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ELLE SHOPS: 5 Cute-as-a-Button K Beauty Products We Can’t Get Enough Of has brought K Beauty within our reach and these are the products we’ve tried, tested and loved!

Win a Paul Mitchell shampoo and cream rinse!

Walk away with a Paul Mitchell shampoo and cream rinse

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Win an Olapex treatment set!

Submit your details to win an Olapex treatment set to repair your hair

What Is Balayage? Everything You Need To Know About This Trendy Hair Technique

It's the celeb hair dye trend that's everyone's talking about, but what exactly is balayage and is it worth the hype?

Should You Be Worried About What's In Your Nail Polish?

The additives and chemicals might be messing with your hormones

Scent trip: an exclusive interview with Alberto Morillas, Master perfumer of Gucci Bloom fragrances

Gucci's latest, and final, addition to the Bloom story explores a woman's intimate character, her unconventionality, and her authenticity

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Hailey Baldwin Follows The Blood Type Diet - What Is It and Is It Beneficial?

The 22-year-old model recently revealed she follows the Blood Type Diet. We look into exactly what it is.