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ELLE Beauty: Rejuvenating Self-Care Tips To Boost Your Wellness

Our April birthday issue gives you more reason to celebrate yourself with all natural non-invasive beauty remedies.

Fat-Melting Confidence

Procedures with names like ‘fat-melting treatments’, which use red laser lines to slice fat cells, seem intimidating, yes, but we were curious. A non-invasive facial rejuvenating session promising to lift and tighten the skin around the face and neck is well worth the try.

BTL’s Exilis Elite system is described as a versatile device aimed at tightening droopy lids, double chins

and loose skin on the neck.

It is designed to heat deeper layers of the skin through carefully controlled radiofrequency energy, causing fat cells to shrink, contracting skin tissue and stimulating new collagen production. Add a layering advanced cooling system into the mix – enabling deep tissue to be treated all the way up to the superficial layer of skin – and we can see that this treatment means business.

TL recommends six to eight 22-minute sessions at an approximate cost of R800 each for best results.

For more information, visit

Revive Your Smile

Dental care is often overlooked and – while the disastrous long- term effects of neglect are a story for another day – aesthetically a whiter smile is perhaps a more confident one. A visit to Dr. Carmen Wilsenach, an Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentist at The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium, to find out the benefits of in-office whitening is illuminating.

‘One of the advantages of in-office whitening is that professionals use a much higher concentration of bleach for faster, more dramatic results,’ Wilsenach says. ‘A good consultation and staying committed to the treatment, be it at home or in office, is key. Options are provided and expectations are managed because we all bleach at different rates and get varied results.’

Wave with Confidence

They say that the first tell-tale signs of ageing appear on the hands. But a world of ‘laser-treatment this’ and ‘chemical peeling that’ can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Moreover, many laser treatments are known to be unsafe for women of colour. However, after one visit to Pulse Dermatology and Laser in Kenridge, Durbanville, for a Mesoestetic® medical peel, Beauty Writer Modupe Oloruntoba is sold.

Mesoestetic® peels are an advanced line of skin-rejuvenating products that improve the skin’s appearance through chemo-exfoliation and removing dead skin cells, encouraging the surfacing of regenerated, smoother, softer skin. The treatment also combats sun-damage, acne, ageing, abnormal pigmentation and superficial scars.

‘Your peel recipe is expertly selected, based on your skin type and concerns,’ says Modupe, whose peel was a water-like brightening solution targeting dark marks. ‘It was applied straight onto my skin with a brush. After calming from some redness, my hands and forearms glowed and the peel’s smoothing effects lasted longer

than expected.’

A Mesoestetic® peel is R350 for a single session on the hands and R875 for a course of three. While subtle results are visible from the first treatment, a dramatic difference is going to take more than one visit. The treatment, like others on Pulse’s menu, is best done as a customized course.

Call 021 914 0447 for more info, or email

Images by Darren Gwynn at Lampost 

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