Trekking the Mountain Kingdom with Hi-Tec

created for Hi-Tec

Testing out a new pair of walking boots can always be a little intimidating right? Kate Els trials Hi-Tec’s NEW Kono Espresso boots on Lesotho’s trails…

When dealing with roads that make your all-wheel drive vehicle lurch around like a melon rolling down a hill, you just know that the trekking is going to be a little tough when you get down to it.

As we headed deeper and deeper into the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, I could only hope that I was equipped with the right walking boots: ones that could survive the rough terrain, and that could weather the chilly nights.

Hi-Tec’s Kono Espresso Waterproof Women’s Walking Boot certainly look great, offering a bit more style than the typical hiking boots, but the ultimate test would be on the trail. Dubbed as “built for trail, but performs in the city”.

Hi-Tec’s Kono Urban Outdoor Walking Boot works well for trail and every day wear if you’re the kind of women who enjoys going town to trail. Photo: Alessio La Ruffa

The boots are as comfortable as they look, offering cushioned soles that also provide firm grip on loose, sandy paths and scrambling up rocks and logs. The thick faux fur wrapped around your ankles is ideal for colder climates.

Testing these out in the early morning, they stayed completely dry despite the wet ground and bush I was pushing through. And at night, they were wonderfully warm against the cool evening air up in the mountains. Not to mention they paired well with a pair of skinny jeans for a late afternoon sunset photo shoot!

Following on a day of exploring Lesotho’s trails by car and by foot, I found Hi-Tec’s Kono Espresso perfectly warm as the temperatures started to drop at sunset. Photo: Alessio La Ruffa

I found the fit of the boot much better than some I’ve tried in the past, offering secure ankle support, while flexing along with the natural movement of my foot immediately. I could tell right away there wasn’t going to be a stage of ‘breaking’ these boots in, always a worry when hiking for the first time with a new pair.

Since travelling with walking boots can also be a bit of a pain, it’s great to find a pair that works well with an outdoors outfit so they don’t need to be squished into a bag somewhere. The Kono Espresso’s even fold up around your ankles for a different (warmer) look.

Often when I’m exploring, it means jumping out the car and scrambling over rocks and logs to get the perfect view. Hi-Tec’s Kono Espresso boot has the perfect outsole and good traction for that. Photo: Alessio La Ruffa

The nitty gritty on Hi-Tec’s Kono Espresso Waterproof Women’s Walking Boot:

  • OrthoLite® Impressions insole which takes the shape of your feet over time
  • Faux fur lining for protection from the elements
  • MDT Technology outsole means this boot offers fantastic traction
  • Dri-Tec waterproof (you can even jump in puddles)
  • Durable rustproof hardwear lacing system

The Hi-Tec Kono Espresso is now available online and at selected DueSouth stores nationwide.

Warm, durable and stylish – Hi-Tec’s Kono Espresso Waterproof Women’s Walking Boot. Photo: Kate Els