Talking Getaways and Temptations with Wendy Ntinezo

Created by ELLE for DKNY

Inspired by DKNY’s Be Tempted scent, we caught up with Fashion Entrepreneur, Wendy Ntinezo and chatted to her about her getaway temptation, her must have items for weekends away and the surprising reason why she avoids the mall. 

Much like us, Wendy enjoys picking outfits and being photographed. She playfully suggests that she gets to play different characters based on the outfit she’s photographed in and admits that she gets lost in her dreams when in front of the camera. In her daily life, Wendy often has to style shoots and campaigns as well as attend auditions, all of which she says can be stressful: ‘It becomes hard to really find time to escape and enjoy beautiful moments in life so now I try and make time to create  moments through fashion photography and just have fun.’


However, she loves that is her chosen career, she is not  limited to doing one thing: ‘I can be a fashion stylist, model, fashion presenter, designer and it allows me to learn and make money in so many ways. I’m fascinated by how I can make money and have fun at the same time with no boundaries and limitations.’

When it comes to escaping the daily demands of her work, her favourite holiday destination at the moment is  Mpumalanga, which got us thinking, what are a fashion entrepreneur’s must have items are for a weekend away.

She confesses  that her cellphone is her life so the first item would have to be her cellphone. The second? ‘I love smelling good. I own about 15 bottles of perfume and that would be a definite must-have’. Last but not least, she makes sure to pack in a pair (or more) of shoes.


They are the one temptation that she simply cannot live without: ‘Shoes! I love shoes and I’m always tempted to buy a pair every time I go to a mall, especially Doc Martens.  They are my weakness, my joy and my pride! And that’s the reason why I avoid malls.’

We get you Wendy. We really do.

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