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6 Carefree Black Girls You Should Follow On Instagram

While aesthetics are important on the 'gram, we'll always be fans of content that gives you a little more. It's everywhere if you're looking, and we just love the way these women are changing the black girl narrative and giving us a unique peek into their lives.

You've probably seen them floating on your timeline and maybe spent hours scrolling through their feeds, not only for their rich, vibrant images but also for their how absolutely inspiring it is to see which places they travel to next or who they photograph.

Who knows, maybe you'll spot someone whose vibes match yours and in that case, you should totally hit the follow button.

And here they are in no particular order:

@Tefftheory - Through critical self-study, Teff The Don, originally from Nigeria, shares her life and work via her vibrant Instagram account. You'll find self-portraits, mixed-media collages and photographs taken by her which she always captions with a thoughtful note on human nature and society.

From 'BROWN PETAL' (2016) @studiotheory #tefftheory

A post shared by Nnamani (@tefftheory) on

"5 x 5", 2014 I shot this portrait exactly 2 years ago today as part of the long journey to capture my hands every year on my birthday. It pleases me now to say that I brought in this birthday in the 8th floor of the library where I've been all night, preparing for 2 exams. I guess that's pretty symbolic, yes? (If you know what 8 means to me, then yes, it's rather symbolic). I also brought it in by publishing my first post on Medium + finally updating the site. Soon share. ("I'm on Medium" should be flirtatious line you say on a first date to heighten your appeal, no?) 2014, I was going through hell, but I declared it golden, and it was so. 2015, I declared openness + fluidity by shooting the portrait over water, and it was so. They year ends for me on my birthday. I'm already in 2017 and intentions are already being set. What to declare? Beyond grateful for where I am, and most importantly, what I am learning (academia and beyond). Three key lessons to share: 1.) Do not allow isolation to seduce you. Clarity can be found in conversation, too. 2.) Create with intent, whether "they" notice or not. 3.) Be present. Be a presence. You may know me as a photographer, writer, visual artist, poet, the don (wink) etc. But my true-true aspiration is to be a resource. Whatever path(s) I have to follow to achieve that, I will. Thank you for your prayers, words, support, presence, audience. What good you see for me is already yours. Thank you! ✨?? #selfportrait #tefftheory

A post shared by Nnamani (@tefftheory) on

@azaniaforest - Azania Forest is a Joburg-based visual artist and designer whose Instagram account screams "Africa". She does a lot of self-portrait work centred on black womanhood and being a carefree black girl. Her images are evocative and we can't wait to see how the budding artist develops.

Check out my interview with @lgfschool ??? link in bio ❤❤

A post shared by Azania Forest (@azaniaforest) on

@asiyami_gold - Art director and visual storyteller Asiyami inspires quite a bit of FOMO. Seriously. Her Instagram feed resembles a travel magazine and its curation makes you feel like you are travelling with her, or at least wish you were. She also has a great eye for beautiful things and we absolutely love watching a woman of colour living her best life.


One of my FAQ is "how do you get to travel so often" the answer... I'm rich! Duhhhh? Rich in spirit. ? If you've been following my posts for at least two years, you would know that I'm just the average young lady who worked hard to get the things that she wanted out of life. I perfected the art of living well while having enough. And really in life, all you need is ENOUGH! Our ability to stay happy and live a full life with just a little is what attracts more. More isn't always monetary. Sometimes that "more" is the good people you meet along the way, a peace of mind, or being grateful. After going back home in 2015 for the first time in 12 years, adjusting to life in the west has been difficult for me. The greatest misconception most of us here have is the need to have more in order to live a full life. But I've seen my family members back home living such content and happy lives with nothing. It made me realize that having more may be a crutch. God gives more when we trust him and are grateful for what he has given us. Because what he gives us is enough at that moment. If we could learn to be grateful for enough and live well with enough, maybe we could see more. You don't need to have a lot of money. There are always ways of working around it. Pick destinations that work with your budget. Travel to places where you can stretch your $. Save enough for the things you want to experience. The best part of traveling isn't always eating a floating breakfast.... lmao. It's the people you get to connect with along the way, the food you get to eat, the conversations, the memories that last a lifetime, and sometimes the new lifestyle you adopt. Define what living well looks like to you and create it. #issavision #seeitbecomeit

A post shared by Asiyami Gold ?? (@asiyami_gold) on

@velmarossa is one half of the stylish brother/sister duo "2 Many Siblings". Velma's Afro-retro feed is a documentation of her life and work in Kenya. Whether she's hanging out at a market or attending an exhibition, she does so with minimal effort. We love her quirky style and cinematic aesthetic.


...through beautiful memorable days??

A post shared by velma rossa | 2manysiblings (@velmarossa) on

ft monday . @tumee_etsa

A post shared by velma rossa | 2manysiblings (@velmarossa) on

@banjichona - Zambian born and UK-Based writer, jewellery maker, and aesthete, Banji, is an eclectic woman whose Instagram feed is filled with curated inspiration. We adore how she through her images, embraces her dark skin and roots. Look out for this one.

I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology. #selfie #carefreeblackgirl #afro

A post shared by Banji Chona (@banjichona) on

@findingneema curator and avid traveller Neema is what one would call curious. She chronicles her interactions with the diverse groups of people she meets by going beyond the surface with their stories. Her interest in the continent stems from her longing for answers about people's origins and identity. When she isn't lying below a picture-perfect sunset, she's riding a camel or dancing at a street festival.

it's a portal???

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