Congratulations to the following winners:
Lynsey Chutel – winner of the Lady Gaga heartbeats
Marie – the iPad case
Nonty – Pink iPad case
Tarah Childes – Tunebuds
Joy H – the Knomo bag

Apple have given us a whole pile of amazing products to give away this Valentine’s Day. Win them as a gift for yourself, or give them to someone special. Each one will be given away separately so when you enter please specify which product you’re entering for. In order to win just tell us, by commenting on this post, why you think you deserve that product more than anyone else. Good luck!

How cute are these? Heartbeats by Lady Gaga with ControlTalk are high performance in-ear headphones that are created in collaboration with Dr Dre.

This sweet Paul Frank iPhone case, for your cheeky monkey this Valentine’s Day!

Okay, so this one isn’t for ‘him’, but enter for yourself. This cute pink case is just what your iPad needs.

TuneBuds for your iPhone and other players.

And last (but totally gorgeous) this black leather Knomo bag.

This competition will close on Wednesday 23 February. Winners will be announced on Friday 25 February.

87 Responses

  1. Craig Steyn

    I am entering for the Lady Gaga heartbeats. I need these more than anyone else so that I can give them to my beautiful girlfriend – not only as a valentines day gift, but also an anniversary gift. It will make her day! Also, so when she goes running she look super stylish ^_^

  2. Olebo

    I believe this gift will make the perfect Vday gift for me cos im simply fabulous and single…i enter almost every other Elle comp (but never win),lol. So hopefully on this special day, i’ll walk away with something (“,)
    Gift: Knomo bag or Tunebuds

  3. sagree moodley

    I so love this black leather Knomo bag…. reasons why I should win the bag….is 1) I am a reader of Elle mag every month…2)I love this page on fb….and 3) I am going into a new job…I would a new bag….SOOOOOO much

  4. sagree moodley

    I so love this black leather Knomo bag…. reasons why I should win the bag….is 1) I am a reader of Elle mag every month…2)I love this page on fb….and 3) I am going into a new job…I would a new bag….SOOOOOO much

  5. Raeez Jacobs

    I do believe that I am eligible to win the Lady Gaga heartbeat earphones because firstly, I am huuuuuuge Lady Gaga fan. I’ve been wanting heartbeats since they debuted but just can’t afford them. My parents refuse to spend more than R50 on a pair of earphones. Secondly, I’m the greatest music lover I know, and truth be told, I can’t go a day without popping earphones into my ears and jammin’ to…you guessed right (Lady GaGa). Winning heartbeat earphones would be really great and I know I deserve it because I want it soooo much and like I said, I could never afford to simply by it myself, at least not until I start work as Fashion Editor at ELLE Magazine after University. :) thanks!

  6. Judith Vermeulen

    Wow, that will be absoluty fantastic to win one of these lovely products.

  7. Lloyd

    I NEEEEEEED the LAdy Gaga Heart Beat Earphones becoz they’ll match one of my Meat garments ;P

  8. monique leendertz

    I have my eye on the Paul Frank iPhone case, I’d like to win it please because my phone needs its own special place. I’ve dropped it before due to my daily work pace and never want to see it lose its beautiful face. So please Elle be kind this Valentines Day and give me this iPhone case so I can shout Hip Hip Hooray.

  9. Razaan

    im entering Paul Frank pink case. i truly would love to win this prize because this would be the perfect gift for me. this valentines Day I’m all alone which mean nothing for me :-( but this could be the perfect opportunity to spoil myself and receive my something special. Thanks Elle for making so much people happy. you truly awesome. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to the amazing Elle team!

  10. Mandisa

    Firstly i’d like to congratulate the ELLE magazine for yet another awesome Febuary issue. what i loved about it , is the fact that it wasnt cliche’, it wasnt based on the typical red and white,”roses are red violets are whatever colour in the sun” … you showed the different side to love, the business kind of love, the fashion kind of love, the love that any woman can give to herself which is not dependant on male figures. Thank you once again. i think i should be the lucky winner of any Apple product, i looked at them and couldnt choose.. they all oh so wonderful. im not much of a gadget lady, but id say i deserve one of these products because i am a great woman, and what way is there to celebrate being happy with yourself, than with an Apple product. i look foward to your next issue. love you ELLE team and God Bless

  11. Marie

    The Pink, Paul Frank iPhone case, because love is not just a feeling that comes and goes. Love is the expression of deep feelings that everyone can allow to grow within themselves. When somewhat older, a child needs numerous tender affirmations of love everyday. When I give my daughter this pretty pink iPhone case from Apple and ELLE, I can once again secure that feeling of hey, you’re my one and only!

  12. Arthi Singh

    I would love to win the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga because I absolutely adore her! I am definitely her biggest fan even though I dont really dress like her :). Her music is awesome and I would love to hear her work through these awesome headphones!

  13. kash

    I want the black leather Knomo bag. reason being its v-day—got a case of v -day blues- one year since i broke my engagement off and single now—booo hooooooo—so this will be the only gift i get —-let me win and make my day!!

  14. abeda

    product: heartbeat by lady gaga

    i i am a smart, naughty, lovable, enchanted woman, i love gadgets and all that comes with them. i am a elle fanatic and love every issue.

    i truly believe i am worthy of this prize

  15. terri lategan

    Hi, I would love to win the heartbeats by lady gaga. this prize would make the perfect belated valentines gift for my bf, a complete muso.

  16. Megan Maccallum

    I deserve to win the Lady Gaga HeartBeat headphones so I can speak to my Valentine who is all the way in Dallas, Texas while I’m all alone in SA. I can use those beautifully stylish headphones to plug into the PC when he wants to whisper sweet nothings over Skype :)

  17. Lynda Ingham-Brown

    That Paul Frank iPad case would look fantastic wrapped around my new iPad! You can’t help smiling when you’re greeted with that every day!

  18. Nadia

    I would love to win the TuneBuds for your iPhone and other players. Mine is so worne and I am in dire need of a new pair. Please make my Valentines day!

  19. Dane Thompson

    I wanna give it to my amazing sister that no matter what has been happening in her life she has always had my back so now its’s time to say thank you Kim for being an awesome Elle woman :)

  20. Nwabisa

    Hi…I deserve to win the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, because music is the only thing that accompanies a lonely heart…my iPod earphones are messed up, so this Valentines Day, I have no background music to soothe my lonely heart…

  21. Marie Oosthuizen

    The gorgeous black leather Knomo bag will be a very special gift! Looking forward to it gives me a sensation that feels a lot like hope! ELLE, you really make things happen!

  22. Amanda

    Seeing that I am feeling a bit low, and need to get out of my rut, I need to up my look with the bag and put my chin up and get on with my life

  23. Jaki

    TuneBuds for your iPhone and other players. Expect a lot more sounds to be ringing! I am sure ELLE’s going to write the words to me we all long to hear: Come and get it!

  24. reshma naidoo

    i really really need one. my life is too chaotic i need some help and the only person who can is an apple. please i beg you i need help i need an apple!

  25. Tasneem Thomas

    Let me just start off by saying that the latest issue of elle is to die for!… Well every other issue is too lol but i would like to enter for the black leather knomo bag for my mom seeing that its her birthday coming up and i believe shes a super mommy! shes taken up the roll of both parents, shes hard working, loving, caring and loves sharing! … Lets not forget shes the one that buys me the elle mag each month. I also think that she needs a good bag because shes always wasting her money on non quality bags that hardly lasts a month so please elle… Make my mommy a happy mommy on her birthday! REMEMBER I GIRL CAN NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT HER HANDBAG… GO BAG OR GO HOME! thank u elle… U guyz rock

  26. Cebie

    I deserve to win the black knomo leather bag,i need a exquisite bag for work,it can be the first item in my collection.

  27. Zahrah Abdullatief

    OMG OMG OMG! You’re seriously giving away Lady Gaga’s Heartbeats!I WANT this, I NEED this and I LOVE this! I am Lady Gaga’s Numero Uno Fan! She’s one powerful and influential artist and her music keeps me alive. I get STARSTRUCK whenever I see her music videos and I must admit if I only live near her vicinity, I’ll be like a PAPARAZZI following her around. Its also time I get a new headphone for my iPod as mine’s already beaten down. I will stop sporting a POKER FACE and show you how bad I want to win this Elle! There’s nothing nicer than using this pulse-pounding and jaw dropping earphone when I go out for my daily exercise or when I just feel like showing the whole world that I’m wearing something that embodies Lady Gaga, an icon of music and fashion. Pls Elle, give it to me.. I promise to keep my TELEPHONE line open while awaiting your call to inform that I’ve won and when I get that call, I will JUST DANCE with my man ALEJANDRO all night long until the break of dawn and start our LOVEGAME and tell him I LIKE IT ROUGH, Lady Gaga style :) Just in case you’re wondering, yes I was BORN THIS WAY. Elle, pls make my wish come true and make me the happiest girl in the world. I know I deserve it. Okay, that’s it.. EH, EH NOTHING ELSE I CAN SAY.

  28. isabella

    Heartbeats by Lady Gaga – PRETTY PLEASE :)
    I’m the BIGGEST Gaga fan, and i’ve been eyeing them for months now. Why i’d LOVE them? They are uber fashionable- so ELLE, sooo fabulous! And I need new ones :) Lady Gaga said, “Some women chose to follow men, and some women chose to follow their dreams. If you are wandering which way to go, rememeber that your career will never wake up and tell you that it does not love you anymore” – in honour of being single on valentines day, and my love for Gaga.


  29. Thabo Molemohi

    “And last (but totally gorgeous) this black leather Knomo bag”. Look it was way down on the “to be won” list, but like you say it, it’s gorgeous. I will give it to, yes you guessed right, my wife, my love, my Valentine, my sweetheart, Joyce. Just bring it on. Besides it’s also my birtday on the 16th Feb. so I am just saying “thank for keeping me this young”.

  30. Marina

    That black leather Knomo bag would look absolutely DARLING with my Apple Mac Book Pro in it! Knomo is the best of both worlds as the laptop bag doubles up as a handbag too – Pure Genius! ♥

  31. Jenny

    I need the black leather Knomo bag more than anyone else because you can trust me I’m in real estate :)

  32. Liezel Bieske

    I think I deserve to win the black, Knomo Bag so that I can give this gorgeous bag to my very hard-working Mother, who is always there for me no matter what and she certainly is one of my all-time favourite Valentine’s. Valentine’s is not only about romantic love, but really about all the people that mean so much to you in general! My Mother epitomises love and caring!

  33. Denise

    Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, I seriously use to think that her name so described her to the Tee, but she has grown on me and would LOVE to win this prize.

  34. Denise

    black leather Knomo bag

    OMG! I will look so super cool strutting my stuff with this fab bag draped over my shoulder and sorry peeps, thats all I can! Its just so I can look too cool for school!

  35. Teree Verduijn

    TUNE BUDS…. I would love the tune buds I have an Apple Ipod Touch and I go through earphones so quickly I really could do with winning a pair xoxo

  36. anisa singh

    I would love the black leather Knomo bag to house the new Apple Macbook that my wonderful husband bought me for my birthday!You see, I have spent many years plodding away at dead end jobs only to realise that I lacked passion & vision in my life. I plan to start my dream of becoming a writer & I know that my dream laptop would be like the gateway to that goal.So yes, here I am at the crossroad of my life without a job but I am using every precious second to realise my passion which is writing, so watch this space! So, the beautiful laptop bag would complement my laptop which means the world to me!!

    Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!


  37. Dhesh

    Black Knomo bag be mine! I love bags – big bags, little bags, fun and quirky bags but especially beautiful leather bags like this one. Come home to me baby..I’ll treat you right.

  38. Phindile Sithole-Spong

    Her hair was in a frenzy, she woke up late, her alarm didnt go off, the milk was off so she couldnt have breakfast, the water was cold and her go-to Christopher Strong dress was in the laundry. She slapped a smudge of redlipstick on and headed for the door. Having one last look in the mirror she shook her head, she wanted to impress, she had to. For years she had praised them, secretly loathed them and even wrote them poems to serenade them with when they finally let her into their world. EVERYTHING had gone wrong, but she couldn’t be late, this was her moment, her time to shine. The call back had come a week after her interview and she knew that it would be now or never. Running to her car in Black patent leather ALDO stilleto’s she hauled the door open and jumped in.
    she breathed a sigh of relief, her black Knomo bag was in the passanger seat, sitting patently, like an expecting lover, waiting to jump into her loving arms and take the world by storm, the ELLE world, because this was her time to intern at ELLE.

    {Forseeing the future}

  39. Kirsty Jean

    i dont think I have ever seen such a beautiful, beautiful leather bag!! Everything in me just screams ”Ive got to have it” Wow! Seriously this in one items my wardrobe seriously lacks and what better way to combine function with need and pure desire!! Please Elle, make my day! I just got to have it:) I can look super stylish and carry my netbook around without so much as a blink of an eyelid:)

  40. Leigh williams

    I would absolutely love to win the lady GaGa earphones! I’m not really good at looking after ear phones so my sister lent me hers. I feel so bad about breaking the 5TH pair she has lent me and would love to make her day. she doesn’t know but she was my valentine, since she didn’t have one. This would be sooooo cool if i could get her a ‘to be continued gift’. :) thanx ELLE.

  41. Tarah Childes

    Dear Elle

    You ladies are so fantastic with your giveaways! Please please can I have the tunebuds?? I’ve made a re-commitment to getting back into running and would love to be able to listen to my trusty ipod in the best quality sound while jogging to some groovy tunes!

  42. Teniele Liah Siripat

    I would so love the Knomo bag!!!
    Just like every necessity & accessory a girl needs, a sophisticated black handbag is one of them.
    Its as similar as to when you wearing that LBD and you walk into a room and everyone stares because you look so damn hot :), its exactly the same with a fabulous handbag.
    Only the women around will be much jealous & when they green with envy & ask were did you get that from……..
    ssssshhhh, its a secret only Elle knows about ;)

  43. Pearl Nzima

    I will love to win that Gorgeous black leather Knomo bag , fistly every lady must have a Gorgeous black handbag and is something that i dont have and because i am sure my mom is tired of me taking her handbags all the time so if I win then it will be a start of me buying handbags.

  44. Avinia Naidu

    black leather Knomo bag.

    It is a CLASSIC and i would love to win this iconic bag from Elle.

    It is a fashion must-have & cant-go-wrong. This bag can be worn with everything and nothing at all. I would love this bag as I am going through a handbag phase (It all started when i was 7 and saw my grand mothers sparkly clutch)

    PLEASE Elle – help a student out.
    This bag would make my year and i would treasure it with my life!

    Fashions fade but this bag is eternal style !

    Promise x <3

  45. jodie mackay

    I have been waiting for the perfect black leather bag, one that is stylish and classy but can fit in everywhere – much like the kind of person I hope I am or hope to become :)

  46. Zintle

    I am entering for the Lady Gaga earphones, for myself of course. Got to love yourself first right.

    And plus the last time I got a valentines gift that was memorable was in high school

  47. Lauren Thompson


    Oh my word please please PLEASE APPLE will change my life!!! Will feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world! Please ELLE save me from my technical dillema!!

  48. AJ

    Stunning..they call me the “bag lady” not because i’ve got nice handbags, but because i am always caring around lots of plastic bags, cos i dont have one decent bag to wear…please let me have this one !!

  49. Nicole

    I simply adore the black leather Knomo handbag… but for my mum! I am a student with a tight budget and I have not been able to buy my mum a decent prezzie for her birthday last month. She is a classy business woman and I believe that this bag would be a great addition to her wardrobe and would help to keep me number 1 in her life. i LOVE my mum DEARLY and I truly believe that after THE messiest divorce of last year…she deserves to be spoilt. : }

  50. Nicole

    I wrote the above comment…contact me Nicole: 073 670 7151 {my email is not reliable}

  51. Elmo

    Family is something special their unconditional love and their unwavering support cant be replaced! I would love to give the Heartbeats headphones by Lady Gaga to my big sister! She has been my biggest fan and greatest supporter for as long as I can remember and this would be an amazing way for me to give back to her.. Her new years resolution was to lose weight and get fit and she has done just that, I want to show her how proud I am of her and to encourage her to keep going by giving her these earphones which will be amazing to use at gym and will motivate her to keep going! My sister is one in a guess 7 billion and this gift will mean the world to her!
    Thanx Elle

  52. Nadine

    Wow!!! the Knomo handbag is sooo stylish, in the same way Jackie O sunglasses are and it would be glorious owning one.

  53. TARYN

    i am having dreams about that knomo bag.. would wrap it so that it looks all pretty, tie on a flower and a blank card and hand to my partner to write out before handing back, and STILL feign the ultimate surprise at the ultimate bag! <3

  54. TARYN

    sweet and lovely tunebuds! all red and full of love for valentines day, would give these to my most awesome partner with a super special mix for his nano. perhaps take a bud each the night it arrives!

  55. Lael Meyer

    Hi, My family think I’m a lost cause! I hate shopping and if I find something I like I wear it forever till it falls to pieces. My present handbag was a 50th birthday gift, 15 years ago.How I’d love to surprise them all with a lovely Knomo Bag and let them see that I,too, can be fashionable!

  56. Sue

    As a avid sportswomen I spend alot of time on my bicycle and although isn’t recommended to ride with a ipod on the road, I would LOVE the TUNE BUDS for the hours I spend on my stationary bike! My current earphones are not very comfortable and the tune buds silicone ear inserts will be an amazing prize to win and will give me something to look forward too when it comes to training at home. Help me to stay motivated and to enjoy my training that much more with the amazing sound of TUNE BUDS

  57. Cherise Durant

    I’m entering for the Lady Gaga Heartbeats earphones because I LOVE Lady Gaga (and I gave my earphones to my boyfriend because he broke his and now I need new ones!!)

  58. Ilke Meissner

    I would looove the gorgeous knomo bag as my birthday is coming up this week and every girl deserves to be spoilt once in a while:)

  59. Laurynne Meyer

    I have to win those Dr Dre earphones. I spend at least 8 hours a day listening to my ipod. Because of this my ears ache from my silly headphones and this would help me enjoy my ipod so much more. Plus I have been eyeing those Dr Dre earphones for a while now… but they are just a little out of my budget range :-) Those Lady Gaga ones are to cute!

  60. LG Efron

    I’d love to win the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga. I’ve read about the excellent sound they produce, but I’m also a Gaga fan who’s just got a new iPod and what better way to enjoy it than with these headphones.

  61. LG Efron

    The Paul Frank iPad case is awesome. I’d like to win one to go with the iPad I’m planning to purchase – partly because it looks great, but mostly because I love Paul Frank.

  62. LG Efron

    May is my mother’s 70th birthday. I’d love to win the Knomo bag as a special gift to her for her birthday.

  63. Ana Nicole Rocha

    apple…what can I say…your with me at work and at play, you make my life awesome each and every single day. And you would look so awesome with my new Knomo leather handbag, that Elle has hooked us up with :)

  64. Marta Bidny

    Hm….how to make an impression on your future employer and get a job ??????? I have tried anything and it didn’t work….this is my last chance….dress to impress with this great black leather Knomo bag !

    Please this is my only chance…….HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Candice Hill

    My husband and I are both Macaholics.We love everything Apple. I would L.O.V.E. the Lady Gaga Heartbeats headphones, it would go to good use (& look super stylish) in both my iPod Nano and my iPhone.

  66. Nqobile Mthembu

    I am not only a Lady Gaga Fan of note but I am also a lover of Dr Dre and together they have designed a fashionable piece of art that I can rock with my most loved outfits. Music in itself is art so please hook me up with the earphones so I can go around in a fashionable piece in hand that not only depicts love for music but love for fashion as well.Lets JUST DANCE to the sounds of heartbeats and Elle!!

  67. Joy

    I would LOVE the Knomo bag… it’s stylish, elegant, super chic and will look much better on my shoulder than my ageing, dilapidated, used to be stylish and now can’t even classify as vintage handbag. Plus I just LOVE ELLE and nothing would make me happier than showing off a handbag I won through my fav magazine!!!

  68. Judith Vermeulen

    Wow, any of these products will be nice to won and I will like this very much.

  69. Rene Finlay

    My iPad would love a Paul Frank pink monkey protector, please…!

  70. Angelica

    Dear ELLE,

    Thanks for SUCH a fabulous Magazine with the latest fashion trends ALWAYS!!! I always enjoy the free gifts ^_^ and the tips and information always come in handy! :)

    I would Love to get a fabulous Black Leather Knomo Handbag!!!
    The style is just what I need: Smooth, structured and black – to go with all my work wear outfits and to take out for the evening! I will treasure this handbag and I know it will last a lifetime (with the proper care ofcourse).

    Thank you again for being at the top of SA Fashion!!!

  71. Chaz

    I want the black leather Knomo bag, I need a practical yet stylish back for day to day, my current “day” bag is great its just not looking so good anymore. please pick me :)

  72. Sim

    oh wow.personally i feel i should win the Lady Gaga heartbeats purely because i believe music is the beating of our hearts and although i am single, my heart beats to the rhythm of a sexy,stylish and spirited drum.i make waves and these are the perfect accessories to dance to my beat!! :-)

  73. Cebie

    i would still really like to win the black leather knomo bag, because i need a decent bag for work – so im still hoping for it.

  74. Bashee

    Quite simple, Cos just like Lady Gaga, I am Confident, Unique, Talented, Charismatic, Passionate, A little wierd at times with soulful delight! There’s never a dull moment when anythings possible, Yes baby, Cos I was born this way!!!!

  75. Rumbarani Naidoo

    As I am widowed and lonely, I don’t have anyone that will be giving me a gift. So, maybe winning this will cheer me and make my day.

  76. Kgothatso

    Im single, i need that bag so i can find a man :-) its such a sexy bag! Its my First job, that bag would would be awesome

  77. ayesha

    Oooh Tunebuds earphones puhleese! Was just thinking of buying a pair earlier! Coincidence? I think not :) I’m going to print the pic & paste it on my dreamboard…

  78. Michelle Lorraine

    I would love to win the TuneBuds for your iPhone and other players, and why I deserve to win, beacuse I really need them for my Ipod!



  80. nazeema

    The Paul Frank iPad case is a very cool prize. I would love to own one of these…so please pick me!!

  81. Lynsey Chutel

    I took a picture to show you just how much I need those heartbeats, but alas your comment box won’t let a picture paste. I strapped green apples (when that didn’t work I had my 63 year old mother hold them up for me from behind the couch – my mum proves that 60 is the new 50) to my ears, donned a vintage chiffon shirt and posed with my latest copy of Elle as my aunt snapped away. And to prove it, I’ve twitpic’ed the photo to @EllemagazineSA, so if I don’t win, at least you can have a giggle. Valentines Day, Women’s Day, every day is an Elle Day!

  82. Phillippa Duncan

    what can I say- all the ultimate uber-stylish accessories for a girl who doesn’t confirm to 9 till 5- perfect for mixing it up and keeping it fresh

  83. Roanne

    Ooh … The black leather Knomo bag would be so ideal for me … I’ve just completed my board exams … getting my results on Friday … With this I can make a statement that I am now ready to tackle my job, equipped with the right qualifications and looking all professional … :)

  84. Carene Malan

    my husband would be FOREVER GREATFULL if I won the BLACK LEATHER KNOMO BAG!

    He recently got a Imac, but the problem is, that we do NOT have a bag to transport the Imac.We plan on TRAVELLING in the near future, so this would be AWESOME!Especially because our budget is tight after buying the Imac.

    REALLY hope we win, so that I can make my husband’s DAY (and YEAR)!


  85. Jassika Sheikh

    I would love to win the Knomo because the bag is fab and I am fab and two fab = together. No seriously it is a stunning bag and I deserve it more than anyone because I have a bag that I am using that is falling apart and due to my hubby losing his job I cannot afford another bag!!!