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8 Ways To Feel 'Badass' In Your Body

Level up a notch with these pick-me-up's to enhance your mood and lift your self-esteem for a serious confidence boost

Brain fog, fatigue, stress headaches, and feeling seriously bloated and like you have been hit by a bus by 3:00pm, are all symptomatic of our fast-paced lifestyles. In an era of 'self-care' we really do need to take some serious steps to manage it all to bring some sort of balance into our lives to feel great in our bodies. 

Check out these 8 simple ways you can boost confidence to feel totally badass in your body. 

1. Revive your smile 

One way to boost your mood is by smiling, with research showing smiling releases serotonin into the brain to help you feel happy and relaxed to reduce stress in the body.  Add a brighter smile into the mix with the latest in at-home or in-office teeth whitening treatments, and you're on a sure path to literally not losing your smile - with a confidence boost to match. 

2. Bust the bloat 

There is nothing worse than feeling like your tummy is about to bust a zip come 3:00pm. Not only do you feel completely uncomfortable in your body -published research has shown that bloating is often stress-related with possible links to impaired concentration, memory loss and  fatigue, making you feel like you are dragging a ten tonne handbag up a hill - a really steep one - to push through to the end of your day. Things like getting enough sleep, eating water retaining foods (hello all-bran flakes) and fruits that have a high water percentage like grapefruits and  watermelon - a known natural diuretic and great source of potassium - all help your tummy deflate to make you feel great.

4. Meditate to levitate 

Breath work and meditation has been proven time again, that by consciously becoming aware of your breathing, it helps reduce stress levels, depression, anxiety, plus gives you a much needed timeout to yourself to regroup. Contrary to belief, you don't have to get a yoga sesh in to say 'aaaah - even a 5 minute daily practise whether at home or in the office is hugely beneficial, besides there are plenty guided meditation apps to help you along so there really is no excuse...and breathe in, and breathe out... aaaah 

6. Get some sun (safely of course) 

There is a reason why the sunshine makes us really -  it literally does. A little bit of exposure here and there encourages the body to naturally create Vitamin D3, which has a variety of benefits from enhancing sleep, boosting your immunity to flooding your body with happy endorphins. It doesn't mean we are giving you permission to skip the sunscreen though or bake for hours - a little bit goes a long way and too much of anything is no good.

7. Have a DIY spa day 

Often we are so hectic between work, socials (online or offline) that we can't even make it to a spa, so why not DIY it at home. Take a Sunday here and there, to primp and preen to feel and look completely banging for the week ahead. Mix up a face mask or slap a hair mask on, indulge in a super laborious skin care routine fit for a queen, eat well, exfoliate your body, paint your nails, tweeze your brows - whatever it is, just take the time to make YOU feel good and to allow yourself an ultimate relaxation ritual to rest and reset. 

8. Maximise on sleep 

In 2018, we are realising more and more how smart it is to get some sleep, and days of pulling all nighters are so not cool anymore, with ever growing research showing that inadequate sleep not only affects the patterns of how we sleep (we don't get rest our bodies truly need) it also causes hormonal imbalances which play a role in weight gain and anxiety. Practising good sleep hygiene and taking measures to create a good sleep environment is not only becoming popular, but becoming a way of life for health conscious people. The time is now to make relaxation techniques and prioritizing sleep your best friend to feel in tip top shape erreday. 

9. Go bright

Whether its a bright lipstick, a bright eye shadow, or a bright fashion find, there is no denying that rocking a bright colour lifts anyone's mood, definitely makes an entrance, and brings ALL the compliments to the yard. The brighter the better we say.

10. Boost your brain, mood (and adrenal glands) naturally 

Adaptogens, are natural Chinese and Indian herbs like ashwaghanda, ginseng, Amla (Indian gooseberry),Holy Basil and more that have been used for centuries, to help the body, well, adapt, to the tolls stress and spent adrenal glands can have on the body.  If you often feel absent minded, super fatigued or like you have continuous "feels' of oncoming flu without the flu ever coming (or if you do have flu, and it never seems to fully go away) this is the time to seriously consider your body's needs (more pointedly, your adrenal glands) and try give it the biological support it needs to better cope with physiological stress. Powerful and slow acting, adaptogens can come in a pill format, or powder form that can be chucked into a smoothie - it all depends on what suits you.

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