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Khloé Kardashian Fans Are Savagely Trolling Tristan Thompson on Instagram

Last week, Khloé Kardashian gave birth to her first child, a daughter with Tristan Thompson. Sadly, the good news was overshadowed by allegations that Thompson had cheated with her multiple times, with multiple women, over the course of her pregnancy.

While Khloé reportedly took the high road and allowed Tristan to be with her in the delivery room during the birth of their child, fans are not ready to forgive Tristan for his alleged misdoings and they are taking to Instagram to let him know it. In recent days, Khloé fans have flooded Tristan's Instagram comments with wishes that really annoying and frustrating things will happen to him as karmic retribution.

This picture of Tristan, in particular, is being comment-bombed:

Fans likely targeted this photo specifically because, as a paid partnership post, it would be difficult for Tristan to delete it.

The comments range from annoying, one-time things (like stepping on a Lego) to lifelong frustrations (like the person who hopes that Tristan steps in water every single time he walks around in socks, forever—BRUTAL). Here are a few of the best:

Perhaps the most brutal hope of all? This person, who hopes that Khloé names her and Tristan's daughter "Hope" in honor of this epic display of trolling fans are raining down on the NBA player:

Wishing Tristan harm would be wrong, of course, but wishing that his McDonald's order is always a little wrong or that his laundry is always inside out after he washes it? That kind of feels like fair game.

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