So Much More Than Fashion

Created by ELLE for Sanlam 

Fashion emanates power when it doesn’t operate in isolation. When you marry elegant aesthetic appeal with smart functionality that has the potential to solve a problem the whole country is facing, you have a very influential accessory indeed.

This is the interesting insight behind Mna Nam – Laduma Ngxokolo’s first foray into the world of functional fashion accessory design, conceptualised collaboratively with Sanlam for National Savings Month (July). Says Ngxokolo, “My fascination at the moment is with technology and science. How will the fashion industry of the future serve society in a way that fosters positive social development?”

He continues, “For me, scientists are becoming the new fashion designers because they’re envisioning wearable digitised solutions that have the potential to positively impact people’s lives. This is the space I want to be involved in, that Mna Nam allowed me to move towards.”

Laduma Ngxokolo

Many are already familiar with Ngxokolo’s iconic look – particularly the MaXhosa knitwear that heroes traditional cultural patterns and prints. Mna Nam takes this aesthetic story and adds to it – seamlessly integrating fashion with function to tie into a global trend. Taking wearable tech to the domain of finance, it gives people a modern visual tool to save money simply. The accessory incorporates an embedded QR code in its design that links to a virtual Savings Wallet on the wearer’s mobile phone. This allows the wearer to scan and save as easily as they would normally swipe and spend.

In a country like South Africa which has one of the world’s worst savings reputations, Mna Nam offers much-needed capability that takes away the barriers that usually block people from successfully managing their money. According to Ngxokolo, “Wearable tech has worked most successfully when people use gamification to set themselves rewards to work towards. We encourage Mna Nam wearers to set their own Savings Month goals and to use the accessory as a tool to achieve these.”

Mna Nam is more than fashion. The more you use it, the more valuable it becomes. To get your hands on the season’s hottest accessory, visit www.mnanam.com.