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It's 2017 And We Still Need Free Sanitary Pads

It is hard to believe that even in the year 2017, contraception is free and sanitary pads aren't.


"According to a 2016 UNESCO report, during menstruation, one in 10 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa misses school"


Menstruation is not a choice, it is part and parcel of the female DNA and form. And in the country where the distribution of condoms is high on the agenda, why are sanitary pads not being given the same level of attention?

In January 2017, KZN became the first and only province in South Africa to commit to issuing out sanitary pads to learners in school. But the question remains, what about the rest of the country?

Although there are many local organizations which raise funds for this cause, it is up to the government to ensure that distribution of sanitary pads is as regulated as is the case with contraception.

These are the local organisations taking a stand against the lack of free access to sanitary pads by collecting and donating free sanitary pads to schoolgirls in need.  Here they are:

Red Wings Project

Redwings highlights the lack of sanitary pads, so they collect and distribute sanitary pads to those in need

Girls with Wiings

Girls with wiings collects and distributes sanitary pads to 200 homeless and underprivileged women every month in the Cape Town area


An initiative launched by Amanda Smith, where a group of eight runners and two cyclists run sanitary pad drives that usually form part of a larger campaign in the build-up to a running event


Washable pads and panties created by Sue Barnes and they are 100% cotton pads made from five layers of hydrophilic fibre. The initiative is based in KZN and people can make a donation or pledge R220, providing one schoolgirl with three pairs of Subz pads.

You can do your bit by donating and keep at least one girl in school.

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