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In the July issue of ELLE, we caught up with Maps Maponyane to talk life, inspiration, love and style. Here the actor, model and entrepreneur shares more about his fashion collaboration with Augustine, the power of social media, and who he is crushing on right now.


His Augustine OCD collection included 18 pieces, which he describes as classic English gentleman with a bit of Sophiatown mixed in. ‘Attention to detail, practical, functional for the utilitarian man,’ he says of the collection. And would he revisit it one day? ‘I would but only when I can give 100% of myself to it.’


Maps always tries to incorporate one local item in the mix. Some of his favourite South African designers and brands are Afrikan Swiss, Naked Ape, Suzaan Heyns, Clive Rundle, Thula Sindi and David Tlale.


His favourite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. ‘It completely tells you what to be aware of in terms of being a human. It’s a wonderful exploration of the human mind. His economy of words of getting across the greatest revelations and points is brilliant.’


Social media is a wonderful tool, but it’s all in how we choose to use it, he says. ‘If I give you a nail and hammer you can use it to hang things up or to put it in someone’s head. The power is in the hands of the individuals and how they choose to use it. It’s also made us self-absorbed, lose touch with one another – one of the greatest antithesis of social media.’


Maps has never taken a proper selfie (solo). ‘The only time I have is if I’m in a crowd and I’m asked to help because the person’s arm is too short. My last picture was with Nandi Ngoma, her arm was short so she asked me to do it, but you will never see me take a selfie of myself or even pose in those bathroom selfies.’


’I love art, it has such amazing meaning in my life. I admire work by rising South African Nelson Makamo as well as William Kentridge.’


Maps is currently crushing on his Tell Me Sweet Something co-lead Nomza Mombata and has always had a crush on Kim Engelbrecht (‘I would love to work with her’); Gabrille Union piques his interest and so does Mila Kunis.

Photography Supplied/Victor Dlamini

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