The trouser suit is key to your work wardrobe this season and we’ve got a super-sleek hairstyle to complete your look! As promised in our March issue (on shelf now) ELLE beauty ed Lynette Botha shows us how to get the sleek pony tail look with a step-by-step here!

Step 1: If hair is freshly-washed, apply a heat protectant product and blowdry straight. Spray with dry shampoo for texture. (This style works best on hair that is not freshly-washed though; if this is the case apply a little styling gel and blast with the hairdryer.)


Step 2: Use a flat iron to get a dead-straight, flawless finish. Rub a tiny amount of shine serum through palms and gently smooth over hair to tame any fly-aways or frizz.

step-by-step-1  step-by-step-2

Step 3: For a low-pony: A middle-parting is very modern and on-trend right now; use a fine-toothed comb to divide and create a middle-parting. Then gather hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic band.

Low ponytails are great for accentuating jaw and necklines.

step-cover-elastic-with-hair-2  step-cover-elastic-with-hair


low-pony-2  low-pony-3

For a high-pony: Spritz hair with a little more dry shampoo and tease at the crown. Use your fingers to scoop hair up high on to the head; don’t pull hair too tight when securing with the elastic band, as you want to keep the volume at the crown. Twist a strand from your ponytail around the band and secure with a bobby pin so it becomes invisible.

high-pony-3  high-pony-1


High ponytails have the ability to elongate the face and make you look younger.

For a super-sleek ponytail: Choose whether you’d like a middle or side-parting (or just brush hair back) and then rub a five-cent-sized blob of stronghold gel between your palms and smooth onto to crown of hair to ensure hair looks super sleek and stays put. Gather pony at the middle of the back of your head (just above ears) and secure with an elastic band, disguising with a strand of hair, as above.

super-sleek-pony  super-sleek-pony-2

The super-sleek look is great to take you from office to cocktails and beyond.

Photographer: Cindy Taylor

Hair & Make-up: Sebastine Pepler / Dermalogica

Model: Joyce from Full Circle

Beauty Ed: Lynette Botha