No sooner had the international outcry over 10-year-old French model Thylane Blondeau’s provocative spread in French Vogue died down, than we heard about a line of children’s lingerie by French label Jours Apres Lunes. We know that French children are introduced to fine wines at an early age, but dressing in sexy lingerie? The clothing line caters for girls aged four to young teenagers, and most of the styles are borrowed from catwalk trends for adults.

Jours Apres

Jours Apres

Jours Apres


The children used in the campaign all wear full make-up and lounge around in grown-up poses. What do you think – has the world gone mad? Share your views on confronting one’s sexuality at such a precocious age.

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2 Responses

  1. Siyasanga

    This is crazy! Kids aren’t just kids anymore! Being a mother is going to be a tough job in the future.

  2. Melissa-Jade Williams

    This is so sick and pornographic. I saw the pictures of Thylane, I am disgusted. Tom Ford’s new name should be Humbert Humbert.

    I hate seeing 15 year olds in womens’ magazines, let alone 10 year olds. It eeks me when I buy magazines and see children posing in grown-up’s clothing, it’s so unrealistic and unappealing. I know the fashion industry is obsessed with youth but where’s the line drawn.

    Kids posing in lingerie, that is another level. What sick person makes lingerie for little girls. Little girls should not be sexy, they should be little girls. A girl should be taught that she is more than her sexuality but how is that possible if you are made to pose so provocatively at such a young age.

    Kids need electric trains, dolls, books, fresh air and love. What they don’t need is to be made sexual objects… or hugs from Tom Ford.