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Thembi Seete: A Letter To My Younger Self

Entertainment industry veteran and brand ambassador, Thembi Seete reminisces about the past in a note to her younger self, looking back on her fondest childhood memories and early career as a member of the iconic kwaito group, Boom Shaka.

To, Tay Tay, Ndlovukazi, ngwana wa Seete

A life anchored in relentless self-expression. You were right!! Indeed, there was so much more the world had to offer. As a young girl, you carried so much vibrancy and passion. O no sa tswarege (You were unstoppable/ uncontrollable).People Often misunderstood your flamboyant, enthusiastic Spirit. Performance, singing, and dance were an innate gift God planted within you because that is all you wanted to do. I still recall how you would to tell people you were "rehearsing" when they saw you dancing or singing alone. You had already created your own stage.

It was in a little room, your father had created for you, where it all began. All the practices and rehearsals in this room prepared you for some of the most remarkable, heart-warming and exhilarating moments of your life.

I remember your encounter with Lebo Mathosa, how excited you were to have met someone that carried the same amount of passion, drive and zeal. You were both on this path of rewriting the script. The belief and faith you had, later birthed a seed, alongside other members, which brought newness and freshness to the industry and changed the direction of your lives forever.

Boomshaka, was undoubtedly the paramount moment in your career. It was in this season that you understood what it truly meant to take chances and relentlessly express yourself. From the innovative, crazy outfits to the highest platform heels and the loud, colourful hair dos, you never seized to discover yourself amidst the chaotic creativity.

People were drawn to the uniqueness. Your difference as Boomshaka, was evident in your music and your dance routines and left your audience with a new, unforgettable experience. Kids at school would imitate you, they were inspired by your look and this unfortunately resulted in your expulsion at school. You had to once again find an environment that accommodated who you were.

Travelling to different places gave you one of the biggest lessons: The world has so much more to offer. We are all here to learn from each other but in the same token the world can be a brutal place that needs you to constantly be vigilant, ready for anything and develop a strong backbone. Your experiences with Boomshaka shaped you into being an independent young woman. You had to quickly learn how to manage yourself, do your own make-up, find creative stage looks, take care of others and even manage your finances effectively. At times, you wouldn't get this right, but in the end, it all worked out somehow. All the trials, errors and experimentation taught you the importance of making the right choices in life. 

Your strength, resilience and curiosity continues to inspires me. I'm in awe of how that young girl, who never hesitated to share herself with others, is now granted the best gift of taking care of her own child. A healthy baby boy, this could not have come at a better time. What a blessing!  The light in this little boy’s eyes motivates you daily to never stop being you. Somehow, this light takes me back to the light you carried within you at a tender age.

I am proud of you, you have run this race well and still continue to do so. A zealous soul that took her light everywhere, this light spoke loudly of your authenticity, the light within you taught the world who God said you are. Never stop trusting in this light, it is there with the sole purpose of illuminating every new path that is yet to come. This light is a gift, this light is you, Tay Tay, Ndlovukazi, ngwana wa Seete.

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