Skattie Celebrates, a project by our contributing editor Malibongwe Tyilo and Sandiso Ngubane of (previously known as Skattie What Are You Wearing), present artist Thania Petersen for one night only in Cape Town.


Petersen, who was born in Cape Town but studied at the prestige Central Saint Martins College of Art in the UK, took a break from art until she began working on her series ‘I am Royal’, part of which was exhibited at the Cape Town Art Fair earlier this year.

In the exhibition, which comprises two sets of work, Petersen explores her Cape Malay identity, first through a twin series of portraits called ‘I am Royal’.

‘I stake my claim to this lineage through classic self-portraiture, which presents regalia in a chronological process of identification, with a portrait of me, as I am presently, completing the series,’ says Petersen.

In the second part of the exhibition, a work titled ‘Barbie and Me’, she exposes the conflict of religion in a secular society. In the series of portraits, she explores the contrast between religious teachings and everyday life, including the many material wants that can often be inconsistent with the values of Islam.

Skattie Celebrates, in association with ARTAFRICA, will host Thania Petersen at the AVA Gallery, 25 Church Street at 18:30, July 30th.