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The likes of you and I might not be able to afford a pair of towering Louboutin heels (yet), but from now on we’ll have the opportunity to own a piece of the designer’s lifestyle in all its glamorousness. Yes, shoe guru Christian Louboutin, renowned for his crimson soles, has upped his game and entered the realm of beauty.


You’re thinking fragrance? Think again. In typical Louboutin-unconventional fashion, the designer took inspiration from his shoe range and the iconic sole to produce an entire range of nail polishes. "The red sole was born from red nail polish," says the designer. "I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails so many years ago." Simple; genius.

The first and presently the only shade, Rouge Louboutin, has been released in all flagship stores and selected retailers around the world last week. Don’t expect to find it alongside perfumes and cosmetics – the lacquer will be sold in the shoe department next to the brands’ covetable heels.

The bottle alone is an object d’art: crystal-faceted and topped off with a stiletto-like cap, its design alone makes us want to own one desperately. Not to mention that to produce, fill and finish each bottle takes a notable 22 weeks – the explanation for its steep price tag, $50 a pop.

On 31 August, the brand will launch the remaining 30 polish shades, which have been divided into three colour collections: The Pops for pastel and vibrant shades, a darker range called The Noirs, and lastly The Nudes, an array of different shades of pink, beige and off-white to suit all skin tones.

The bad news is that Rouge Louboutin will remain on our wish list for now, as the product won’t be stocked in South Africa (just yet). Go to Christian Louboutin to explore the brand’s beauty debut and watch the incredible film by David Lynch, which left us speechless.

What do you think of Christian Louboutin’s take on beauty? Tell us by leaving a comment below or tweeting your thoughts using the hashtag #RougeLouboutin



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