Accessories complete a look and one of our go-to items is sunglasses. We love sunglasses because they protect our eyes while lending an individual touch with style and confidence, giving a look its own special flair.

On our radar this week, are the ELLE sunglasses. These softly oversized frames are contemporary, modern and feminine. And like ELLE magazine, the ELLE Eyewear collection embraces fashion but cleverly distils the latest trends creating an accessible, individual and above all chic look for each new season.


ELLE Eyewear is giving one online reader a pair of these ELLE sunglasses that retail for R1 300-R1 400. To enter, go to the comments section below and tell us which outfit you’d wear to complement these stylish shades.

This competition is now closed! Congrats to our lucky winner: Claire van Apeldoorn! We’ll be in touch shortly.

For more information about the ELLE Eyewear collection call 011 483 8001 or visit

64 Responses

  1. Nooreen

    More like what outfit wont I be wearing them with, I love a pair of Elle sunnies. But I have to say on my graduation day this year and it will just complete my look, I will be wearing a bright Cerise dress and the under tone of the sunnies will set it all off. To complete my look. I really hope I win, I would LOVE a pair, and I really need a pair of Elle sunnies (”,)

  2. Layla Dollie

    They would go well with my all black ensemble of peeptoe platform boots by ALDO, skinny jeans, sleeveless chiffon blouse and deep purple scarf.

  3. kedibone mimi sechuane

    I will wear Elle sunglasses with my maxi dress and sandals.

  4. Amy Mead

    I would wear my elle sunnies with ripped jeans, a white vest and some gorge stilletos.

  5. Samantha

    Two of my favourite colours & here they are paired in the form of stylish eyewear!! I would start by wearing them to the number of sports events I go to, firstly the cricket with my jeans & Guess T, they would look really fab…and then I would be wearing them with practically all my day outfits as they too exquisite to be left behind!

  6. Landy Yeatman

    I would wear my Elle sunglasses with my black maxi dress complete with my Cerise pumps and bangles

  7. Tracy

    Love the colouring… Elle sunglasses are stylish and these shades would compliment any outfit! Jeans and T-shirt, floaty dress or the business suit… with the glasses on we would be ready to face whatever the day held, protecting our eyes at the same time.

  8. Twanne Breitenbach

    I would wear them with anything I can! But most definitely with skinny jeans, a white top and peep toe wedges.

  9. Gail Swart

    I would wear these shades with my race gear, if only I could get my hands on this specific style and shade! My racing colours are pink and black, I race for Dirt Diva Racing Team…

  10. Leana Henke

    Call me weird, call me fashion clueless or call me dumb but my answer is ANYTHING. These glasses can make even a plastic-black-bag-coat look like a FASHION STATEMENT.

  11. Khauhelo

    I will wear my sunnies with a pair of skinny jeans, a crop top and a pair of heels

  12. avinia

    with the sun @ its best in durban il rock these sunnies with my shorts some slacks and a cool linen top! simple is best for the beach!

  13. Nadia

    These shades will compliment any outfit, but if I had to choose it would be a Jackie O cut dress!

  14. Sinazo

    Hmmm! Id wear my long high waist blue skirt, my white gold studded crop top, gold sandals, my black hand bag and these lovely elle sunglasses to finish off my look :)

  15. Beth_N

    i could be wearing anything from bikini to a suit and these glasses would complement my outfit and make me look good.

  16. jennilee sale

    These gorge shades would go with everything…cut off jeans, Elle tank top and trendy wedges…

  17. Hle

    I would definitely wear them with a dress when I’m at the beach. They are simply stunning.

  18. Leanne Barberini

    All of them – day and night – they are so beautiful that I would keep them on with everything including my pyjamas.

  19. Christine Kuch

    Day dresses for garden lunches,maxi dresses for every occasion and a perfect accessory standby no matter what the occasion.

  20. Bernadine

    I’d wear these shades with my designer blue jeans, crisp white shirt & gorgeous turquoise jewellery. I love the cheeky logo ….

  21. Claudia

    These stylish supersexy sunnies from Elle will go absolutely perfect with my black/purple monokini, and what a statement I will make !!!

  22. Rosalia

    Wow, Elle, I love these sunglasses,they are stunning, and I would be honored to wear them with my black and pink bikini.

  23. kaamilah paulse

    I love the black and pink shades of the sunnies. It will match practically everthing in my wardrobe.

  24. Carlyn

    I’d wear these awesome shades with any outfit but I think it’d look best with a bikini :)

  25. Teniele Liah Siripat

    I have a beautiful white summer dress & straw hat which I am saving for my holiday in Mauritius in 2months, these sunnies would look gorgeous and definitely compliment my outfit!

  26. Kimberly

    These sunnies go perfectly with my style – so they’d go with any daytime & outdoor outfit for me… The perfect outfit that comes to mind when I look at them is a chic summer collar shirt, elegant white shorts or a patterned skirt, a pair of high wedges, a sleek sling bag and perhaps a panama hat :) effortless sophistication!


    Being a Durabn girl, i would definately wear a pair of shorts and and a tee to compliment my GORRRRRGEOUS NEW ELLE sunglasses

  28. Claire van Apeldoorn

    I think this is stunning and would go with any outfit. definitely the best accessory to compliment any outfit! id love this!! really so gorgeous!

  29. Natasha Adams

    Abraised dark blue skinny jeans,Stilletos,black T, purple tailored Blazer and hair pulled back so I can show of my fabulous sunny’s.

  30. candice crawford

    I would were a pencil skirt, fitted top and a killer pair of heals!

  31. Refiloe

    OMG the shape the colour it says snazzy yet mature and classy .This would look nice during my honeymoon when we take long romantic stralls on the beach with my better half they definetely say ching ching she has Money in the bank

  32. Natasha Ramcharither

    I would wear them with my Black sissy boy jeggings and black T with a colourful scarf

  33. Jody Mc Farlane

    I would wear really stylish darkblu skinnys with a white vest tanktop and some sky high killer black pointys plain but sexy as the glasses will accentuate any outfit to the max…

  34. Gaby de Freitas

    I have this cute black and pink dress that I would pair this with. The top of the dress is black and the skirt part is checked black and pink. I have black heels that have a pink line on the heel. Perfect outfit for these fab sunnies

  35. Anna H

    I am going to Europe, in need of new par of eyewear. Wearing it with my red swimming costume, just perfect duet.

  36. Khanyi

    I would wear my black skinnies, black blouse or loose tank with a dark pink blazer. and of course mt black sissy boy heels to complement the look.

  37. Bernadette

    I’d wear these beautiful sunnies on a planned day at the sea next month – on a luxurious yacht. Sundowners at Camps Bay & plenty birthday celebrations!

  38. Bongiwe

    I could be just wearing jeans and a cool shirt and the sunglasses would add a cool touch.They can update any outfit

  39. Jolanda Julies

    I will wear these sunglasses with both formal and casual wear.

  40. kaamilah paulse

    I will wear my sunnies with everything. They are too gorgeous to be kept for specific outfits!!!

  41. Josie

    I’m doing my articles this year,which means I go to court regularly. I would pair these fab sunnies with my court outfit, which is a black pencil skirt, formaljacket,white shirt and black high heels. The sunnies will protect my eyes against the sun, and indoors I will use them to keep my hair in place. Trust me, the legal eagles will be green of jealousy !!

  42. Belinda V

    A black, lacy peplum top, floor-length slimline purple skirt and peep-toe wedges!

  43. Rumbarani Naidoo

    I will wear a black mini skirt, a white top and black strappy heels to compliment my Elle sunglasses

  44. Noelene Reddy

    I would not choose a specific outfit as these glasses will compliment any dress code.
    I will wear these glasses with any outfit.

  45. hantie londt

    This will go with everything! We were already laughting yesterday because in each car there’s a ELLE magazine sunglasses because they all look stylish and ready to just zip it on ……. and there we go!

  46. hantie londt

    This will go with everything! We were already laughing yesterday because in each car there’s a ELLE magazine sunglasses because they all look stylish and ready to just zip it on ……. and there we go!

  47. tshegofatso

    well since summer is still on the running i would definantely wear those shades with a nice baggy top with a torn short and flops shoes and because i am a black lady for my hair i would wear a long wave however to finish the outfit off, id wear simple and nice accesories such as small earings, a simple nicklays and bangles also with a clush bag. everything would be in white and i believe that white will make the shades outshine

  48. Tanita

    White Lace top with a sexy leather jacket, slim fit jeans and ankle boots. Relaxed Chic :)