Have you seen the latest collection from Travelite? It’s bright, bright, bright and definitely makes a statement. Yes, we’re all for travelling in technicolour as brights are very now. Every Travelite piece guarentees quality and practicality with their retractable, locking, recessed handle system, spring-loaded top and side carry handles and 100% nylon self-repairing zips. To ensure that the contents of your luggage are completely safe, Travelite’s Trend range has a fixed combination lock as well as a hard-wearing, high-impact resistant, polypropylene outer shell, which is also waterproof. Each piece has a fully lined interior with a divider board to make packing easier and four wheels to make getting around a breeze.


Do you fancy a set? Who wouldn’t like to travel in style? This month, two lucky ELLE readers can win a three-piece Trend by Travelite set of luggage.

Tell us where you’ll be jetting to and why you’re in need of a Travelite Trend luggage set by commenting below.

For more on Travelite on Trend info, like their Facebook page here or visit their website here

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS: Babalwa Sogobile and Tsholo who are our two lucky Travelite winners! We’ll be in touch shortly!

Travelite is available at Frasers as well as selected Edgars and Independent retailers nationwide.

216 Responses

  1. tatjanochka

    OMW! what a beauties!!! I am planing a trip to Italy to visit my mum, and would love a beauty like this with me on the plane. Did I mention it is my birthday coming up :P

  2. faeema

    I need a luggage set so bad! I frequently go between durban jhb and cape town, and my bags have taken some hard knocks, I have to say other brands are not hard wearing, really need some Travelite bags, I have been eyeing them for some time now ♥

  3. Natalie Samson

    Going on a Study Tour to germany and Czech republic in november and on a student budget would otherwise not be able to afford this luxury of travel (even though its for academics)… i have really worked hard for the past 3 years to qualify for this trip, getting the marks to get into postgrad and competing to be amongst the top 10 who get to go) and it would be amazing to win and save the cash for some goodies to fill such gorgeous luggage!

  4. Jacqui Geel

    Iam a makeup artist and travel all the time – I need some nice trendy and hard wearing luggage not only to carry my clothes, but protect my baby which is my makeup kit!

  5. Kelly

    I go away often for business and dont have a luggage set. I normally borrow a suitcase from my parents, so owning my own stylish Travelite set would make my life so much easier and would take the embaresment out of traveling with my old school suitcase;)

  6. Kati

    My father – who is in his seventies – is taking me to Italy on a Church pilgrimage as well as to his home town of Budapest – in Hungary. I am so looking forward to finally experiencing ‘my heritage’ – just me and my Dad, and would love this nifty light easy to cart around travel set to take with me!

  7. lebogang langa


  8. nicole

    wow! stunning stunning bags… well i am going on a contiki tour to london, amsterdam, austria,swiss alps, venice,paris and tyrol i would love nothing more than to tavel with these amazing bags, travel in style cos thats totally me <3 fallen inlove! i cant think of anything better than travelling the world with travelite bags! fashionista on contiki tour here i come!!!!!!! <3

  9. Amelia Keefer

    I sooooo need a set of trendy Travelite luggage for all the shopping I’ll be doing in Amsterdam and Berlin over Christmas and New Year at the end of this year; and next year in May, when I’ll be spending two weeks in China – a dream come true! What a difference those amazing colours will make to my travel regime of black, black, black!

  10. Lynn Botha

    Well, considering I have 2 babies, I definately won’t be jet-setting too far away.. but hopefully just for a night away for my anniversary. This luggage set would be the envy of all.

  11. Arthi Singh

    I am jetting of to Cape Town with my Hubby for my honeymoon :) The honeymoon is 2 year late, but it will still be memorable. This set will make things so much easier for us as we do not really have a good set of luggage right now. After that, we will be of to the Western Cape to Naries Namakwa Retreat for some reflection time in the moutains.

  12. Tarryn Wyngaard

    I need a luggage set badly as I will be going on honeymoon soon and not long afterwards I will be moving to London and will need this luggage set to help with all my things :)

  13. Tarryn Wyngaard

    I need this luggage set as I will be going on honeymoon and not long after that I will be moving to London! :)

  14. Amy de Jager

    Travelling to Thailand soon, Tickets are booked will be arriving at noon. Hoping to win the latest collection from Travelite, will look fabulous even at night! Bright, great quality and waterproof, no-one will even dare to disapprove (”,)

  15. nosipho

    Hi my name is nosipho and I love to travel but I don’t have a suite case to pack all my things in, and I need a suite case so badly, and i’m a student what a better way to look good

  16. nafeesa

    jetting off to dubai this trip has been yrz in the planning. i intend to shop till i drop.bringing my goodies back in a travelight case will be the cherry on the top.

  17. Desiree Yeoman

    My daughter stays in Jhb and I travel there for the holidays twice a year. These bags would be well used.

  18. Babalwa Sogobile

    What a beautiful travel set! Wow. I’ll be travelling to JHB in September to visit my dads family for the first time!! There’s nothing better than to arrive in style with a colourful luggage! It will make me feel so confident as i stroll at the airport :) and I’ve never actually had a luggage that’s tattooed as my OWN, it would be a great pleasure to win this amazing travel that I can also be the first person to brag about it to my friends haha, as I jet off to Jozi :)
    Thanx Elle. <3

  19. Carmen Blumrick

    Iv recently lost 25 KG’S and hubby is taking me to Mauritius on 25 August,I am so excited!!!!!This fabulous Travelite luggage set is just what I need for my trip,I have purchased a swimsuit!YES im getting into one for the first time in years!I need space for my sarong,towels,sunblock,hat,sunglasses and what beter way to protect my valuables in the awesome Travelite set.WOW they even have them in my favourite colour!!

  20. Marie Prinsloo

    My hubby is taking me to Thailand for our 50th wedding anniversary,50 years of marriage,love,commitment and laughter.Hubby isnt as strong and fit as he was 50 years ago,lol.He cant carry all the luggage Im going to be packing for the trip,this Travelite set will be perfect for us to take with to Thailand,its light and easy for hubby to cart around too!

  21. kim viljoen

    I am jetting off to Hong Kong and would love to set my look with stylish luggage!

  22. Phola Tyholo

    My hubby travels a lot and i would love to tag along in style…

  23. Alex Litkie

    I will be jetting off to Turkey with 5 of my best girlfriends. We are goin on an incredible two week holiday and a Travelite bag would be the perfect thing to bring all my shopping back in.

  24. Lillian

    My best friend is teaching in South Korea for the past 3 years. She is planning her wedding and wants me there. So I would love to go with Travelite trendy luggage sets!Yay!! Cause my luggage bags need a serious upgrade:(

  25. Amanda

    Just what I need to visit my son overseas!!! In style!!

  26. Amanda

    Just what I need to visit my son overseas, in style with travelite!!!

  27. Benetta Strydom

    I am currently saving for a trip to Argentina, the country known for the tango. These bags will be just the thing to turn me into the perfect jet setter!

  28. Jenny Coulson

    My sister and I are taking next year off to see the world, from the beaches of Greece to the sprawling suburbs of LA. This gorgeous Travelite set would REALLY help us travel in style!

  29. Adam Jacobs

    Club Mykonos, here we come!If I win this set the wife can convert my old luggage’s status to “display only”…

  30. Bongiwe

    Ill be visiting my brother in Joburg during September

  31. Jess

    Planning a reunion with my varsity girlfriends in (wait for it) Reunion. Too cheesy – we couldn’t resist!

  32. Roslyn Maree

    No jet for me, rather enjoy the trip on a cruise liner to St Helena before an airport is built there. It’s a long journey and my luggage needs total protection from bumps, scrapes and water…while making me look stylish and trendy tooo!

  33. Lee

    I am planning on taking my Family to Jozi for a holiday. We don’t have any luggage bags. I would love to win this luggage set! The Travelite Trend luggage bags is not just stylish but it is tough as well as lightweight. This is perfect for me and my wife.We crazy about the bright colours:)))))

  34. Tarryn

    I’ll be off to do some intense interning at a top Chemical company as soon as i graduate in December. It would be great to win the Travelite Trend luggage set as it would make me feel super stylish, as well as professional as i leave behind student life :)

  35. Gail

    decent luggage is something everybody will need at somepoint in time, if theres anybody who deserves this, its my daughter, at 21 she was left blinded in one eye after a brutal attack, despite this, she then went on to graduate cum laude from Stellenbosch University and is now pursuing a Masters degree in public management and has been invited to Amsterdam in September to visit Amsterdam university. Her hard work and persistence has really paid off and has lead to this awesome opportunity which can only be complimented by travelling with such stylish luggage as she sets off to represent SA’s academic talents

  36. Lauren Kruger

    I will be going away for a long weekend to Agulhas and would love to have a trendy set of Travelite luggage at my side.

  37. Ann-maree

    Bland and boring traditional black luggage doesnt really scream “jet setting” does it? I’ll be setting off to St. Petersburg Russia in November and although i knwo its going to super chilled and covered in icy white snow, this beautiful luggage set in these beautiful colours will definitely compliment the beautiful bolschevik architecture and colours in the wintery snow-scape!

  38. ann durr

    If there is one thing travelling has taught me, its that black bags are the easiest to get lost,take the longest to get off the conveyor (because they are so common)and four wheeled bags are best! travel lite has superb luggage and would be a considerable upgrade from my 2-wheeler!

  39. robyn rennison

    Visiting my friends and family in CT, plus have two weddings I have to fly down for in November and December . So much flying :)

  40. kedibone mimi sechuane

    I will jet to Durban to visit my family, by using Travelite trend luggage will make travelling easier for me as i will be packing lot of things, all the contents will be safe inside. I like the bright colours.

  41. Rumbarani Naidoo

    Having lost my husband 5 years ago in India~ I would love to pay homage to the doctors and nurses who rallied around him in his time of need. The Travelite luggage will really be the ideal way to travel…

  42. Linda Laing

    Stunning and funky!!!I will be jetting off to Australia in December and will need to buy luggage. We will be visiting all the cities there so this luggage set would be perfect. This would be a fab prize since I will probably not be able to afford these.

  43. nongcebo

    Well, I recently turned 21 and it would make the best present ever, and I usually travel to visit friends in Joburg and Capetown and I have to say its taken its toll on my bags… Travelite would be just perfect for me…

  44. Elize

    I fly to Cape Town a few times a year to go visit my parents.I desperately need a new luggage bag,coz mine broke the last time i fly back from a visit in Cape Town :-( I would be sooo Happy if i can win one of this Stunning luggage sets! :-)

  45. karen

    Would love a stylish collection for a secret trip my boyfriend is planing for our two year anniversary in October.

  46. wendy hogarth

    i would go to scotland where my family is from therefore i really need WATERPROOF suitcases because of the weather-and of course i really need to look trendy and gorgeous with these stunning suitcases

  47. zeenat ebrahim

    i will be leaving for uk soon on a visit to my family and in need of a good luggage set!

  48. Beverley de Beer

    We are going to Johannesburg to see our grandkids in December and would just love a set of new suitcases to travel in style. Its also my birthday on 16 August – so maybe that will bring goodluck my way.


    I want go with my husband-to-be, to Malaysia for our honeymoon. I require the Travelite Trend luggage to show off my new wardrobe & my fancy Travelite Trend luggage.

  50. julie bragg

    need a new set of luggage for my next trip as yet unplanned but I have arranged for my husband to take his mother back to the UK (first trip in 20 years) for a trip down memory lane! my husband and i will put off our trip until the following year because of this!


    I am jetting off to ITALY with my 30 something daughter and I really would love to outshine her luggage with a brand new colourful, trendy set of luggage! Please make my holiday begin before I even get to the airport! GRAZZIA!!!
    Italy here I come!!

  52. Belinda V

    I’m hoping to go to the Seychelles before year end and will need at least three pieces of luggage to pack ice teas, bottled waters and juices to beat the heat for a week (why should a gal pay for ALL her drinks in dollars?). And I’ll need plenty of space to bring back a year’s supply of island spice and coconut liqueur!

  53. Natalie Fursman

    Definately need some colourful luggage to pack for my Thailand trip next year… need all the extra luggage space to bring pack the Thai clothing!!

  54. Leonie

    I need Travelite on Trend 3 Piece Set for the Book Club Travel to the Karoo -Literary get togeter – everyone will notice the Travelite on Trend Set and I am sure will create its own trend!

  55. tereza zugloi

    travelling overseas end of the year,to visit my sister in australia.would love the luggage set

  56. Susan Owen

    Next time I would’nt have to wrap my suitcase with plastic so that it arrives in 1 piece at my destination, at least I will be able to collect my luggage at my destination and be proud to be the owner of the suitcase!

  57. Rochelle Friedman

    I’ll be travelling to Durbs with my BF in September – am surprising him for his 30th Birthday.

  58. karmen

    Wow what a beauty! did I mention that I will be heading off to europe for next summer and in dire need of some stylish luggage to take me there? I love it and im always on the move jetsetting a4round the country especially! my current luggge has finally retired witout notice! I hope i win :)

  59. masoodah shabodien

    Hi. I’m in need of a travelite lugguage set because I am soon visiting Japan for a competition which I came in the 25 finalists and I’d like to make south africa proud landing their in my trendy and stylish Travelite bags, I have felt the bags and longed for it for the past few weeks but unfortunately I am on a tight budget as I am a student studying(fashion design). This Travelite would definitely make a statement when I arrive in Tokyo, Japan and else where in the future. :) <3

  60. Candice

    Been meaning on getting myself some new luggage cariers. Bbe nice to own some and it will be my first. Generally when do go away or go on business trips just take backpacks or put them in packets.. LOL sad but true. Apparently to some, its a “sight for sore eyes” – it has served me well though. I wont lie :)

  61. Kefentse Mojaki-Moremogo

    I will be jetting off to Malysia and I really need to travel in style with Trend by Travelite. My bag is old and not as beautiful as these ones!

  62. nancy burrow

    I Have no luggage set, no Bags, I move to n nother place, all I have is n CHECKERS PLASTIC BAG, IT WILL BE NICE TO Have n bag. so it is ELLE who kan help me to carry my things in n bag and not in n checkers bag

  63. Kirsten Musikanth

    I would love to win these! They would be perfect for my trip to NYC at the end of the year! My old black suitcase just doesn’t cut it anymore….

  64. Lizeth du Preez

    I would love a set like this. My current suitcase is older than 10 years, I am due for an upgrade. I would love a hard suitcase on 4 wheels.

  65. naysha dollie

    I will be going on a cruise ship with msc opera for a fantastic 5 star holiday and we will be cruising in style

  66. Jillianne

    I love visiting my home country, Taiwan. when i am there, there is only one thing on my mind… Shopping!With this beautiful range of Travelite Trend luggage set, i can do all that without the extra weight!

  67. Lee-Ann Ongenda

    No trip planned, but with a set of travelite luggage, I might just look for any excuse to jet off somewhere… Id go off to colourful India with my jewel shaded luggage!
    Bon Voyage…

  68. Sarisha Harrychund

    Off to London this November to visit the University of Westminster as a shortlisted-Transportation-Engineering-Scholarship recipient!

    Super-excited – yes, I am! – but nervous about hauling my bulky, outdated luggage on & off the underground. Instead of “Minding the Gap”, I’ll be minding not to miss my train completely!

  69. Tarah Childes

    I think to think of myself as a stylish Elle lady, but sadly that doesn’t extend to me luggage set, which is very old and battered! I’m going on honeymoon to Mozambique in December and would so love to look like a stylish married lady :) Please help me Elle and Travelite!

  70. Helena Beukman

    Flying to London to visit my 3 nieces, 5 yr old and twins of 2 yr old … and you know it’s wet in the UK and this will come in handy and my nieces just adore the colour pink … so do I and will really travel in style with this gorgeous luggage :)

  71. Paula

    I don’t have any travel plans at the moment, but every time I travel, I take down my 19-year-old suitcase (yes, really!) and wish I had a new, solid one! I bought my suitcase when I went on a Contiki tour in 1993 and it has seen many, many wonderful places but it’s time for it to retire! This gorgeous Travelite luggage set would be my perfect travelling companions!

  72. Valerie Izaks

    We’re planning our 16th wedding anniversary in September to Mauritius, i’m already counting the months, days and hours, but we’re in dire need of a new set travel luggage,i’m praying to be the lucky one to win the Travelite Trend luggage set. Otherwise i can forget about that honeymoon :-)

  73. Sonia Goliath

    From the Cradle of Mankind to the tops of the trees in Tsisikamma that is where my Travelite in the future will go.I want to explore my own country…

  74. Glynis Michelle S

    Travelite Trend Luggage bags is the WOW! factor. My boyfriend and I plan to tie the knot in September 2012! We have not yet bought any luggage for the honeymoon. So I would love to win this trendy three-piece luggage set.I am held in the dark about the honeymoon but suspect it could be Sun City. So whisk me way with this fabulous prize, Elle:)

  75. Ridwaan

    Cool bags! who would’nt want to win this set? I dont have any plans to jet off at the moment, but winning this set will surely change that. :-)

  76. Samantha Bufe

    I am off to fabulous Cape Town next month and so really need this ultra-stylish set of luggage to show off in the Mother City. The Travelite set provides absolutely everything one could possibly ask for in a suitcase range and I would be thrilled to win this amazing prize!

  77. glen collingwood

    My son lives and works in London and I havent seen him in ages . it would be great to jet off and see him.

  78. Sibongokuhle

    A group of friends and I will be going to Mozambique post graduation in December. I need a new set of luggage cos my current set is in a horrible state. Its been used and abused for the past four years of travelling back and forth between varsity and home.

  79. Colette Rossouw

    I’ll be jetting off to Singapore to visit my sister and niece who live there.

  80. wendy hogarth

    to europe with my trendy fashionable luggage!!!!

  81. jodie mackay

    I have no plans for immediate travel, but as soon as I win these stylish cases I will HAVE to book a much needed holiday somewhere beautiful and relaxing :)

  82. Margo

    If I can win these travelite bags I would immedialty give them to my mom so that she has efficient luggage for her job. She travels a lot because of a job. A single mother who has 5 children and jets on and off the road in out of airplains on a monthly basis to make us happy. This would mean the world to me and make her very happy and her journeys bearable,easier and more stylish* Thank you

  83. Jolanda

    I’ll be jetting off to Paris in the new future and and a Travelite suite case would be the perfect companion to help me travel in style.

  84. Denise Simons

    I would love to take these suitcases all the way to Alaska to experience all day sunlight and go sledding with the huskies!

  85. Sandra the colours……I’m planning a trip to visit my cousin in Australia and Travelite Trend Luggage will be perfect for trip.

  86. Craig Laing

    My wife and I are going to Zanzibar in December for her birthday. We still need to buy our luggage so this would be so great to win her an early birthday present as well.

  87. Cobie

    With family scattered all over the world, we will certainly be traveling from Cape Town to Los Angeles, England and Mpumalanga every year! Not complaining.

  88. Busisiwe Putu

    In December I’m going home to PE where my partner and I will be getting married and after that I don’t know where on our honeymoon that my uncle is giving us as a wedding present because we are not having a big lavish wedding just friends and family.

  89. wyona

    Oh i would love this amazing set of luggage i am so tired of my old sportsbag and outdated suitcase, travel a lot for business to Durban and Cape Town and everybody always looks at my outdated travel gear.

  90. Jeanine de Wet

    A part from the fact that these are gorgeous travel pieces, my mom has recently gone for two shoulder operations and needs light lugguage for her holiday trips when she comes to visit me in Cape Town.

  91. Marianna Brown

    My daughter is now residing in Cape Town, and I will be commuting between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town frequently.The smaller size would do me well for a short weekend visit, and the bigger pieces for extended stays.

  92. Rabe

    I will be jetting off to a conference in Washington DC in December. I need to show the world that S.African are stylish what better way to do it than with Travelite?

  93. Euegene Jason

    Travelite Trend Luggage bags are beauties that are lightweight,so cool! I would love to win it for my sister. She is saving to go overseas and has no luggage bags. This will be her first trip oversea.Her first time flying too. So winning this would really make her feel like a celeb!!

  94. Michelle

    I am planning my first overseas to Phuket…would love to travel with style.

  95. Moira

    I would love to win this Travelite Trend Luggage bags! I am planning on going on a tour end of this year. We will be visiting Durban,Gauteng,P.E and East London. I will need a Stylish set of luggage that can keep up!

  96. M. van Zyl

    I’m planning a trip to Ibiza island where I will look trendy, stylish with my Travelite luggage. The bright colour suitcases will complement my party clothes and add flavour to my mood. I will be noticed, my luggage will be admired and the party will be non stop.

  97. Claudia

    I am getting married in September and we will be spending our honeymoon amongst the Namaqualand Daisies the most picturesque place in the country during Springtime. I have been saving up for the most gorgeous lingerie on planet earth, now all I need are these earth shatteringly beautiful
    Trend by Travelite luggage to cherish my beautiful lingerie – only the very best will do.
    Trend by Travelite are masterly created ; exceptional quality and the most amazingly lightweight suitcases on the market;
    I’m sure they had all the honeymooners in mind when they designed these beautiful electric colours just like the bright
    future ahead of us !!

  98. Zdenka Moyle

    I have turned 60 earlier this year and it is time I got spoiled a little. Going to Prague to visit my sister – it would be great to travel in style with the gorgeous Travelite Trend luggage set

  99. Lara

    i live in residence so this would be absolutely gorgeous to pack all my goodies in

  100. Elbie

    i’ll be jetting off around the world if i have this fab set

  101. Sune

    I am beyond excited to be jetting off to the US in an attempt to live the American dream. I will be doing a fall internship at an amazing graphic design agency. These bright and LIGHT suitcases will suit my colourful personality, and make packing that much easier, without having to pay AS much attention to the weight restriction, because lets just be honest… How is a girl meant to choose what to leave behind not to mention what I will be bringing back!!

  102. Moira

    I would love to win this Travelite Luggage bags. I have old luggage that hav been with me for 15 years. I am going on a tour soon and will need new ones!

  103. Juliet Drozdz

    My work takes me all over the world so this this Travelite Set would be ideal. I just recently threw away my old luggage after five years of hard work from airport to plane, plane to airport to destinations from Africa to Europe. Travelite is trendy and sexy and fits so well with my personality. We would make a formidable team! Juliet

  104. faeema

    Gah! Have to have these! I NEED it. Especially with the Contiki plans my friends and I have!

  105. fatima asmal

    Will be going to Mauritius and spending quality time with my daughter, I need stylish Travelite bags to take with! Love the colours.

  106. fatima asmal

    Really would love to have a new luggage set for my trip to Mauritius, my old ones are unreliable.

  107. Anita Steenkamp

    I want to take my little girl to visit her grandmother, my luggage is old and does not have enough space for both of us girls, definitely need new luggage!

  108. fatima asmal

    Going to Mauritius for a much needed break! And quality time with my daughter, I need new bags to take along with me and I love the Travelite range

  109. Ana Linda

    I’ll hopefully be jetting off to Brazil next… I can just imagine how handy this Travelite set will be!

  110. Lilly Rhonda

    My luggage bags is old and no good. My daughter plays house-house with them. I would like to win this Travelite Trend luggage set!My best friend is oversea teaching and I would love to visit her with a brand new colourful stylish luggage set!

  111. Yvonne Mokwena

    I’m a mother of 3 handsome boys and a beautiful girl. You can imagine how it’s like to pack for all and I love travelling.

  112. Khauhelo

    I’m going on the Kaya FM cruise in December, there’ll be Jazz Icons and Celebrities on board so I need to win myself this Tavelite Set to make that WOW Statement

  113. TSHOLO

    Hey Elle Darlings!I spotted this set a while ago and have been salivating ever since! In November I’ll be travelling to Mauritius for a week and my current DULL lugguage JUST WONT CUT IT!! Well, Mauritius is bright, tropical and sunny and these traits resonate with the Travelite luggage as well! The set is fun, playful, girly and packed with colour, tell me any girly girl who wouldn’t want that!!?

  114. TSHOLO

    Hello Elle Daaaahlings!! I spotted this set a while back and have been salivating ever since!! I am going to Mauritius for a week in November and my DULL, mismatched luggage set JUST WON’T CUT IT!! Mauritius is bright and sunny, hot and tropical, and these are all traits that resonate with the Travelite set as well!! The set is also playful, fun and packed with colour…which girly girl wouldn’t want that!?! Absolutely in love, would die and go to luggage heaven for this set! Pweety please with an added smile:)

  115. Connie Skweyiya

    OMG, I die!! Such stunning beauties :-) I’m at that age where weddings are part of my budget, and it’s proven to be a costly part when having to look the part and still travel in style. Friends are getting married out of town and abroad, any fashionista serious about looking good on all level needs a stylish and durable luggage set. I believe my cry for one will soon be heard :-)

  116. Shannon Frost

    i will be jetting off to Melbourne, Australia for my gap year :) and im still using my parents old luggage, i really need my own to start off my new adventure :) xx

  117. Kerry

    Im jetting off to Greece!!
    My sister and I are going on a fabulous holiday and we would love to travel in style! Our precious bikinis and little black dresses need to be guarded against the very real threat of sticky finger syndrome and in case of an emergency water landing our droewors will remain droewors! <3 RSA Kerry

  118. Nicky de Wet

    I am planning to win a luxury trip to De Hoop Nature Reserve and I will definitely need a stylish luggage set

  119. Aisha

    I’m going to Tanzania to see celebrate my adorable niece’s first birthday and I’d like to surprise her with a whole bunch of goodies from South Africa. I’d love to carry them all in style with the GORGEOUS Travelite set!

  120. Lynette Hundermark

    I am a gadget girl who blogs and talks mobile. I am constantly on the movie jetsetting around the country giving talks about mobile and tech and how to do things properly in the mobile space. I always carry around the best gadgets and what has been missing is the best luggage to jetset around the country with. Gadget girl needs the best so why not have the best luggage and travel in style :)

  121. Lajos

    Would love this stylish luggage set to jet off with me on my trip to Japan…

  122. Sue. O.

    This would be fab to accompany me on my birthday treat to Durban’s beautiful South Coast in September!

  123. robyn rennison

    I’ve already booked my ticket to fly home during Christmas. There’s nothing worse than not being with your family over that special time. Would love to use the Travelite luggage for these trips :)

  124. hayley

    Im planning to do a road trip for the month of december with my boyfriend and a friend..we intend to start in cape town staying with various friends , then cover harmanus, george, still baai and plettenberg we’ll be pretty much living out of a suitcase. Would be awesome to be doing that out of the travelite trend luggage

  125. Carla

    This would make the perfect set to travel with on my trip to Mexico next year! It is colourful and vibrant which means I will fit right in and all the beautiful clothes and fabrics I intend on buying will fit right into the luggage too! hehehe

  126. Shirley Ramovha

    My fiance and I are getting married in September and will be jetting off to our honeymoon in Mauritius. I am in need of a Travelite Trend luggage set to arrive at our romantic destination in style, Class and to stand out from the crowd together with my better half on my side showing off stly all the way!!!

  127. hayley carreira

    I’m planning a road trip with my boyfriend and friend for the month of december..we’ll be starting in cape town staying with various friends and will cover harmanus, still baai, george and plettenberg we will pretty much be living out of a suitcase , it would be amazing if we could do that with the travelite trend luggage

  128. Shirley Ramovha

    My fiance and I are getting married in September and will be jetting off to our honeymoon in Mauritius. I am in need of a Travelite Trend luggage set to arrive at our romantic destination in style, Class and to stand out from the crowd together with my better half on my side showing off style all the way!!!

  129. Mira

    With this awesome luggage…I will carry with pride on all my local and international travels :)From romantic weekend away with hubby to family vacations with family…to work related travel. Multi purpose and Travelite for a Trendy me :)

  130. Masonwabe Twala

    I’m a young Interactive Web Editor for a Pan-African music channel. My job has the potential of taking me allover Africa and the world over. I need to be ready. I need luggage that will reflect my personality – smart,a trendsetter, funky, colorful, hardworking without being intimidating!

  131. Chelsea Dean

    I would be using the Travelite luggage at the end of the year when I take the special man in my life on a journey through Vietnam for his birthday!

  132. Sne N

    I wish I had somewhere interesting and new to travel to. I hope I do in the near future, so I don’t have to stuff everything in my one suitcase and carry around heavy hand luggage.

  133. Mwana

    I’ll be flying to Brazil this December to watch Madonna in concert! I’m sooo excited! This luggage set will be perfect to arrive there looking cute :D

  134. L William

    I am colourful and stylish. This 4 wheeler Trend Luggage set would match my personality to a T! I am currently saving to go to Paris and watch the awesome cycling!! So need Travelite’s Trend Luggage bags to show off a bit!

  135. Dave Staniforth

    I am off to the London Olympics as part of the hockey coaching team – would love to impress the boys with my stylish trendy Travelite luggage!

  136. Shannon Osztonits

    In a months time, I shall be packing up my life and moving to Abu Dhabi to go and work for a year and travel the world.
    In order to do so, I definitely need a luggage set that I know will last and is made out of the best quality possible!
    Not to mention, I literally have to try and squeeze my entire life into suitcases and I know that this set of three will definitely provide some assistance in this instance. I’m sure that you’ll understand, being a woman, it’s always better to (and impossible not to) overpack than under;)
    I’d really love this set to accompany me across the world and be a part of this new and exciting experience I’m about to depart on!

  137. Melanie Kajee

    I have won a trip the France – which was an absolute surprise and now find myself in a bit of a pickle – I have nothing to put my clothes into – a set of these bags will really do the trick – so please help so i don’t put my clothes into black bags.

  138. Candace

    Gorgeous luggage!!! My husband and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in November this year (Yay!!!) and are planning a trip to Cape Town and, since our old luggage is in a terrible state, I would love to win a Trend by Travelite set of luggage to take with us to the Mother City. We will definitely be travelling in style and, considering the way luggage is handled by our oh-not-so-careful friends at the airports, having a hard-wearing, high-impact resistant set of Travelite luggage will definitely ensure that our belongings and keep-sakes that we bring back are kept safe and sound.

  139. Adam Jacobs

    While my luggage makes an awesome display in the lounge, it seems to become quite a conversation item amongst onlookers when I’m using them for luggage… now and then some of these spectators appear very insensitive so I have to throw them the sign, but they are to young (or inexperienced, bless them) to correctly interpret the sign and I really think it will be best if you can let me win this very trendy Travelite Trend set, (I love the orange by the way…) because it bogs one down if you often have to put your cases and stuff down so that you can repeat the sign. Bless you for understanding… Now, if I’m not the winner, please forward me your address with some clear photo’s (not too clear though,I try to honour the distinction between art and -rated you know) so that I can come that way to throw you the sign!

  140. berry

    I would love to win this Funky Trend Travelite Luggage set! I love the BRIGHT colours. I own one luggage bag that is so ugly and the colour is common: BLACK:(

  141. Emeline

    Well I won’t quite be jetting off to an exotic destination but I will be flying home from University with a load of textbooks that would look oh-so-stylish in one of those beautiful Travelite cases!!! :P

  142. Amy Mitchley

    I NEEEEEEEED new luggage because I am visiting London in September and it’s my first trip overseas! I need to be able to spot my brand – spanking new Trend luggage on the travelator asap so I can get out of Heathrow and get to the High Street and SHOP!

  143. wyona

    The sexiest travelling gear i have ever seen big WOW

  144. Jeanice

    I’m always traveling so this would be great and come in handy. Traveling from Mpumalanga to the North west province. So that means I’m in like 3 provinces in one day. I love it but having to carry so many bags is tiring. If I had these three bags it’ll be so much easier for me. Thanks – great prizes as usual.

  145. samantha pillay

    I am jetting off to Spain in October! I do not have a a luggage set and this Travelite set will be perfect! Comes in great colours and I know my luggage will be safe!


    I am off to Australia to meet my new Grand-daughter after saving for ages. I have the oldest, shabbiest luggage in the world & this set is just so beautiful, I love the colours & I imagine that durability is exceptional and would last me for ever. I would be a very happy & trendy Granny.

  147. Michelle

    I would to win this Trend set!! I am going on my Honeymoon end of September. I have no luggage bags as yet. This Travelite Luggage set will be a wonderful wedding gift to myself.I will feel so spoilt!

  148. Sam Bayly

    After I graduate at the end of this year I hope to travel across Europe taking in all the sights before I come back to sunny SA to start my career

  149. faeema

    I NEED a luggage set! Hopefully in time for my CT holiday

  150. Aneesa

    I’ll be “jetting off” to my new home in about 6 months’ time after my wedding :)

  151. Thabo Molemohi

    During the September holidays, my wife and I are taking our two girls to Cape Town for a week or so. These Traelite Trend luggage apparels will be duly appreciated as I am told (and believe that judging from the reputation of the company) they are durable and very trendy and fashionable.

  152. Ridhwaana

    Hi Elle!

    I’m off to the UK in December, visiting family in Bristol and doing some sightseeing and shopping in London! I need all the luggage space I can get – I have to lug Christmas presents with me for my family in the UK and I need space for all the amazing fashion finds I need to bring home with me!

  153. Nicolene Carstens

    I just love this colourful Travelite Trend luggage set. I am always looking for a suitable luggage set – my husband constatly compline that my luggage are to big and heavy! So next when we going abroad to France, Spain and Italy (2013)I would love so please him with the best ever luggage, not just for me but for him also. Thanks Elle you will put a smile on my husbands face forever!!!! :-)

  154. Rachel

    I am a jet-setter by career!! Travelling in style is what I do!! Flying for one of the royal families in the middle-east takes its toll on my current luggage! I am in desperate need of a fabulous new set of luggage to make lots of space for all the shopping I will do all over the world! Paris, Milan, New York… watch out! Ill be visiting you soon with my Travelite on Trend luggage! ;-)

  155. Pamela Borresen

    i am going to Cape Town to meet the in-laws …i want to make a good impression and these “monster in laws” eating out of the palm of my hands

  156. Rickie Frans

    I am going to Dubai. Shopping equal luggage equal Travelite

  157. Shana

    My best friend and I will be travelling to Paris next year, to wave goodbye to our twenties in style. A set of Travelite luggage will be the trendy cherry on the cake.

  158. Rachel ward

    To Mauritius with my boyfriend, we have been saving for years and ver excited to be finally going

  159. Chrizelle

    If I want to polish up my student image and look trendy but stylish(and professional) when travelling to Germany I will definately be needing a set of Travelite luggage set.

  160. Devani

    Hi, I am travelling to Kenya in the next month and would love a tavelite suitcase, its perfect, easy to carry and has a built in lock – no longer losing a key :-)

  161. refiloe

    Me and my Gals are jetting of to Mozambique in September the 3rd and it will be spring ,My sexy floral baby doll dress,bright pink straw hat,Sandals and shades And yes i need to make a statement with TheTravelite bags coz they bright gorgeous and the bright colours bring a whole new meaning to colour blocking

  162. Ting

    I would take these gorgeous Travelite bags with me to Taiwan! It would be my first trip overseas and every girl needs stylish luggage! ;-)

  163. Beth_N

    im always travelling for business mainly and for weekends away, would love this cute and light bag to make these trips so much better.

  164. Joan

    I am going to fly for the first time the end of the year! So its only to Johannesburg, but just watch me, I am going to be getting my wings and then I am officially a jetsetter, so the fabulous luggage will be real handy!

  165. Vincent Oliver

    Although I have never been overseas, just know that someday it will happen, but for now, seeing my lovely country, is good enough for me. My family and I always travel to different places along the Cape Country Routes, so it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it sure needs a fabulous looking set to go along with the packing!

  166. faeema

    I need Travelite in my life! My bags are falling apart :( and I travel quite a bit between cities.

  167. Chipego Habanyama

    Wow, there couldn’t have been the perfect timing.

    I’m going to university (first year med student), this year to China & I don’t even have a bag yet. Iv never travelled overseas & the furthest I’ve travelled, I’d had the worst experience with my travelling bag, it melted in the sun & a zip broke.

    These bags would totally make my trip…

    Thanks for the opportunity…

  168. Hanel Haumann

    I will be jetting off to visit my best friend in Potchefstroom. After three years of studying at different campuses I am finally going to see what she has been doing up there! I would love to give her one of these stylish bags aswell, so her trips from Cape Town to Potch will be made much easier and fabulous!*

  169. zakiya

    Jetting off to greece.. Travelite set would be the perfect companion

  170. Clive Borresen

    i am a field technician and travel all the time…i am always mis placing my luggage…with these trendy and vivacious colours not only will i NEVER loose my stuff but i will have swagger too wayyy better than MIC JAGGER!!!

  171. Marietjie

    I am going to participate in a bodybuilding competition (Toned Figure) for the 1st time!!! I am nervous and excited. I need a travelite to carry all my costumes, jewellery, make up, etc for this big event.

  172. Thandy

    The girls and I usually take a trip to Cape Town in December this year we planning on going to Mozambique so I know this set will come in handy since it is waterproof maybe I should suggest a boat cruise to Mozambique with the girls insteasd of driving.

    Now and then I travel to Cape Town and Joburg for work making it a breeze to get around especially when in one week I am in Gauteng the next Cape Town my packing won’t be everywhere.

  173. thandy

    WOW Natalie Samson enjoy Czech i think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world!!!!

  174. Liesel Hoppe

    I LIVE to trravel and my luggage is in desperate need of an upgrade! Next stop is Turkey with friends…let me work the airport with my new Travelite Trendy luggage please? :-)

  175. Lydia Shongwe

    Iwould love nothing more than to tavel with these amazing bags, travel in style ayoba!!!

  176. Tendani

    I’ll be jetting to Durban in September,me,fiance and baby. I am in need of this luggage set because we’ll be travelling in September this luggage will do since they’re bright in colour. They’ll best suits us becoz it’s a collection of 3 – everyone we’ll have her/his own luggage. Again I love this luggage because we won’t spend much time packang since it has got a divider board which makes packing much easier our advantage since we’ve got a small baby.

  177. Mary

    My job as a sales representative takes me all over the world and I would really love to travel with the exceptionally stylish Travelite Trend luggage.
    Colorful and funky for easy identification a great help to me because my eyesight is not very good and I sometimes battle to recognize my own luggage – but that will be a thing of the past with these super bright suitcases,I would be looking forward to my next trip with pride and confidence as every piece of luggage designed by Travelite is a truly remarkable piece of art , and I will be a proudly South African ambassador,no doubt.
    Travelite the trendy, trusted, travel collection – leader on the market , certainly in a class of its own !

  178. Lilly

    I love this Trend Travelite luggage set! The colours are fabulous and love the 4-wheeler:)))))
    I need a new set of bags and would love to win this awesomeness:)))))))))
    Travelling would then be so much more Stylish for me!

  179. Erica van Wyk

    Will be jetting off to Cape Town to enjoy some me time.

  180. berry

    I love this TREND Travelite Luggage Set! The bright colours are so me. I am planning on going to Korea and saving towards that. I will need a fabulous,stylish and tough set of cases for my long journey! This is it for me!!

  181. faeema

    Such gorgeous trendy bags! I would love to win a set of my own, my travel worries will be over! And will be just in time for summer holidaying :D

  182. Edith Wasserfall

    I’m a student from Namibia but studying in South Africa. I always struggle to find good quality bags and they are so expensive! I can’t begin to mention how many bags I’ve broken flying to and from South Africa, and not having enough bags to pack all my stuff in! I pride myself on being stylish but my old broken luggage does not exactly showcase that. And the student budget doesn’t exactly allow for lavish expenses! I would love to win this gorgeous, quality luggage set.

  183. Krish De Chesarae Pillay

    Incredible India awaits me,Travelite Trend luggage, a new essential luggage innovation, will help me navigate my trip like a pro.Talk about a win on every travel possible,a thoughtful balance of style and elegance makes life so simple. You just have to love them, “Travelite luggage”.Travel inspired magic.

  184. Adam Collingwood

    I often fly home to ‘DURBAN’ loaded with gifts for the mom but are always worried things will get broken. Having a Travelite set …. Idd have peace of mind and look the part .. and those gifts and wine would get to DURBAN safe and sound !!

  185. LG Efron

    Next stop: A family trip – return to the USA to see my South African family over there.

  186. faeema

    Checking back, would make my entire year to win these stunning bags, have always wanted my own set of Travelite, so I can stop relying on my old bags to take my valuables place to place!

  187. Manuela

    I’m in dire need of these! In December I’m traveling to the UK and then the Carribbean, which means I desperately need 2 suitcases to carry my winter and summer clothes separately. My current bag is so old and tatty, and I would just die to own a pink Travelite luggage! How fab?

  188. Berry

    I am saving money to go to the Far East. My luggage bags will not make the trip:(
    Very old! I would loooooooove to win this TREND Travelite set:)
    I love the BRIGHT colours so much. They a very Stylish set of luggage bags !

  189. Deline

    Going on honeymoon in February and would definitely need these lovely bags!

  190. Sheila Paterson

    Our 44th anniversary coming up & to celebrate we are off to Venice ! Then joining a Med cruise of the Greek Isles. Our existing luggage is almost as old as we are !!

  191. Jacqueline Lambropoulos

    Nothing planned, but if I win I will definitely plan a trip immediately!

  192. Desiree Wittstock

    The one suitcase we have is starting to look shabby. I will be flying to PE shortly to visit my Gran & Aunty and would love the trendy set. <3

  193. fatima

    Holding thumbs that I win this for my much anticipated island holiday :D so amped! And how stylish are these bags? Baie mooi ♥

  194. Berry

    wow!! Look at me now! Trend Travelite is a statement in itself. I would love to win this set. I love everything about the TREND luggage bags :) I am saving for a trip oversea and am in need of a new STYLISH set of bags:) Yummy!

  195. Pauline

    2012′ Dec’ holidays jetting off to Phuket.What can’t be said, it is trendy, lite, bright, bright, bright ………….

  196. Fadeelah

    I’ll be travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. I need a set of Travelite luggage that’s tough enough AND pretty for my travels!

  197. Nonkululeko

    I frequently go between gauteng and eastern cape to visit my son and i dont have good quality travel bags as Eastern Cape is always raining, I would love to have Travelite luggage as it is a good quality and waterproof.

  198. Kate

    I am going to New Zealand to attend my cousins wedding and this Travelite luggage set will be perfect as it is hard-wearing, high-impact resistant and its polypropylene outer shell is also waterproof, not to mention it’s super stylish.

  199. Anna

    I’m travelling to New York in December and can”t wait to hit the sales! I’m in desperate need of some stylish and glamorous luggage to match the fashionable and chic purchases I intend making. With Travelite’s Trend luggage set I know that even the most renowned celebrities in America will be asking where my luggage is from when I land at JFK International :-)

  200. wendy hogarth

    I would love to go to London shopping so really need beautiful luggage to carry my purchases home in :-)

  201. faeema

    Hoping to win this gorgeous set of Travelite for my trip to CT! Its going to be crazy :)

  202. fatima

    Would SO love to own these amazing bags, so stylish and practical. Would be great for my upcoming usland holiday ♥

  203. Joanna Blackbeard

    I am doing a 10 days contiki tour through Vietnam. Having the Travelite collection will be the perfect way to experience the hustle and bustle of all Vietnam cities as I need to be able to move around quickly and have enough space to store all my gifts along the way.
    I need practicality as we only spend one or two nights at one location; then pack up and catch a flight, bus or train to the next city!
    Retractable, locking, recessed handle system, spring-loaded top and side carry handles and 100% nylon self-repairing zips would be ideal for this trip as it will be hard-wearing and high-impact.

  204. Angelica

    HAPPY WOMEN’S MONTH TO ALL THE LADIES!!! I hope to win these Travelite beauties to share it with my two sisters. We are three girls and Im the eldest (so I’ll take the bigger one, then 2nd sis gets the middle one & baby sis gets the smaller one)We would then plan a getaway where we each stroll along with our travelite luggage :D

  205. Lydia van Rooyen

    I would like to travel to all the colorful places I dream of but will go to Cape Town firts, My mom turned 83 on 11 Aug and coulnt go..Shes suffering Dementia and not sure how long she will still recognise me

  206. Sonja Strauss

    Nothing gets you in a better holiday mood quite like a bright, sparky luggage set on a carousel flaunting your name on the travel tags! Will hopefully be flying down to Cape Town soon and who knows – I might just reach for that purple Trend by Travelite set on said carousel.

  207. Liezenne van Huyssteen

    On my trip to England to search for a job as a designer. I’m a recent graduate in design and would feel like a million POUNDS arriving and traveling in search of my future with these!

  208. Setsoali Rantidi


    I have just started a new job and our team building is comming up soon, this set is gorgeous and I would really love to win it for myself.

  209. Natalie

    will be travelling to Asia in November, to South Korea to be exact! It will be my first crossig the border and these will make a welcome companion in the trip.. did I mention it will save me the expense of buying luggage which means moola to SHOP :)

  210. Cathy Mc Dougall

    i will be jetting off to Johannesburg, this case will help me as I am a student and it is much easier to keep ones fashion and possessions together in a stylish case as it makes a statement and is much easier to identify this way

  211. Aimey Ellison

    This is definately the kind of baggage I want!!! I tavel a lot for work and would love a new tavel set to match my bright and funky wardrobe!

  212. Berlina

    would love a set of these trendy Travelite luggage for all the shopping I’ll be doing in India in Jan