chairs, unusual lighting and more for those who love attention to detail.  I did not walk more than 2 metres in each location without wanting to take a picture of something. The hotel's vastness also lends to its aesthetic appeal, one has time to walk about and truly appreciate its uncomplicated charm.


One does not need to be a culinary expert to appreciate the continental breakfast buffet as well as the lunch and supper offering.  Whether you are a vegan or only eat veggies when the doctor has ordered you to, you'll find something from the menu that will satisfy your appetite. The in-house restaurant, Vivace Lobby Bar and Restaurant, offers speciality meals and home-cooked style meals by a trained chef. The burgers are delicious and the steak is tender and tasty. And for the sweet tooth? A delectable array of desserts including malva pudding will most probably want to make you re-consider your no-sugar diet, in which case, you can make use of the gym facilities (one cheat day won't hurt and even the women of Sex and the City would agree). I highly recommend you start your morning with their delicious cappuccinos.

Vivace Restaurant

Like this... basically..

Sex and The City


If you are a partial homebody, like me then you will appreciate the facilities in the hotel. The rooftop pool with a bar provides the perfect escape if you want to leave your room but not the premises. Call your sister to come have a drink with you instead of going to an overcrowded bar somewhere.

Pool and bar area. Radisson Blu Hotel ,Sandton.

 Guest Services

I often engage with my friends about how tiring it is to have to wake up extra early as to not miss breakfast and then proceed to hurriedly pack before check-out time. Well, Radisson Blu sorted that dilemma out by offering the option of "late check out" (and the angels rejoiced!). One can check-out as late as 6pm depending on the availability of your room which basically means you don't have to sit for 3 hours at OR Tambo. Fantastic news if you aren't a morning person. In addition to this, you can use the facilities in the business lounge if you don't want to stay in your room on your late checkout day.  The business lounge is a multi-room area where there's access to free(and fast) internet as well as all-day refreshments. Pretty a working haven.

Business Lounge, Radisson Blu Hotel ,Sandton.


Many people like to ensure that they do not miss out on their exercise routine when on holiday and I may not be one of them but for those of you who are, the Planet Fitness centre is a modern facility equipped with the best machinery, a swimming pool, a sauna and more. Prefer to destress by being pampered? The Aesthetic Elements spar is where you should go for that long overdue facial or massage.  Throughout my stay, my thought process ranged from a mixture between "I could definitely live like this every day" and "Oh my goodness, I have to bring my mom and sister along with me one day" and who could blame me? With so much on offer, including dedicated access to great service with the click of a button, the Radisson Blu Hotel is a must for all and served as the perfect beginning to what promises to be a year of unapologetic self-care and big city adventures.

Sex and the city

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