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13 Standout Street Style Stills from NYFW

Straight from the streets of the city that never sleeps.

We just wrapped NYFW and before the hype of LFW gets well under way, we feel that spotlighting some of the best street style looks from the coveted event is a must. From bracing for the chilly New York air with layers upon layers to actually risking frost bite but dressing to kill. Here are our top street style selections:

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Out of Office

Out of the office and straight to fashion week, this two-piece suit is absolute perfection, with it being cinched in at the waist and complete with accent sneakers.

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Because two is Better than one

Doing the most with two bags slung over the shoulder, we are super intrigued by the combination of puffer obsession and maximalist detail.

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All Red Everything

All red leather is a statement on its own. Enough said.

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Textile and Print Mashup

Big coats are in and so are prints. But when paired together, you have a match made in textile heaven.

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Flying with a Parachute

We love this two-piece inspired by a parachute. And best believe that the crayola-bright aesthetic takes the look to new heights.

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Out of the Doll House

She looks like she just transformed into the real life version of the

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Print Clash

Only the best effects are achievable when you take a little risk. Try two different prints in a consistent color scheme to elevate your fashion style.

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The Teddy Effect

Teddy coats are trending and this optimal piece provides the best of both worlds- style and functionality. Pair the coat with your favourite denims to score major "ease of wear" points.

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Getty Images 1129076983
Living Green

Much like the previous look, we're obsessed with the proportions that an oversized coat adds to a full look. Try the bicolour trend by keeping your ensemble to a strict two colour rule to really add some consistency and flair.

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Getty Images 1129535614
Patiently Waiting for Winter

Winter is soon approaching and as we patiently wait for the said mentioned to arrive, we’re banking on the concepts of texture, colour and overall silhouette- à la Olivia- to guide us.

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Snow Storm

We are in awe of an all-white look and the playful play on plaid and slight different in white and off-white tones makes it easier on eyes. ready to rock it? We think so!

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Getty Images 1129036164
Layer On, Layer Off

We know what you're thinking... "what is with this look" and all we can say is that the double blazer look is definitely on our seasonal fashion bucket list. The best part? Probably the fact that you can add a layer or remove one depending on how your feel. Call us crazy, but this definitely the best idea ever.

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Time for a Pop

Adding pops of colour to an otherwise neutral colour palette seems that the typical tip but try having an equal balance of brights and neutrals.

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