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5 Reasons Netflix's Sex Education is important

Why you need to watch Sex Education.


The first episode of the series is quite confusing in the beginning, makes one wonder if it's set in past/present or if it's taking place the UK or the US. This style is intentional, it gives the show a universal and timeless feel. While the accents are all British, the school around which the characters' lives revolve incorporates American traditions that wouldn't typically come across in the UK. The show clearly has a very high production value, which provides a cinematic feel that's unusual in a TV series. 


The moment Gillian Anderson appears on our screens, it's clear that she's going to be a firm favourite and total boss. Playing the sex therapist mom, Anderson steals the show in every scene she's in and makes us idolise her more and more. She's also surrounded by an amazing young cast who make the characters completely real and relatable. Asa Butterfield is symphathetic and convincing as Otis Milburn and Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa also deliver astounding performances as Eric Effiong and Maeve Wiley respectively. 


The main storyline foregrounds Otis, a typically awkward teen whose mom happens to be a sex therapist. He basically takes what he has learnt over the years from his mom and starts giving relationship and sex advice to his peers at school. This means that the show covers a wide variety of real-life sexual questions teenagers may have.It tackles issues that often generally go uncovered on mainstream television. The content feels like a breath of fresh air, taking on this subject matter in a non judgemental way that will undoubtedly help viewers. 


The show covers controversial topics such as abortion- treating it as simply and accurately as possible. It allows the teenage character to be confident about her decision, making it clear she's not ready to be a mother and certain about this from the onset. The show's effort to demistify and destigmatize abortion has drawn praise from a number of sources. 


The most significant thing about Sex Education is the diversity of its cast. The show approaches race, sexuality and class impeccably. All characters come from a range of ethnic backgrounds and the LGBTQ community is well represented too. While the show is light, most of the time, the show basically does not shy away from real- life obstacles such as when Eric is subjected to homophobia in violent discrimination. 

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