The November Issue’s Movers and Shakers

In the November Issue of Elle, AKA our #BodyIssue, we shine a light on the incredible ways our bodies serve us. Nothing seems more governed or judged than the human body. Everywhere we turn, we’re told how we should look, dress and move.  This month’s Collective honours young locals who use their bodies to tell a story that is bigger than themselves.

Dance has always been an empowering way of expression and once that bug bites it can be hard to shake off. As Nqobilé Danseur tell us “I was obsessed with. So it was natural for me to pursue a career as a dancer, it literally flowed with my life.” This sheer dedication to entertaining, to tell her her story, is what landed her a spot on Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour.
FAKA, the musical duo made up of Thato “Fela Gucci” Ramaisa and Desire Marea, are using their voices to spark a conversation about gender, homosexuality and making space for other who don’t fit into that heteronormative ideal. “The cis-hetero-patriarchy will always be points of disparity for many and the only way to counter this is to actively politicise our bodies”

Tarryn Alberts –who has toured with Die Antwoord– uses dance to get a reaction, to make a point, and doesn’t shy away from backlash. ‘I put out what I want people to see. I put out stuff that makes people happy, sad or angry and I’m OK with the reactions because you either like [what I do] or you don’t. But I do have a personal life that I keep to myself.’

‘It’s a platform for people of all fitness and socio-economic levels to come and enjoy an affordable full-body workout without being afraid of anyone judging them if they do something incorrectly.’ says Mumtazz Emaran of her boot camp. Emaran  uses her body as a way to dispel the misconception about women and exercise.

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