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The first ever South African edition of the X Factor airs this Saturday so we thought we’d catch up with judge Zonke Dikana to see what’s in store.


You in 3 words?




Career highlight?

I wrote, composed, arranged and produced my three time platinum album, Ina Ethe.

What can we look forward to watching in X Factor SA?

Great entertainment and exciting moments from the contestants and the judges! And, the journey of a star in the making.

What role do you play as an X Factor judge?

The show consists of 3 judges who are experts in the industry. As a judge the focus will be on mentoring and modelling a future star.

What do you believe is the X Factor?

The moment I find myself without words… From a contestant, the hard work and a combination of something different has to come across and render me speechless.

What are you looking for in an X Factor SA winner?

The winner has to be as passionate as their mentor, if not more. They have to really want it, the title of The X Factor South Africa Winner. They will have to muster up a combination of hard work and talent.

How important is style in making it as a performer?

Style is very important in the entertainment industry.  It can be used as a marketable tool for you.  To be a musician and to also have style creates the complete package. Being stylish could also help mask your flaws in some instances.

What advice can you give someone who is trying to get further in the music industry?

My father said to me, 'Do not complain. Work hard and let your work speak for itself.' I was that person questioning myself for many years and I learnt to appreciate my father's advice; look where I am today.

The X Factor South Africa airs on Saturday, 6th September at 18:00 on SABC 1. Continues every Saturday at 18:00

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