Congrats to Marina Geldenhuys, Carol Ann Jonker, Randy Njikelana and Nompumeleo

For sexy smooth legs, you can’t get much better than the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive with Close-Contact Technology. This top of the range epilator removes even the shortest hair for ultimate, long-lasting smoothness. It has been designed to make hair removal efficient and gentle in one easy stroke.

Wet & Dry models can also be used in the bath or shower, ideal for saving you time when getting ready, while warm water is proven to relax and soothe the skin. Silk épil 7 Xpressive gives you the best short hair removal ever, leaving your skin beautifully stubble-free: sexy smooth legs for up to four weeks.

Stand a chance to win one of four Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilators worth R1 499 each… just tell us here why you’d like to win and maybe you will!

119 Responses

  1. Tetyana

    I just need to win this coz I am one of few ppl that have real troble with hair growth…It growth everywhere and very quickly…I shave in the morning and by noon I need to do it again…Poor me :(

  2. Kirsty

    There is nothing more enjoyable than the silky smooth feeling of hairless lags, that have just been shaven. But unfortunately, that feeling lasts, what, maybe 24hours before those darned hairs start creeping back. I love the epilator (my friend once cornered me with one- and ever since then I have been hooked) because it gives that long-lasting smoothness that only it can provide. Being a student, I really cannot afford one at this point. But to winn one would be absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

  3. Veryll Bradshaw

    I am so tired of having to shave my legs every second day. The razers are filing down my skin and then there will be nothing left for them to find me

  4. Pam Mthethwa

    Hi, I’m a mother of three who still need to look yummy at all times. As you can imgine how limited is my time – shaving every day is impossible for me. If I win Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilators that will mean I can wear my skirts without thinking twice.

    Thank you:) Pam

  5. Erna

    I’ve got one of these ladies- it is great ! A must have!

  6. nonku

    There is nothing sexy like a woman with smooth legs , when a woman is wearing sexy mini number confidence oozes out for each and every step she takes , I seriously need to win this , so that when I walk everyone will bow :)

  7. Zahrah Abdullatief

    Can’t believe I actually have a shot on feeling like a real woman! Thanks to Elle and Braun’s epilator. My man would definitely enjoy playing footsie-legsie with me. It’s time to say bye-bye to my Chewbacca-ish legs!

  8. Fem

    OMG. To win this prize would be so awesome. Shaving is such a chore. Having the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilator would mean I shave once a month. Now that defines cool. I have ingrown haors which can be a bother. Braun will solve all my shaving problems. Sexy legs, here I come ;)

  9. Lisa

    Waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, gels…ect Having tried EVERY type of hair-removal device under the sun (excluding laser hair-removal), the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive sounds promising! I would love the opportunity to try it out and throw away every other method cramming my bathroom cupboard :)

  10. Arthi Singh

    Wow, I would really love to win this epilator because 1, I cannot afford one of my own, and 2, I have really thick hair which takes about 2 shaves just to get my legs feeling smooth which doesnt last for a very long time. This would be such a blessing to own because I love wearing skirts but cannot because of my reasons.

  11. Tasneem

    I need to win this! I just started my new job & it requires me to wear dreses & skirts all the time & its really hard waxing & shaving my legs all the time as its time consuming & takes alot out of my budget. I dont really earn much but this would save me alot of money but yet keep me looking radiant & fresh when rendering a good service!
    Please help me stay radiant!
    Elle elegance!

  12. Judith Vermeulen

    That would be nice to win. For once I will not have wounds from shaving. And my legs will look pretty.

  13. Sharon

    I hate shaving my legs, so I try to wear long trousers to avoid it, but I run most evenings so either way those legs are going to have to be shown! I am sure with the new Braun I won’t have to shave that often (beats disposables)!

  14. Nadia

    I am an old fashioned girl that still shaves with a razor blade, maybe this is just the opportunity that I need to try something new and advance with the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilator….

  15. Karen Du Preez

    I would LOVE to win this! Would be so nice to shave more often, but with two boys in two diffirent scholls, there just is not enough hours in the day for the ‘long route’. This would make my life so much easier, as I would not even have to think about what I want to wear, beacause I would be ready in no time…

  16. Meghann

    I live at the beach in Umdloti, Durban and often just what I need is something quick, easy long lasting. My hair grows like weeds!!!!!!!! ;)
    Its pretty, its perfect and I really really want one ;)

  17. Alouette Ferreira

    As a busy student, I need to be able to groom myself even though my schedule is hectic. Being groomed helps me stay sane and feel like a human being; studying can make you feel like a workhorse! When you are so busy with the stuff of life like studying, exercising, eating and sleeping (not much), it is important that grooming doesn’t go out the window! I am used to using an epilator, but I think the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive will save me time in the morning because you can use it in the shower!

  18. Alvira Ferreira

    I have used an epilator ever since my legs and underarms turned into a rain forest at puberty. It gives my legs a smooth baby soft finish with the advantage of not having to do it every single day. In my experience Bruan is the best brand of epilator to buy, since it has the most advanced technology. To be able to use it in the shower, and knowing it will effectively get at the short hairs will be a dream come true.

  19. cheryl-anne felix

    i havent done my legs or brows in MONTHS. i have a 2yr old that requires ALL my attention constantly. in actual fact not only do i REALLY want this prize… I NEED IT!!! desperately :)

  20. Anthea

    I know this might be an overshare, but I I’d like to win the Braun shaver because the hair on my legs grow back in one day! I shave so much and this product sounds like it could really help me since it makes the shaving process much easier.

  21. lizelle van zuydam

    I am travelling overseas and this little baby would come real handy anywhere in the world :)

  22. Claudia Mendes

    OMG is this foreal???? This is AMAZING i cant belive BRAUN have come up with this fantastic idea!! Wow I LOVE it!! :) :) You would make me a new person if i won it!! THE SEXY NEW BRAUN SILK éPIL 7 XPRESSIVE, such a must have!! Who ever the lucky person is to have this will definately TREASURE IT!! Imagine all the time I would save while having the best hair removal EVER!! :)

  23. anisa shahid

    I have tried every hair removal method on the market & nothing works on my body hair. Laser hair removal was the worst as it left me with unsighly scars on my legs which have faded a bit. Shaving always leaves me with nicks and cuts. Waxing, now that is something else. That painful method of torture always leaves me with ingrown hairs and irritation:( I am at my wits end and I am tired of wearing pants all the time and I am tired of always hiding my legs from my man because I am embarrased. I am currently on a weight loss/body toning programme and I promised myself that once my skinny calves have been transformed into pins that look like Tina Turners, ok a little like hers, then I am going to strut my stuff in a miniskirt. I am very close to achieving that goal and the Braun Silk epil sounds like a holy grail for my dillema…

  24. Jolanda Julies

    Having a Braun Silk epil 7 Xpressive epilator would make shaving my legs much easier.Exactly what i need to make my legs look and feel sexier and smooth.

  25. Lauren Thompson

    Would love to WIN this!!!! Perfect to take on holiday and keep in your handbag incase of an emergency!!Shaving is such a chore and at that a dangerous one (always seem to have to run out the door with peices of tissue paper stuck to the knicks and cuts due to the torture of the razor!!) This snazy little peice of technology is the key to the end of “bad leg days” and HELLO smooth, sexy, silky legs!!! :)

  26. Wan-Ting Chang

    I’d like to win this for my sister, as she has really sensitive skin, and waxing leaves her with bruises, and I know she’d really appreciate it!

  27. phondliwe

    I’m a single mother who is unemloyed at de moment bt I’ve remained posetive about my situation dat my day will come. The raseon why I think I should win its because I need a decent shaver I’m currently using razor shavers which don’t do justice to my skin not to mention my underarms scary site bt at de moment dats all I can afford even de decent razor shavers dat cost above R50 are a bit pricey cause I have to think of my situation and my daughter so I always go for de cheaper one. I would really appreciate if I could win

  28. Tarah Childes

    There’s nothing better than the feel of smooth and sexy legs and underarms. Unfortunately the only thing I get when I shave are horrible red bumps. I’ve tried a friends epiator before and its works wonders on my sensitive skin! I’d absolutely love this prize, and the time the ability to use it in the shower is an added bonus! Elle girls should wear their skirts with confidence which is what I’d be able to do with this fab Braun baby!

  29. Clare

    Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive sounds good! It’s definitely the way forward for me! Slower and finer re-growth. Save money! No need to travel to a salon just to get the hair waxed. All it takes is around 15 – 30 minutes.

  30. Jacky

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this. I have a real problem with hair growth, shaving is a waste of time as it grows back so fast & as times are tough I can’t afford to go to the salon for a wax & have had a nightmare of a time trying to do it myself at home – resulting in lots of mess & tears… This is exactly what I need to solve my woes :)

  31. Mariza

    Hey there, I would love to win this! as a young working mom of a newborn baby I never have time for myself…let alone shaving my legs! My fiance will love you forever! I’m also getting married in October and need silky legs for my honeymoon ;)

  32. jodie mackay

    I generally use hair remover cream, but would appreciate this opportunity to try a highly recommended product like the Braun Silk epil 7 Xpressive epilator on my sensitive skin…

  33. Alamaine

    I would really love to win, my day to day is always so hectic, I barelly get done on time every morning, by owning one of Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilators would really simplyfy my daily routine.

  34. Samantha Wessels

    What a fantastic product from Braun! what all us women want lovely, silky smooth legs permanently if we could live in a perfect world, & Braun has made that a reality with their up to 4 week guarantee + I love the fact that you can use it on wet or dry skin. This would make grooming a pleasure rather than a task – Braun is a Genius – Would Love to own this!!!

  35. Jaki

    Thanks, with Braun the days when old fashioned shaving dictated our lives and style of dress are long gone. A fresh breeze Braun now sets new directions and I don’t have to leave the shower without lovely legs and that younger, confident vital aura……….

  36. Tanja

    You know they’re attempting to resurrect the Wooly Mammoth, well they’ve succeeded and its me! Basically I’m Russell Brand in female form. So much of hair and when I shave not only does it grow back in told fold but it also comes out in rashes as if the Universe doesn’t hate me enough. So please Elle save me! Like Princess Leia to Obi Wan Kenobi, “you are my only hope!”

    Lets be gone with the Wooly Mammoth and let my legs see some daylight.

  37. Mandy Turner

    I am a working mommy to a very busy little toddler and having a braun silk epil would help speed up the rather long process of shaving… I am also getting married in a months time and would like to have smooth silky legs for my special day. xxx

  38. Montricia van Wyk

    Hi, I am a single mother of a baby boy of 1year and 6 months. I broke up with the ex just after I fell pregnant. Love my baby. After not dating for soooo long, I met the man of my dreams. We are almost a month together. It just feels right. I think I would love this gift as to be always would keep me on my toes as with the baby and to look always good for this perfect man!!!

  39. Monique

    Hey who would bot refuse an opportunity like this and to feel sexy compliments of Elle and Braun :)

  40. Edna

    I need to win, cause I need to pamper myself to stay on top of things and to feel beautiful again!

  41. Dhesh

    Hate wearing dresses and skirts…need to get my hands on oe of these.

  42. Thabo Molemohi

    My wife has a lot of hair over her body. We will be going to Zanzibar for a holiday and since we will be on the beach most of the time, I so wish i can win this for her to use and look more sexier. So just keep this in mind and add a flair to our holiday by giving us the prize!

  43. Nadine Volmink

    I need this!! Having to shave almost every week is rediculous and this is what happens to me. Hair removing cream has a nasty smell to it and it makes my legs itch. So this new bruan would just be perfect for me, it would make life so much better and to keep my legs and a good shape!!

  44. Nadia

    I am a full-time student with a parttime internship, and in summer when it’s really hot, I like to wear cute dresses, and then there are the poolparties! I don’t always have time to shave and when I do, it just looks terrible on my skin after a few days!

  45. Jordan Williams

    I need to win this because I’m so tired of having to shave my legs so often!! It will really make me feel sexy and more confident:)

  46. Trudee Maimane

    I cut my self while shaving apart from looking @ the trail of blood n the agonising pain n the economic disadvantage of purchasing blades every month,
    The thought of shaving every 3days is daunting n I’m blessed with body hair owing such a gadget would be the best thing to ever happen to me except maybe someday winning the lottery but economically a life time investment problem is financiaLly I’m BROKEN. This competition wouldn’t have come at a better time while my cut is healing I can meditate on winning this lovely gadget yes. Gadget.

  47. zaaki

    I’ve ried others and would love o see if this is the light a the end of my dark tunnel of hairy-ness! (0_o)? =)

  48. Razaan

    Every women needs a something special to make her feel that extra bit sexy. With the BRAUN silk Épil 7 expressive i wont just feel but look sexy aswell. This is exactly what i need to give my confidence a boost and make me stand out in a crowd. GO BRAUN!! ;-)

  49. Anneli

    It will certainly be great to be able to save time shaving. In a busy routine, a girl barely finds time for herself and neglecting your legs often puts you in embarrassing situations with your partner. Men loves some smooth legs and I would love to have them with less effort.

  50. Hilary

    What woman wouldn’t want salon beautiful legs everyday!!

  51. Ntobeko

    Shaving creames and even some sophisticated brands with shaving soaps attached to them just do not work for me. Would love to try this brand to see if this is not the one Ive been waiting for.

  52. kedibone mimi sechuane

    I would like to win Braun Silk ‘epil 7 expressive epilators as i have to shave every after 3/4 days and i believe with Braun i will experience a long-lasting sexy smoothness skin; stubble-free for up to 4 weeks.

  53. Ameerah

    Im a PR Student, who just started my internship this year. I am very lady like, hence all the skirts I wear to work. I think i deserve to win the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilators.

    Its takes shaving legs to a entirely different level. With a Braun shave everyday, I shall feel highly confident that my legs are beautiful, ensuring that i’ll be rocking my skirts in the office.

    Thanks ELLE for the Fabulous Competition. Much Luck :-)

  54. Lucelle Hough

    Shouldn’t every woman have soft legs everyday? Especially those of us suffering from ingrown hairs from waxing : (
    Would love to try it and convert to the épil way of life …

  55. Courtney Taylor

    I am currently a 22 year old woman working in the bush of south africa. I have very limited and sporadic water supply so to win an epilator would be fantastic for me so when i’m wearing my shorts I dont scare anybody! It would be so nice to feel sexy while working

  56. Sara

    I absolutely HAVE to have one of these. It’s such a pain (no pun intended) to tweez little patches of hair that grow back between leg waxes. The Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive would make my life sooo much easier.

  57. Jolene

    This has my name on it. I shave every single day, winter or summer, rain or shine, not for anybody else but my boyfriend. Due to the multivitamins I take each morning, by the end of the day, my legs feel like spider woman :) My boyfriend loves it, and he even helps me shave in the evenings, so this magic machine, will be our little toy. I

  58. lauren

    i need this so badly as i get stuble within a few hours of shaving. I cannot tollerate the pain from waxing and i desperately long for smooth silky legs!!

  59. Clare

    Guys don’t like girls with hairy legs. I am allergic to most shaving creams etc. Boy friend needs a break :(

  60. Clare

    It was a hot, humid day. All of the sudden, the car screeched to a halt and I looked over to see my friend staring, horrified, at my legs. He then turned the car around, pulled back into our driveway, and asked me to put on a pair of pants. I hate shaving, I need an epilator! BRAUN SILK éPIL 7 XPRESSIVE

  61. Clare

    I dread having to take up the razor, cream, wax, or any other hair removal tools available in my bathroom.

  62. nompumeleo

    i think i should win the new Braun silk ePil-7-
    xpressive.because in the past 18 months I have lost a whopping 18kgs, and for the first time ever i will be donning a bikini over the Easter holidays. Growing up i was concsious about my weight and how my legs looked, so i never really got a chance to show them off…i cant imagine a better way to show off my new toned and silky legs!!!


  63. nompumeleo

    i think i should win the new Braun silk ePil-7-
    xpressive.because in the past 14 months I have lost a whopping 18kgs, and for the first time ever i will be donning a bikini over the Easter holidays.


  64. nompumeleo

    ive lost 18 kgs in the past 12 months, i really just want to show off my new body(
    sexy silky lean legs-

  65. nompumeleoy

    okay fine i might exaggerated…thats just how much id like to win:)

  66. Alex

    I’ll be attending my ten year high school reunion at the end of April. I want to make a good impression, on my ex-class mates in my LBD, and I really need silky smooth legs to do so! please pick me to win the Braun silk epil 7…

  67. Jenny

    I’ve always been teased about being hairy (because i have dark hair, it makes it look worse).. i’m always shaving because my hair grows so fast. i’ve been saving up for an epilator for a looooooong time and i would love to be able to win this!!!!

    Another reason why I should win is because i’ve never missed a single edition in the past 4 years!! I LOVE ELLE :)

  68. Rene

    I shave every second day, and the amount of blades I throw away is ridiculous!! I like to recycle, but this is an item i cant :( if i rather use a Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilator, I wont have to pollute the earth with all my blades :) one step closer to a cleaner world!!!

  69. Clare

    i should win the new Braun silk ePil 7. There’s nothing better than the feel of smooth and sexy legs and underarms. My day is too hectic to shave.

  70. Clare


    I should win, cuz it would make me happy ;)

    I am a big Braun fan.

  71. Clare

    I need the BRAUN SILK éPIL 7 XPRESSIVE!!! Because I need: Close-Grip Technology; Pivoting Head; Smartlight; SoftLift Tips!!!!

  72. Nikhat Hoosen

    I have a hectic schedule and for work its compulsory for me to spend a lot of time in game reserves and in water and basically exposing my legs, where hairiness would just not do. And short growth can’t be waxed (and takes too much time out of the shower)so using this epilator on short hairs in the shower would save me time too!

    In conclusion.Pick me pick me!

  73. zeenat

    i just hate waxing, i hate shaving with a normal blade, my skin itches and its just a bother. i just want to do remove hair quick with no fuss!!

  74. Vickie

    I’d love to win this. I’d be sure of always looking my best no matter how short the shirt or brief the swimming costume :-)

  75. Clare

    Smooth legs would be the perfect inspiration to keep up gym routine this winter. Plus, if I can use it in/out of the water, I could save water :)

  76. Randy Njikelana

    I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING this new epilator, definitely every girls dream come true. Nothing oozes sexiness and confidence, like cleanly shaven, silky soft legs!I <3 showing off my legs, not much a jeans and pants girl! I make every every effort to shave as much as I can, to look my absolute best at all times!!No girl should walk around with hairy legs and armpits, its straight out gross! But with a hectic study schedule, there's sometimes not enough hours in day, and things like shaving are a luxury!*Hides* BUT with the BrAun Silk épil 7 Xpressive~ those days are over!! Shaving won't be a chore anymore, it will be nothing but a pleasure! And with winter coming up there'll be no excuses for not shaving! WHOOP WHOOP!Please, please let me win!

  77. Ntobeko

    This is just a perfect set for an Elle lady. I would definitely love to win it.

  78. Terryn

    My grandmother once had one of the original epiladies, from WAY BACK WHEN!
    When she gave it to me I was excited but still quite nervous. But it definitely became my new best friend…
    Unfortunately, due to an unforseen accident involving a family members foot, my dearest friend Epi, left me for a better place.
    I mourned her for a long time and no matter how hard I have tried I have not been able to find and replace her place in my heart.
    This is an ode to my dearest friend Epi

  79. kathy visser

    i believe that it is a must have, i do not have one so please let me win this!!!!!

  80. chadine

    i stuggle to keep my legs smooth, as im a new mommy, this will most certainly do the trick :-)

  81. Deserise Viljoen

    You must come and see me, I am a bush. Do I need to say more…

  82. Rumbarani Naidoo

    Buying hair removing creams can be rather expensive especially when I am unemployed and widowed and winning this will make my life much easier to look and feel good.

  83. K Manley

    Nothing boosts my confidence like smooth, sexy legs, but I hate shaving and waxing, and hair removal creams are so expensive, especially when you are a student and end up spending all your money buying books. The Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive epilators is just perfect, with its close-contact Technology and its useful no fuss wet and dry models. Which will come in very handy on those crazy family camping trips into the bush, where running water is a luxury.

  84. Marieta Claassen

    I need one badly because my friends call me gorilla legs. Poor me!

  85. Ntobeko

    For those smooth, touchable and sexy legs, I would love to win the kit.

  86. Linda Duvenage

    being 6 and a half months pregnant, already struggling to shave in the shower (we don’t have a bath)…i could only imagine how much easier the Braun Silk epil 7 Xpressive epilator would make my shaving-life!

  87. Carol Ann Jonker

    I am currently on high doses of cortisone for a terminal disease of the lungs, cortisone makes my hair grow so fast i battle to keep up with it, this Braun Silk epil 7 Xpressive epilator would help so much, thank you for this oppertunity to make my life a little easier.

  88. Charlé Hodgkiss

    My mom has used a Braun Silk Epil and in her late 60’s has no hair left to shave off on her legs, regular use of Silk Epil saw to that!

  89. Michelle Beemath

    Shaving I hate it – I have long legs and with two kids the last thing I have time for is time in the shower shaving, so quick under the arms and on goes the pants or anything that covers up the hair… its amazing my husband has not complained as yet but figure he is also tired most ofthe time. To win this would be absolute heaven, once in four weeks and legs to show off for the month, I would be super looking mom then! Thanks.

  90. Yolande

    I don’t like waxing … I don’t like smelly creams … I don’t like shaving … and my boyfriend ♥’s smooth legs … what to do … epilate … ?

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  92. lorrancia

    It looks like nothing works for me I’m a hairy person and my legs never look sexy!so gatting this would be a dream come true

  93. Megan Hollis

    Wow! This would be beyond amazing – just because it’s winter doesn’t mean hairy legs are acceptable! An epilator would eliminate the hassle and give us NO excuse not to be silky smooth year round :)

  94. Lianna

    I hate shaving, after a day or two your legs are spiky again. While waxing lasts longer than shaving you have to suffer with hairy legs for two or three weeks before you can wax again. The Braun Sikl epil 7 would be awesome because it solves both of these problems :D

  95. Sarah

    I have been saving up one for months. Waxing is so expensitive. I’m a student so times are tough ha ha and I het hair growth like no other so shaving is not helping the situation…. Maybe this is the solution to all my problems :) I think so! I would literally be so greatful if I won one of these amazing products… And ill be sure to promote the product :) and I love elle

  96. Moleboheng Khusu

    Well I really need it because I’m one of those people that know my hair grows-fast but I get lazy to buy shaving stuff and well mostly its because I can’t really afford I end up bein covered up hiding and that does not improve my confidence at all.if I had to win this I will no longer worry about money being my reason for not shaving and I’ll be excited to shave all the time.

  97. Lianna

    I hate shaving, after a day or two your legs are spiky again. While waxing lasts longer than shaving you have to suffer with hairy legs for two or three weeks before you can wax again. The Braun Silk epil 7 would be awesome because it solves both of these problems:D

  98. Naledi

    At this point I’m using disposable razors and the scars to prove it. I would love to win one because it’ll mean smooth, shiny legs without the war scars to prove it.

  99. Marina Geldenhuys

    If i should win the Braun Epilator,
    No privilege in my life could be greater..
    No hair could hold before it’s might,
    No stubble could stand or put up a fight!

    On days when when time is of the essence,
    Even MacGyver would name this gadget a blessing!
    In any condition, damp or dry…
    I guess it could even work on…a guy?

    Grooming perfection is within my reach
    If only you’d give this magnificent prize to me!

  100. Roanne

    Being in a corporate environment, means I have to look good all the time, n I know the Sexy New Braun Silk epil 7 Expressive, will do just that for me:)

  101. Toni Misty Canham

    i play a lot of sports, and surfing is my favourite. i therefore need to have smooth legs at all times. an epilator would be amazing, as i have researched the product as well as its effectiveness, and am now trying to get my hands on one. being a student, i cannot afford it, but would LOVE to own one.
    PLEASE ELLE, make my day….:)

    P.S. well done on a superb. glitchfree and literlly flawless magazine. you guys are amazing :)

  102. Charlene Brouwer

    I would love to win..I have never wom anything in my life.

  103. faaiza hassen

    i would really love to win this cool epilator as i despise shaving and waxing @ home is an absolute messy exprience.Therefore it would be also very economical in these trying times. Additionaly i have always entered elle’s birthday competitions and havent won anything thus far and i would like to be lucky this year.

  104. CTgirl

    Wow I need this! I’ve struggled with stubble my whole adult life: shave in the morning, prickly by lunchtime! I have a bad reaction to wax and always end up with an ugly rash, so what’s the point of that? Please help!

  105. Megan

    I’m a busy woman. Very busy that I don’t have all day to groom myself, not even everyday. So I chose laser for the most obvious areas in my body and finally after few years, it started to work out. However, for the less exposed parts of my body, that was a nightmare as waxing for me is as painful as it looks in the 40 year-old virgin movie played by Steve Carell! So by me winning the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive will be SO much more cost effective for me, and the thought that I never have to wax again makes me so happy too!!

  106. Chrizanda

    Okay so out of 98 entries the chances of my winning is very rare, but let’s take the chance. I don’t have any ‘hairy’ problems, but man, to have one of these would just be awesome. Such a must have ‘accessory’
    So convenient and my bf would just be more in love with me than ever before. I must say, shaving in the shower is tricky and I only ever do it when I do a hair treatment and have to find something to do with my time.
    I would love to be the proud owner of a Braun silk epil 7 expressive!!

  107. Comfort

    Not only would I like to win this. I need to win this. I have unmanageable thick dark curly hair that results in uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Still feeling the aftermath of my last wax in December. Help!!!


    I would really really love to win this. I am a very lazy person to shave when it comes to using blades. I have to be so carefuly but with the new Braun it will be quick quick job. I am unemployed and i don’t think i would be ever able to afford one. Please let it be me to win one of these. Thank you

  109. Babra Pandarum

    Thats like so amazing, this invention by Braun will keep your legs lo0king silky sm0oth for up to 4 weeks, oh wow sounds fabulous, i can’t believe it and would love to win won to try it out for myself. . .i shave my legs maybe once a week if i have the time, usually i wear jeans to cover up my legs but i really love to wear skirts and dresses. This fab. new invention would really turn my life around making it fun to wear anything i want anytime . . .thanks :-)

  110. nicky thorogood

    I would just to win a Braun Silk epil 7 Expressive. At 58 I am absolutely fed up with shaving and having waxes done. I love the thought of owning a best brand epilator.

  111. Deborah Kizziar

    I would love to win the Braun Silk épil 7 Xpressive Epilator because I have been shaving my legs, underarms, and other body parts everyday since I was 11. I am now 51, that is 40 years which is a lot of shaving.

    I have tried creams, waxing, and threading, however creams burn the skin, waxing and threading is not only time consuming but it is expensive and very painful too.

    I would so enjoy being able to easily, and without damage, be able to remove the unsightly hair from my body.

    Please pick me!

  112. Laura

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