La Prairie of Switzerland has a reputation for being one of the world’s most luxurious, most exclusive and most nourishing skincare ranges and the La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection is no different.

One of the stars in the Skin Caviar range is the rich Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, a total treatment that provides even the most problematic skin with the ultimate firming action. ‘Its unique firming, nourishing, moisturising, retexturising, lifting, stimulating and protective actions makes it the ultimate in luxury,’ says Nadia Miller, La Prairie’s director of international brand development. ‘Skin Caviar Luxe Cream truly sets a new standard for skincare.’

We are equally obsessed with the Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex that contains protein-rich Extracts of Caviar and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex that has an instant firming action to minimise fine lines and puffiness (yes, please!), leaving the skin toned and visibly improved. What’s more, it will also help your eye make-up look better and last longer.

Like the sound of that? So do we, which is why we are giving away two luxurious La Prairie products to one lucky reader who will receive a 15ml La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex worth R1 195 and a 50ml Skin Caviar Luxe Cream worth R3 965.

All you have to do to enter is tell us why your skin needs these sumptuous products.

Closing date for entries: 16 April

La Prairie products are available at selected Edgars, Stuttafords and Woolworths stores nationwide. For the complete list of stockists, please visit  La Prairie.


184 Responses

  1. KIm Dyer

    Lets ‘face it’…. it’s what women want most….. gorgeous, glowing skin, ageless refined beauty – the thought of applying a really pure, luxurious product is just a dream come true… what a truly magnificent prize to win!

  2. ad

    I am an oceanographer by trade, working outside in the rain, sun and wind. My skin needs this treat. Having made a career of the oceans wonders I think its time I experience the other wonders it has to offer with the Skin Caviar Range…

  3. Sabeeha Essop

    because my skin craves for the best luxe caviar cream to glow even in the dark

  4. Deline

    I got a small sample of the Luxe cream, and fell in love with the way my skin felt! so nourished and supple!

  5. Deline

    I received a small sample of the luxe cream, and fell in love with the way my skin felt! so nourished and supple!

  6. Margaux

    Being a postgraduate student isn’t kind to my skin. Late nights of stressed-out studying, lots of coffee and very little sleep means I often look as drained as I feel. I’m always drooling over miracle products such as La Prairie in Elle’s beauty pages, but the student budget doesn’t leave much room for such splurges.
    The Eye Complex will help me hide those tell-tale bags from many late nights, and the Luxe cream will help combat the harsh winter weather that always hits the UCT mountainside.
    I would love for La Prairie to work its magic on my student skin!

  7. CJ Williams

    The skin is the biggest organ and therefore only deserves the best. We all desire youthful skin and with La Prairie powerful cocktail of energizers and age-fighting ingredients, our dreams can actually come true.

  8. Stacey

    The stresses of a modern working woman’s lifestyle are taking their toll on my visage. I’d like to keep youthfulness prevention is way better than cure.xx

  9. Nat

    My face needs care, it’s been abused through using the wrong skincare products!

  10. Louise

    I have heard so many good testimonials about the La Praire products and would love to have the opportunity to try them!

  11. Dawn Wallenkamp

    I would love this as I also want the type of toned skin the rich and famous flaunt all the time.

  12. Roslyn

    My skin has served me well for over 40 years, through rain and shine, happy and sad. It’s only fitting I pay her back with decadent, indulgent and scrumptuous emulsions :-)

  13. Carol-Anne Mendace

    I am a woman of 38 and don’t have the luxury of going for spa treatments so need to do it at home and these products would make me feel pampered and relaxed :)

  14. Katalin

    They say that life begins at 40… Well, I’ve just turned 40 and my skin needs a kickstart – with the help of these “fabulous for forty” products.

  15. Sue

    As an ex PE teacher and having 7 active outdoor loving grandchildren, my sunkissed visage would LOVE a youthful lift, and extra glow from these luxurious caviar products!

  16. Kristina

    My Mom is always trying to find the perfect product to prevent wrinkles and age spots. I would love to win these amazing creams for her and end her search!


    OH! My skin needs La Prairie like a flower needs the rain.

  18. Arthi Singh

    I so need this because I got really badly sunburned whilst doing some charity volunteering the last weekend. Definitely needs to be rejuvenated!

  19. Aneesa

    I’d love this product for my mother as she spends all her time looking after her kids and granddaughter and not enough time on herself! She deserves to be pampered :)

  20. meera munilall

    my skin is really dry and sunburnt. would really love to give it a chance to glow and look gorgeous

  21. Rafeeka Samsodien

    My face is very dry and is in desperate need of this product.

  22. Thandie

    I recently returned to South Africa after living in America for 10years. So far, I have adapted quite well expect for my skin. My skin is not adjusting too well under the Africa sun after so many years of absence, and some products I’ve tried have done nothing for me. I’m sure I won’t be having any complaints if I used La Prairie

  23. Alutha

    I’m a student who is working hard to get a degree – the late nights of studying and the midnight snacks wreak havoc on my skin. A luxurious product like La Prairie is exactly what my skin needs.


    I need a ultimate firming action and wrinkle miracle Now!Please!

  25. Busisiwe

    Winter is approaching soon, and I can already can tell my dry sensitive skin is going to give me problems (as with every winter). It loses its suppleness and radiance as the weather gets colder! I know for sure that the Luxe cream will keep my glow throughout winter.

    The eye cream will come in handy as well, for my puffy eyes, after a long day at work, a active social life and also studying part time!

  26. Louis

    I wouuld love to make my beautiful wife even more beautiful by spoiling her with these caviar creams for our 44th wedding anniversary in April!

  27. Tanya B

    Because my skin is dry and in need of some serious repair.

  28. Natalie Samson

    Every woman wants nothing more than to feel like that million dollar girl… it would be awesome to have it and be rejuvinated by a few dollops of spa luxury and pampering. Being a researcher, my skin is continuosly exposed to the taxing environment of air conditioned buildings and is left tired and dull. La Prairie would definitely be the perfect pick me up after a long hard day :)

  29. Gail Swart

    I am a female stuck in a guys world! I operate a Building Construction Company and often out in the Sun on site. I still need that feminine touch on my sun kissed skin…

  30. Lynn de Beer

    It sounds like sheer luxury! My skin could sure do with some pampering.

  31. Andries J Els

    its for my wife everytime when it is time for her period her face goes all funny and get pinple i hope this will help

  32. Judith Vermeulen

    I am living in a very dry area and the water is very hard. So, my skin will definitely benefit from this cream.


    My delicate skin is in need of intensive Moisturizing, firming & pampering and will benefit tremendously from the richly textured Skin Cavier Luxe Cream.This product will nourish my skin and give it the silkensmoothness it deserves!! At 40 yrs my skin has become more dry and requires a product that can give it the utmost hydration it requires, not to mention improve my skin’s elasticity as well. I would love my skin to look more radiant & feel notably softer & firmer. The Essence of skin Caviar Eye Complex is perfect for the sensitive skin surrounding my eye’s,it will nourish and re-energize my eye zone which is exactly what my eye area needs. I have developed wrinkles & this product will reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and soothing away signs of stress & fatigue. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this awesome product which is much wanted & needed!!


    I would love to give my delicate skin a youthful appearance by using La Prairie products. My skin has become more dry & wrinkled over the years and The Richly textured Skin Caviar Luxe Cream will benefit my skin tremendously by giving it the ultimate pampering it deserves!Hydrating,firming, & improving my skin’s elascity & tone.It will nourish my skin & leave my skin looking more radiant & feeling notably softer. The Skin Caviar Eye Complex is just perfect for my sensitive eye area.It will minimize my fine lines & wrinkles & soothe away the signs of stress & fattigue. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this much wanted & needed products.

  35. Shirley Price

    Would love to try this product, Being over60 and having a dry ageing skin, is just why I need this sumptuous product.


    My finances have hit hard times, and of course all my treats and pleasures have had to stop, so it would be a huge treat to have the feel of these excellent products on my dry and drained skin!

  37. Kathryn

    I spend a lot of time outside doing inspections, sweating with a hardhat on, with the wind & sand blowing and sun…all part of my glam lifestyle of getting the job done! I am (lets say just) over 40. Have twins (now they are 10 I can say they do not add any lines on my face yet..waiting for the teen years!). I need the help to keep my skin looking how I feel…youthful (?!), positive & energised.

  38. Zakeera parker

    bcoz every woman deserves to stay, look and feel like the diva that she is-thats why I would love this gift, coz I am worth it!!!

  39. Busisiwe

    Now that I’m getting older my eyes are like I put a cheese puff under my eye lids I just want to feel Luxurious and look luxurious and that would make any woman feel and look special.

  40. Bunita Smith

    I need a nourishing skincare cream with ultimate firming action that leaves the skin toned and visibly improved.

  41. Carla V

    ‘Like the sound of that?’
    OF course I LOVE what such skin care scientists and specialists have formulated with La Prairie of Switzerland !

    This has to be the most highest exquisite skin care hamper I have ever set my eyes on !

    Skin restoration luxury INDEED :D xxoxx

  42. Lara

    my skin is dry and i get spots every now and then. who doesnt want beautiful glowy skin

  43. Elbie

    i want these products so that my skin can look flawless and beautiful

  44. Tara

    Well, I don’t need this for myself (yet) but I would love to win it for my mom. Being ‘older’,having raised 4 children while still working and spending all her spare time gardening in the sun has taking a toll on her skin, and while I still think she’s beauiful and glowing, I’de love for other people to see it too and I’m sure these La Prairie products would make that happen.

  45. Jenny

    As i am in my fifties, my skin needs greater nourishment and care. I simply can’t afford a really luxurious brand and using a brand such as this would provide me with much needed confidence at this stage in my life.

  46. Rumbarani Naidoo

    After using a sample pack, I now feel that the La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection is a must for me!! My skin has never felt softer and so sheer after the first use. Imagine after a month what my skin would be like??

  47. nishaat rawoot

    I’m a new mom to a 9 month old lil girl,due to all the sleep deprivation my skin and under eye area has gotten worse.i think i need these products,haven’t treated or been treated in a while.

  48. Martha du Plessis

    I am mature lady andI think that will just be perfect for me now.

  49. Sarita Budhiram

    Because i’m starting my own Personal Extreme Makeover Edition (Attempt) 3.
    So I’ve been hitting the gym to get booty beautiful n taking care of my hair, the only thing left would be my skin. I can only dream of affording a cream of La Prairie’s esteem, so that would be the cherry on top to achieve my dreams.Love!



  51. Amanda Barnard

    As I am nearing 48 years young, I want to remain fresh and stylish to keep my husband of 25 years on his toes !!


    My skin is beginning to feel and look like leather. I need this for a quick revamp

  53. Susan Owen

    I would love to give this prize to my mom Anne Kotze, she is turning 82 next month and she still uses her face creams that she can afford, this would really spoil her! Kind regards

  54. Zdenka Moyle

    I have just celebrated my 60th and La Prairie’s suptuous products would help me look forward to more years of good skin – help me to feel ageless

  55. Sharon de Koning

    I suffer from a very dry skin condition therefore I am sure this product will solve the problem

  56. Khauhelo

    My skin needs these products so that my skin can be radiant and firm, the product will also help with all the dark spots on my face.

  57. Leonie Wilson

    I get enough beauty sleep, limit my sugar consumption, eat more beneficial bacteria, and massage my face for circulation but with the La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection NO GIRL CAN GO WRONG, It is a definate yes for me and holding thumbs for the giveaway to blow my way!

  58. Julie van Zyl

    to gently renew, replenish and restore my skin’s health.

  59. Marguerite Foot

    Even at the young tender age of 20 I can appreciate the value of aging gracefully, La Prairie will get me there.

  60. Arthi Singh

    My skin so needs this because I got really sunburned from doing volunteer work for an animal charity this month!

  61. Melissa Europa

    I have bad skin… its not the same tone, it has blemishes even though i don’t burst pimples. I’ve tried products to even the tone, to take away blemishes for nourishment…yet it still goes back … my sister suggested i use more expensive products but what if i buy… and it doesn’t work… what them. any suggestions?

  62. Faieza Mpoyi

    Every girl needs some indulgence and La Prairie will make me feel like a queen. Any treatment that professes youthful looks is always welcome in my beauty cabinet

  63. rita verheyden

    I would love to try our La Prairie.. but I really can t afford it now..

  64. Denise

    I’m the wrong side of 40 and have just become so lazy in my daily skin care routine and I’ve just discovered due to this neglect, my age is showing and my skin is in need of some serious TLC!

  65. sharma

    I have been trying without success to find the perfect eye cream. I have heard amazing reviews about la prairie. An eye cream with caviar! How amazing. I suffer from puffiness and fine lines so this product would work wonders. Would really love to win this so I can have transformed eyes. You know what they say when you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside!

  66. sheila

    My skin needs some pampering and what better way than with la prairie. I need this product to help tone my skin and minimise fine lines. As a women we are always on the look out for the product that will help restore our skin to the best it can be – this is why I would love to win!

  67. Cora Botha

    I deserve the best for my skin and because La Prairie’s unique firming, nourishing, moisturising, retexturising, lifting, stimulating and protective actions makes it the ultimate in luxury, I would love to have it please.

  68. Deserise Viljoen

    As it is, my skin is very dry and dull. It will put the sparkle back in my eyes…

  69. Vanda Chittenden

    My poor dry scaly skin is just crying out for some pampering.

  70. wendy hogarth

    cos i’m a very energetic and fit 52 year old and really need my face to reflect the way i feel inside!!!!!!!

  71. Natalie Fursman

    Anyone deserves to win this prize – we as woman all need the little ‘helper’ to maintain our skin and confidence. good luck everyone, but hope it’s me!

  72. Susan M

    Oh my goodness, I definitely don’t feel my age but every time I look in the mirror I’m brought back to reality with a big bump!!! Even if these products don’t make me look 30 again, they will make me feel fabulous and maybe even take away a year or two!!!

  73. jodie mackay

    My poor skin is sun damaged from years of tanning in the 80’s and is very sensitive as a result. I have heard about this product and would LOVE to have the privilege to try it out :)

  74. Colette Rossouw

    Owning a La Prairie skincare product is one of my biggest wishes. I know once I’ve used La Prairie, there’s no going back! So go ahead and tempt me! I won’t resist!!

  75. Rosalind Blasen

    I need to win the La Prairie skin products because my skin is in desperate need of pampering. Being a mother and wife and spending time in the African sun takes it’s toll on your skin.

  76. Debra

    Turning 40 allows you to re-assess your life (and your face – when did the lines arrive?). La Prairie products would make anyones 40s even more fabulous.

  77. Claire

    What skin doesn’t need a boost of top quality creams?? Nothing better than having a luxury face-pampering :)

  78. Lynette Plaatjies

    Great skin is the best accessory. It can make you look healthy and leave you bursting with vitality, and it makes you feel great about your appearance. That’s why my skin needs the La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex and the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, to achieve great skin, i.e. a smooth, toned and firm skin, and also to make my eye make-up look better and last longer.

  79. Ornella Nsoki

    My skin needs this coz i want gorgeous skin period!!!!!!!!!

  80. Wan-Ting Chang

    My skin deserves to be spoilt and looked after, something which my budget doesn’t allow!!

  81. Moushumi Maharaj

    I am 37 & a stay at home mum of 3. My skin has lost its natural glow & it always looks tired and taut.La Prairie products will definately give my skin a boost an enhance the natural suppleness of my skin. It will help with the dark bags under my eyes & my initial crows feet.I have stress pimples which look like boils on my chin.

  82. Syda Greyling

    Age is catching up with me and I need a rescue


    Because I need some ultimate firming action, nourishing, moisturising, retexturising, lifting, stimulating and protective actions!

  84. Justine Friedman

    I’m 27 years old and work Although I’m not infront of the camera I would like to be. I’m starting to see the beginning signs of agin which terrifies me! I have dry patches and am starting to get dark spots on my cheek bones. My skin is screaming for a treatment but my pocket just cant provide for it’s needs. Help me get camera ready please???!!!!

  85. Dhesh

    I just want to pamper my skin with the best possible products.

  86. Robyn Davies

    My skin is desperate to have some ‘Skin Caviar Luxe Cream’ to moisturise and firm as it is suffering from drought and looks like the Namid desert. It is also hungry for ‘Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex’ to fix up the puffiness and (laughter) lines.
    Your products handle problem skin and I have a problem!
    Please consider feeding and watering!

  87. Karen B

    I have been struggling with young Adult Achne for a couple of years, last year finished a course of Roaccutance and just have not found the right product for my skin. I would love to treat my skin to these products, and who knows! It may just be the product my skin is looking for :)

  88. Linda Hauptlfeisch

    would love to try this product – sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. asha parbhoo

    my skin need rescuing post pregnancy and hormonal changes!!

  90. asha parbhoo

    My skin really needs assistance post pregnancy and running after a very busy 1 year old

  91. Nicola Coetzee

    Being a very active endurance rider my skin needs all the nutrion it can get… In the sun for hours and sometimes even for days. Using the Skin Caviar Range would not only enrich my glow but also my beauty.

  92. Gabeba Moos

    My skin is one of the things I treasure most, so naturally my skin only deserve the best and as La Prairie of Switzerland has a reputation for being one of the world’s most luxurious, most exclusive and most nourishing skincare ranges,it stands to reason that this is the obvious choice.

  93. Amanda Wright

    Just got back from an amazing trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana and my skin craves for your Skin Caviar Luxe Cream just to uplift and spoil my skin with what the African Sun has drained from it!!!

  94. Linda

    Im the perfect candidate to quiet any LA PRAIRIE sceptic. My skin is badly damaged during pregnancy. To top that I was transferred to Tonga where the temperature is seldom below 30. I NEED this !!!

  95. Denise

    Over 45 skin needs extra special treatment and while I’ve taken care of my skin, it needs a little extra something … la prairie could do the trick!

  96. mandy fernandes

    My skin needs this because I am a woman that works in a cold storage warehouse. My skin is exposed to temperatures of about -25 degrees and its taking a hammering. But i do love my job, I would just like to be able to look better doing it :)

  97. beth

    when you get older then only do you realise the significance of being kind to your skin and also using quality products…would love to be able to pamper my skin with a great product like this.

  98. sandra de villiers

    Switserland has quality products so I would not mind to try this beautifull product on my skin, maybe I get hooked on it

  99. Maria Rebelo

    Due to one thing or another I haven’t been using facial products like I should have so this fabulous product would help start to repair the damage

  100. Tanya

    I haven’t spoilt my skin in a very long time and this will most definitely treat my skin the way it deserves to be treated.

  101. Sarisha Harrychund

    Because at the start of a super-challenging day; or at the end of a long, tiring one; every girl needs that quiet sanctuary of time – to stop, have a quick treat – and get back on the tracks of life.

    La Prairie would mean exactly that to me and my skin… (plus…and ssshhh…I know he’ll love it:P)

  102. Bernie Le roux

    Winning this would bring a smile to my dial.

  103. Nicole Vos

    I would die for this because right now my dreams don’t match up with my pay…

  104. Kate Vos

    I would feel like I have been to the spa everyday!

  105. Genevieve Vos

    Winning this would make me look 10 years younger!

  106. razaan thomas

    my skin needs these products to make me look and feel gorgeous from inside and out. i think i definitely deserve and NEEED some papering for my skin. oooh i just love it

  107. Michelle Joubert

    I would love to win La Prairie! This product is what all women want to use to give us a gorgeous glowing skin!

  108. Bontle Makgwa

    My skin suffers from pigmentation, T-Area oiliness and has been exposed to sun damage… When I tried out Laprairie (for a weekend at my cousin’s house), it did wonders… I felt rejuvenated almost instantly even though our skin types are not the same and her skin looks flawless… I’m exposed to the sun as I am a Construction Project manager and I still need to look good because I meet with High-end clients almost every day. I need a product that would be able to balance my natural skin tone as well as protect it and still be able to look lovely on any regular day without having to use make-up all the time. I have never had such results from any product I’ve ever used and I believe that Laprairie can handle and protect my skin. I would love to try and take it from there.

  109. Rafeeka Samsodien

    My skin is dry and simply needs some TLC.

  110. Amanda Pollabauer

    I think that with 2 boys, and a hubby in my life, I’ve certainly skimped on the “sumptuos” luxurious skin products, and at 38 they are definitely needed!! Being an avid gardener, and outdoors type …my skin’s not happy with me! I’d love to gently rub in and enjoy the sensation of using this sumptuos treat!

  111. riana de bruin

    Living on a farm means either harsh summers or freezing winters, my skin needs saving desperately!

  112. Karen van Heerden

    My skin is like the Sahara desert! What I wouldnt do for those awesome products!

  113. Tarryn

    My skin is in desperate need of these sumptuous products, because improved elasticity and tone are definitely results I’d like my friends to notice. Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex: The perfect pick-me-up for the sensitive skin around the eyes. I could certainly use a mini eyelift; minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and hydrating the delicate tissue of my eye area, and soothing away signs of stress and fatigue! Which girl wouldn’t want to win this magnificent prize?

  114. Carla

    This has GOT TO BE the most highest exquisite skin care hamper I have ever set my eyes on ! SKIN RESTORATION TECHNOLOGY AND CARE ALL ROLLED INTO ONE! Lovϱ your review and promotion of La Prairie of Switzerland ELLE.MAG. May our mutual ♡ energy direct you to me !

  115. Christina

    This has GOT TO BE the most highest exquisite skin care hamper I have ever set my eyes on ! SKIN RESTORATION TECHNOLOGY AND CARE ALL ROLLED INTO ONE! Lovϱ what you are doing for your readers here ♡

  116. Sarisha Harrychund

    My skin would adorrrrrrre these revitalising La Prairie products because my skin deserves them. For its 24-7 loyalty in always trying to make me look my best, standing by me through every severe and mild test, and being beautifully protective of me through failures and success… I would love to pamper my skin the way I should, and with these gorgeously diva-fying products, I know I could!!!

  117. Pauline

    It is sad that none of you can see my skin, it screams help La Prairie…it has blemishes, is aging, uneven skin tone and this product will be the best treatment in order to gain my confident again…..PLEASE HELP

  118. Annette Schickerling

    when your mother-in-law tells you how tired and washed up you look (mad as I was, I had to agree) you know something has to be done. I know this product will make her eat her words.

  119. jodie mackay

    Sadly my skin seems to be aging due to sun damage in my youth and stress and exhaustion…this will be gladly welcomed. At such a steep price it is a luxury to buy but once I see the results, who knows, I may need to budget it in :)

  120. samantha pillay

    My skin needs this badly! I suffer from eczema and get breakouts quite often. This will be ultimate pampering and soothing product. My skin will love me for this.


    i am a beauty threpist and recently my eye area is showing swollen and heavy.f
    urther more i just celebrated my 44th birthday, may b its a sign of aging.

  122. Sonja Strauss

    I would love to pamper my skin with a treat like this. Something special and gorgeous – spoilt for sure.

  123. Lauren Coleman-van Winkel

    To make it look and feel great and reduce the lines starting to appear around my eyes.

  124. Motlatsi Malumo

    Honestly, besides it having a superb reputation, I just would like the psychological thrill of using a beauty product which costs as much as my annual spend on my face, body and hair care COMBINED. It will literally give me a high.

  125. Krish De Chesarae Pillay

    Keeping the complexion youthful is an internal-external affair.When you have made it your habit to eat so that your blood stream contains all the elements necessary to nourish your skin, you ensure youthfulness from inside.

    Next come regular and effective habits of caring for the skin from the outside. This becomes increasingly important with age. The great outside enemy of youthful skin is dryness; keep this uppermost in mind. Protect your face against sunburn and windburn. use super-fatted soaps, cleansing creams, lotions and foundations that contain a balanced combination of vegetable and mineral oils made especially for caring for the skin.
    Trained beauty specialists can be of immense value in maintaining a youthful skin.

  126. Carla

    And here I thought it was all that crisp chilly weather the Swiss woman endure that conserves their gorgeous skins….

    Here’s wishing upon this La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex and the matching compliment Skin Caviar Luxe Cream.

    THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and elevating La Prairie secret skin care restoration promises! I too have become their obsessed and convinced supporter, prepared to entrust my face to their specialist facial treatments xxoxx

  127. Liezle

    My skin really needs some Easter Caviar loving…. been really ill and dehydrated which has affected my skin so badly. La Prairie should sort that out in no time :)

  128. Liezel

    I have been really ill and it has dehydrated my skin immensely :( but im sure some La Prairie glam goodness will do the trick :)

  129. Kaone

    I have really bad skin thats denting my confidence,been battling with acne and blemishes since teenagehood,I think La Prairie may be just what I need :-)

  130. Charlotte Pretorius

    It looks if it could really work. And at this stage in my life, my skin need all the help it can get!

  131. Kelsey J

    I am in my first year in the working world, I no longer have the luxuries and spare time as I did as a student. Face mask days and long baths are over and therefore feel that I am in neeeeeed of La Prairie’s beautiful products. And the early and late hours are anything but compliments to my puffy eyes.

  132. Chamone van Zyl

    A while ago a friend allowed me to try out their Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex, and it’s divine! It truly is a little bottle of magic. The skin around my eyes would benefit from some Swiss tightening and de-puffing :) I can’t even begin to imagine what the Luxe Cream would do for my skin! And since we’re heading into winter, my skin could do with some tlc. I’d really like to use these La Prairie products, please!!

  133. Stefanie Payendee

    As a makeup artist people are constantly looking at my skin and even though I try to always wear sunscreen and drink enough water I can do with a little help that only the best product La prairie can give me.

  134. Dianne

    I’m a woman and don’t we deserve the best to look good!! I’m at that age were I need firming up! So let it be my lucky day!

  135. Sharleen Deacon

    Divine product and definitely a must have for every woman!

  136. nikki chambelrin

    I’m a single mummy who’s raised my gentle content little baby boy (who’s now 10months) all alone without a nanny, night nurse, family or friends (as offshore or out of town). My skin has taken a knock from the sleep deprivation and broken nights along with the new challenge. I have been a la prairie client since 28 years old but have been unable to afford the luxurious products at this stage of my life – yet I’m using the basics (cleanser, toner, anti aging day & night cream). I used to use the skin cavier eye cream but just can’t afford it. I so hope you are compassionate & choose us.

  137. Jess

    Emerging from a 6 year relationship – definitely need some pampering…

  138. Faieza

    A Working mom with the stress of 3 kids under 5, NEED it!

  139. samiola

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