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8 Facts About Lip Fillers Injections

Yes, we're as curious about them as you are...

Just so we are clear, this is not a post that shames women who choose to go under the knife, body positivity extends to faces too. As many people battle with insecurities, especially those in the spotlight, cosmetic treatment and surgeries have become ever so popular. From the Kardashian-Jenner clan to Lindsay Lohan, celebrities have taken to plumping up their lips, although many have denied it, it becomes pretty obvious after a few procedures over time.  This trickle-down effect beauty trend doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon so we've curated a list of facts you might find interesting.

Lip fillers only last 6 to 8 months 

Although there are newer options which may last up to a year and more permanent options(silicone). Most treatments are short-term because of how frequently we move our lips.Less invasive options include topical Lip plumper, lip liner, and lipstick.

Lip fillers are not just to plump lips

Contrary to popular belied, lip fillers in a lot of cases are used to correct lip shape. People who have had accidents and injuries and require reconstructive surgery sometimes look to this treatment for more balanced/symmetrical lip features

"Duck lips" means that the procedure has gone wrong

If you have watched E! Entertainment's "botched" (or Keeping up with the Kardashians) you may have seen cases where lips look a little too... pouty.  This is caused by over-injecting or injecting in the wrong areas which may hinder blood flow in the lips and can cause permanent nerve damage. Risks include bruising and uneven lip plumping.

Allergic reactions 

Just like any other medical procedure, allergic reactions are common and can lead to prolonged side-effects such as swelling and bruising.

Permanent fillers are dangerous and don't look as natural

More invasive lip-filling procedures include the use of silicone(as opposed to collagen) which in most cases looks artificial/plastic-y not only looks unnatural but ruins the lips forever. Most people opt for the 6 to 9-month option.

It's best to take a few days off after your first lip-fillers

Lip injections cause major swelling and often times take a 3 to 5 days for the swelling to go down. Freshly injected lips never look natural so best to stay indoors and do some self-care whilst the swelling goes down.

Age matters

The older you are the less elasticity your skin has - older people tend to have defined lips and wrinkles around the lip area, this affects how the lip fillers will work. As the skin is much thinner, the shape may not be as desirable.

Lip fillers are not for everyone

For people with very thin lips, regular lip plumping procedures are a great way of achieving fuller lips, if done properly. However, if you already have full lips, the smallest dose ought to be administered to avoid "clown" lips.

For more information, visit your local practitioner to find out about all the benefits and risks. We aren't doctors and results may definitely vary. Rather be safe than sorry. 

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