Shekhinah Is As Good As Rose Gold

In one week, Shekhinah turned 23, hit the one million mark for her Suited music video and dropped her highly anticipated debut album; Rose Gold. I’m sure this is a week she will never forget in her life.

Rose Gold is a pink gold with subtle, delicate colour that intensifies with age. Her album’s journey does the same. It’s the sound of an ode to 20-somethings: An emotional rollercoaster of love, self-love bad decisions, lessons, and strength.

Shekhinah’s musical journey has been a pleasure to follow. The first time I saw Shekhinah was when she auditioned for Idols with her cover of Lauryn Hill’s “Can’t take my eyes off you”. She exuded this vibe and I fell in love. This year when we had to collate South Africa’s top female musicians for our August women in music issue, Shekhinah was at the top of my list. Get to know the songstress in this behind the scenes video:

“If not on stage then off-stage or backstage. Anything. As long as it involves music”.

Shekhinah’s album narrates her journey through her twenty-somethings and anyone who has been there or is there as we speak, will find it hard not to relate. Shekhinah bares it all on the 12 track album,  blanketed by soulful trap soul beats that will have you feeling some type of way in the club, with your friends, or on your own this summer.

Listen to her album, Rosegold here.