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Our Fav Moments from SAFW SS18 Day 3

What a day it was! Were bringing you our top moments from last nights designers.

Mmuso Maxwell's Power Suit

Mmuso Maxwell

It was truly a coming of age moment the entire show, we were mesmerized. Paired with the most exquisite snakeskin Carol Bauwer handbags, the cowgirl essence lived strongly through each look. Our absolute favourite look had to be their interpretation of the power suit. Top to toe green and sleeveless for an effortless cool feeling, it got us visualizing our own strength in who we are.

Black Coffee's Giant scarves

Black Coffee

Floor length with pompoms and textiles in horizontal stripes, the look was accompanied with Jacque's signature shapes, only updated this season being placed on solid fabric with vivid hints of colour. It had us thinking about styling the scarf as a super chic blanket because, blankets are clothes too.

Clive Rundle's light-activated trousers

Clive Rundle

A genius in his own respect, Clive gave us all we expected and more. The juxtaposition between uptown class and downtown cool made for a perfectly imbalanced story. What caught our eye was the golden silk pants which gave off a moving light beam effect as they glided down the runway, catching every bit of light present.

LootLove's runway finale


Our January cover star, Loot Love closed the Rubicon show in a floor length black regal dress with a sheer cape, looking like the queen she is. Her walk super sultry with an effortless confidence about her, we were proud to celebrate this moment with her.

Gert-Johan Coetzee's holographic sequins

Gert-Johan Coetzee

A huge trend on the international runway, holograph made its way to our ramp in a show celebrating 50 years of the McDonald's Big Mac. As it danced down the runway, it gave off fun elements, telling the story of a disco ball at the coolest party in down. What a way to wish Big Mac a Happy Birthday.

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