Want a watch that’s stylish yet sustainable? WEWOOD is not only Italian in design but an emblem of eco-luxury too, committed to the health of our planet.


Here at ELLE we love it when sophisticated design and green thinking merge together. WEWOOD are avant-garde in their approach with all watches made of 100% natural wood. Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, these timber timepieces are as natural as your wrist – the perfect eco arm candy!


WEWOOD is trending with the celebrities too. Oscar winning actor Colin Firth, various members of the Black Eyed Peas, Paris Hilton and Daryl Hannah have all been spotted wearing their eco warrior watches.

135 years of conservation? Yes, that’s right. WEWOOD’s tree-planting partner, American Forests is the nation’s oldest non-profit conservation organization that works to protect and restore the environment by planting and caring for trees. Their goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2020.



WEWOOD’s trendy timepieces come in colour combos ranging from black and blonde solids to multi-wood centre strip detailing in unique woods that range from Maple to Guaiaco. For each watch sold WEWOOD plants one tree, reinforcing a mindset of responsible consumption and sustainable awareness that ELLE simply adores!

Want a piece of this tick-tock action? Visit the WEWOOD website and get your watch now! Don’t forget to like WEWOOD on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest collections.

ELLE and WEWOOD are also giving away 4 watches to 4 lucky readers! Two of the Date designs in Brown (below left) and two of the Date designs in Army (below right). These watches retail for R1 150 each.

Date-Brown WEWOOD Date-Army WEWOOD

To stand a chance at winning a WEWOOD watch tell us what you love most about WEWOOD design? Enter by leaving a comment below.

To stand a chance at winning a WEWOOD watch tell us what you love most about WEWOOD design? Enter by leaving a comment below.

This competition will close on the 15th July 2013.


33 Responses

  1. Camille

    Design has a history of searching for novelty by revisiting materials from previous periods. When nostalgia and innovation fuse in design, the most common aesthetic is the ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic. Yet WEWOOD have created the most anti-steampunk watch, whilst maintaining the same key principles. Beyond the benefit of utilizing sustainable resources, the return to wood manipulation (as an old and raw material) is timeless.

  2. Marie du Plooy

    WEWOOD watch – every watch a unique, trendy designer piece and it’s in man’s best interest that for each watch sold WEWOOD plants one tree, reinforcing a mindset of responsible consumption and sustainable awareness that I together with ELLE simply adore!

  3. Jaki

    WEWOOD thinks globally – and because of that a WEWOOD watch buyer and the world are better off!

  4. kash

    I love WEWOOD because its shows that you can be stylish yet be eco friendly. What an awesome idea and brand!

  5. zakiya

    I love that these watches r so unique yet stilish n really timeless.. It makes a statement while not being too overdone.. N thee best part is the company is commited to helping our enviroment

  6. Xola Twala

    I fell in love with the brand two years ago when I read about it in some magazine. Now, i am no a watch person but at that time I was looking to buy a watch that would fit my style and be different among my peers. I read about how WeWood watches are made and I was taken there then, I joined the group on Facebook, and since then I told myself when I start working my first salary will go towards buying my 1st WeWood Watch. I love the brand and I love what it stand for.

  7. Christine Kuch

    Proof that an item can be quirky, eye-catching and sustainable. The forefront of the “eco-movement” yet where the past meets the future in style.

  8. Sarah

    Just look at them! So amazingly gorgeous! And for every watch brought they plant a tree, so what’s not too love about that! All natural.. Amazing natural! Love it

  9. Tish

    Since I first laid eyes on these watches 6 months ago, I fell in love with it. I totally love the look and the concept of planting a tree for every item sold! Its gorgeous and eco-friendly. A real winning product. Love it!

  10. Tish

    My nephew and I are watch freaks and when I first saw this, I really wanted to buy him one but I could not afford to do so. When I spotted this competition, my first thought was that if I win I would select an item for him! Its such a novel idea to create these items and its a winning green idea to plant trees thus contributing to sustainability!

  11. Nokubonga

    I love WEWOOD because it is natural and such an innovative idea. Fashion does not have to sacrafice style for being green, we can have both. Everything is going green, this is the next step. I love the Army watch :)

  12. Tabisa Dyani

    I love the colour and the classy look. I love the earthy colour. Its stunning.

  13. Sinah Vlug

    Wow! I love the fact that they add to my mission of being an eco-forward fashionista. The fact that they come in a variety of colours is a bonus cause it means I can still rock my style for the day without compromising on matching accessories while supporting the Ecosystem at the same time.

  14. Vuyelwa Msi

    Oh I LOVE these Wewood watches, so African…so Me…it would be awesome to have for my wedding will go well with my Traditional outfit.

  15. sharma

    I love the Army watch! This is such a unique design that will be a certain statement piece on any outfit you wear. What I love most is the planting of trees. A business who cares about being green and sustainable is important to me. Love it!!!!

  16. verushka

    Love the fact that for every watch sold a tree is planted :)

  17. natalie kustelski

    I love that they give back by planting a tree for each watch sold and they look awesome!

    I so hope I win one :) if I do I’ll plant a tree too :)

  18. Natasha Hazis

    It’s great to have such a Unique design and yet eco friendly…a combination that’s very rarely found.

  19. Amy

    I love that the design of WEWOOD watches are so modern, yet classic at the same time. They will remain right on trend for years to come and can be worn with just about anything! Also love that the company in enviromentally aware and making a positive impact on our earth :)

  20. Jess

    Wood in accessories is very trendy, and I think it will be around for a long time. WEWOOD watches are so beautiful, I can’t stop looking at them. I really just want to touch one! Very aesthetically pleasing

  21. Tanita

    The WEWOOD watches are refresshingly creative and sustainable design pieces.Who wouldn’t be inspired when taking a glance at a WEWOOD watch ?!

  22. Shirley Bisschoff

    What I love about these watches is that they have all the details of a classic timepiece, except that they were once a piece of wood. This means every watch will be unique. The sustainability of this product is completely admirable, and I would love to own one!

  23. Trio Ndlovu

    What I love about the wewood watches is ability for you to get any watch according to that certain image you wanna go for elegant vintage nature…..they juSt blend in

  24. Saberah Gumede

    What I love about the Wewood design is that it has a luxurious to it, but it’s so natural. Although it falls into the “jewellery” category, the absence of bling and shine just makes this watch even more desirable

  25. Kate

    They are making it cool to be eco friendly and I love that! And it’s great for sensitive skin :)

  26. Kate

    They are making it cool to be eco friendly and I love that. And it’s great for sensitive skin too!

  27. Kate Edwardes

    I love that they are making it cool to be eco friendly. And it’s great for sensitive skin too!

  28. Lori

    These watches are made from a beautiful design. I love that for every one made another tree is planted to help save our environment. This is extrememly important. WEWOOD look like an extrememly comfortable brand. A brand that is not only eco-friendly but also stylish. The celebrities and everyone else who ownes one, have cleary made a good choice.

  29. Britt Poorter

    Love the Date design in Army !
    Stunning – so clever – amazing design and style and eco friendly.
    love, love, love.

    fingers crossed

  30. Michael James

    The design is a major conversation piece. They are styled to look just like any other watch, but achieve its own unparalleled level of ‘class’ by achieving prestige with a “minimalist” core material. It certainly attracts more attention, and I boldly suggest approval, than it’s gold or silver counterparts. An instantly cool classic.
    My other half is an environmental scientist whose primary focus is sustainability, and I know she would absolutely flip out if I gave her one of these. She has been going through a rough patch health-wise, and could really do with something to smile about… and this wood certainly would!
    She will love the idea that for each watch sold, one tree gets planted.
    Seeing her excited is one of the most beautiful sights in the world; so I would be pretty happy too.

  31. Larissa

    I love that the watch is made from 100% natural wood. Good for the environment and a different take on watches.