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ELLE Eats: Bilboa Restaurant Camps Bay

Dine in style with a view that's divine

Bilboa restaurant is what someone like myself would characterize as "up-market chic", this term, in reference to the décor, the service and of course the view. The Latest addition to the Kove Collection stable of a popular restaurant offers the type of modern vibe which is perfect for lunch, dinner or just sunset drinks with your friends.

Bilboa Restaurant interior

We had the pleasure of dining at the Camps Bay strip restaurant a wide selection of Mediterranean-style seafood with a selection of meat-free dishes too. From starter to dessert, there is a menu option that will whet any appetite. Our personal favourite was definitely the lamb starter with yoghurt on flatbread - seconds please?

Lamb starter with flat bread and yoghurt - a favourite!

For the aesthete, the restaurant not only offers an endless  mirage-esque view of the Atlantic ocean (perfect for those golden hour cocktail shots), the lighting, the seating, golden pillars which separate the open-plan vibe in the restaurant contributes to the luxurious, without being too overstated mood that makes Bilboa, more than just a picture-perfect restaurant but a dining experience.

Delicious cocktails enjoyed with the most beautiful view of the ocean

If you are one of those people who like to dine in a place with great "Fengshui", the restaurants'  atmosphere adds to what is all in all, one of the best dining experiences we have had in a while - with meticulous attention to service too.

Ring up your mates and make sure your phone battery is fully charged because you'll be eating while you Insta snap away. That's enough of an incentive, right?

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