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It might have taken years, but Reebok has come back in the game with a huge, brand-new marketing campaign and a clear mission to change the way people perceive and experience physical activity.


The slogan is, ‘Be more human’. And you might ask why? Reebok is talking to all of us, whether lawyers, housewives, teachers, parents or partners, in a rallying call to make us live our lives to the fullest. That means embracing fitness not just as a mere physical activity aimed at boosting your body and strength, but as something that enhances your entire life.

Yan Martin, Vice President of Global Brand Communications at Reebok, says, ‘There’s a new breed of athlete. These are everyday people, and these athletes should also be regarded as role models. For these individuals, the achievement comes from the realisation that they are transforming their lives through fitness, and in the process they’re transforming the lives of their communities. We acknowledge and salute these new athletes who challenge themselves daily in search of greater rewards.’

The campaign features a brilliant video and invites everyone to embark on the ‘Be More Human Experience’, an online platform where users can complete fun quizzes to discover their ‘humanness’ levels, discover how various physical activities stimulate key nodes of the brain through an interactive 3D visualiser, and post selfies of their post-workout state with the hashtag #breakyourselfie. Will you be daring a selfie in your most depleted, raw, broken state? For the love of fitness, we might.

See the campaign video here:

And connect with Reebok here:


Twitter: @reebokSA

Instagram: @Reebok_SA

Have you noticed?

Reebok has also given its logo a whole revamp. The new Delta symbol represents the three aspects of change that comes through living a fitness lifestyle: physical, mental and social.


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