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How To Get Baby Soft Skin

Never thought possible? Well believe it. Getting back your baby soft skin is as easy as these hacks. They're tried and tested and sure to up  your natural glow as well.

1. Lather that tissue oil girl

Thought to only splash a couple drops over your stretch marks? No sister. Spread the love over your shoulders, collar bones and arms for a soothing feeling of skin to the touch; an instant sun kissed shine is an added bonus!

2. Baby Oil solves all problems

Mix a sizeable amount (about 1:3 ratio) with your current body lotion and watch the clock turn back. Add a couple drops into your bath as well. P.S. this is a generations-old secret, you're welcome.

3. Coconut Oil, Duh

I mean, we really don't need to go into it because obvi. What we can recommend is replacing your body lotion with this after an end of day shower or bath. Repeat daily.

4. Home-made Body Scrub

You'll need: 1 cup of brown sugar; 1/2 cup of honey. Mix ingredients and lather all over a freshly washed and wet body (avoid the face as granules will hurt the skin). Rinse thoroughly, dry off, and watch the magic unfold.

5. Water, Water, and more Water

Basically, give your inner boy what it needs to allow your outer shell take centre stage.

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