Gigi Hadid Appears to Have Cut Her Hair and Gotten Bangs

May 28th, 2018

Gigi Hadid mayyyy have just gotten a major haircut. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility that…

Hair Musings: SA’s Top Hairstylists Create Their Ultimate Look

May 22nd, 2018

Our May hair issue celebrates hair stylists and the muses that inspire them, we sat down…

Our Local Instagram Hair Crushes: Braided Hairstyles

May 15th, 2018

*double tap* Since our focus is on hair this May, we have curated a few picks…

The 360˚ Hair Selfie That Teaches You Stylist Techniques

February 16th, 2018

More education than narcissism. There’s a hair selfie and then there’s a Huawei 360˚ hair selfie….

Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Want You to Feel Guilty About Wanting Great Hair

January 9th, 2018

The new face of Kerastase on feminism, Amy Schumer, and the perfect couple. In the brave…

Is The ‘Post-Breakup Haircut’ The Key To Moving On, Or Just A Rash Decision?

December 4th, 2017

We quizzed an expert on why your cathartic cut-and-colour might not be so therapeutic after all….

5 Hairstyle Ideas For Warmer Weather

October 13th, 2017

Get ready to slay.. With Summer just around the corner, we are looking forward to showing…

4 #BlackHairChallenge Styles That Celebrate The Magic Of Black Hair

June 28th, 2017

Here’s why this hashtag is so important. BY MAYA ALLEN The true magic of black hair lies…


July 18th, 2016

The long bob is here to stay. There’s a reason a topknot is the summer style…


April 5th, 2016

We break down our top 5 looks that we are dying to try out. With winter…

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