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The 4 Rules of December: Financial Survival Guide for the Silly Season

Summer's arrival means the festive season is already around the corner, and with it, a whole lot of shopping - the kind that usually leaves people with buyer's remorse. It's a routine a lot of us fall into, but not this time. This year, you're going to survive the festive season with your net worth intact because this year, you're going to start planning today.

The Zeeva Debt Management Program is the first South African company to combine the power of the NCR’s debt review process with benefits exclusively created for women, providing them with support and breathing space to get their glow back. These are their expert tips on silly season spending - take note to make December drama-free and January a little easier.

Budget your way out of a tight spot 

A budget is your first line of defence for festive spending. Zeeva recommends including costs like accommodation, gifts, travel, food, basically anything that you may be spending out of the ordinary on. Put it somewhere you'll see it daily to remind yourself to avoid any unbudgeted spending.

Go at your own pace

No keeping up with the Joneses for you. Comparing yourself to others often leads to buying expensive nonessentials and losing sight of your financial management goals for the holidays.

Make sure that sales don’t hurt more than they help

Holiday season sales can sometimes come in handy in trying to make the most of your money, but you have to be sure the items you buy are really necessary. Keep your shopping list at hand to avoid reckless swiping.

Always call for backup, and we don’t mean your credit card

Share the financial burden of your celebrations with the family and friends you will be celebrating with. Ask someone to bring a salad to dinner, split the cost of a large gift for the parents with your siblings, or band together with the girls for a group deal on a getaway.

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