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ELLE reviews: Dermaplane

Derma – what? ELLE’S beauty editor weighs in on one of the latest glow-popping skincare therapies making a buzz.

For those of you who have heard the word ‘Dermaplane’ and are wondering what it is, fret not; our beauty editor went to try it to give you the lowdown on what it’s all about. 


What is it?

In short? A physical exfoliation to clear away excessive dry, dead skin. 

The experience 

In desperate need of some skin-saving, (I seriously struggle with hormonal acne breakouts along my jawline and need to pay an endocrinologist a visit, but that’s another article for another day), I decided to try Dermaplane. 

I popped over to Christelle De Wit, Product and Education manager for SkinCeuticalswho, after having a look at my skin (the shame!), recommended the the ‘SkinCeuticals SM Core peel’ (a Salicylic Mandelic Peel comprising of 20% Salicylic acid and 10% Mandelic) which aims to reduce breakouts and smooth out rough skin. 

The first step of the peel is the Dermaplane treatment and is said to reduce the appearance of fine lines, clear away dry dead skin and help with the absorption of skincare products including acid peels for maximum benefit. 

Imagine the fright I got when I looked up at her to see what she was casually unwrapping what looked like a surgical blade, ready to “shave my face off” (don’t worry!  It doesn’t do this - it’s a modified blade, made specially for this procedure). Visions of a great big beard sprouting all over my face due to my facial hairs being shorn off flash through my mind. Christelle reassures me that this is highly unlikely because the light, but efficient, exfoliation of this procedure does not promote new, denser or darker hair growth. I barely feel anything while she carefully does the treatment. 

Next, the acid peel solution designed to aid in clearing acne is applied to further remove dull skin cells from the surface without irritation – great for those with oily or sensitive, congested skin. A bit of a tingle later, I was done and my skin looked well hydrated and radiant, although results of the treatment (paired with the complementary homecare products) only really started to show two years later, and a week later results were tenfold, with my breakouts reduced dramatically. I also saw a big improvement in the texture of my skin and a healthy glow to match.

The cost

The SkinCeuticals SM Core Peel goes for R750 and the Dermaplane treatment is built into this as the first step of the facial. Dermaplane is usually partnered with a peel, although you can also have an option of doing Dermaplane with a non-peel facial or mask.

Head to the store locator on to find a skincare professional near you. 

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