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Behind The Scenes: Weekend Special

On a chilly Sunday, the ELLE Fashion team headed out to downtown Jozi to shoot the Main Fashion editorial you see in the August issue.

The issue is inspired by Women In Music, and for me, South African pop culture icon Brenda Fassie was the point of reference. Why Brenda, you might ask, and how has her style been translated on the shoot without being literal?

This season has been about the 80s revival. When I consider the 80s, and music, the local representation of both was MaBrrrr. The aim was not to recreate her style, but to draw inspiration from the essence of it – 80s with an Afro fusion.

Some of her song titles also inspired some shots. The group shot featuring Kwanele Nomoyi and his crew is inspired by the song MaGents. The Marianne Fassler denim moment, worn with a Shakalulu headpiece is inspired by the song My Black President. Look closely at the denim jacket, which we sourced from Marianne Fassler’s 1994 archives, and you will see Nelson Mandela’s face stitched and painted onto the fabric. Words like 1994 and Liberation also adorn the denim. This seemed like a fitting tribute.

Here are some of the outtakes and behind the scenes from the shoot:

May the mood and spirit from the Weekend Special editorial, inspire you to celebrate your African roots.

Photographer: Justin Dingwall

Stylist: Asanda Sizani

Stylists’ Assistants: Sitha Kentane & Gugu Nkambule

Model: Lindiwe of Boss Models

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