We spent 5 minutes with Justin Garner of Selfie Sticks South Africa (before having our own fun with the stick in the ELLE office…)



Selfie Sticks South Africa started when Jan, my business partner, and I met and discovered that we had both lost our hearts to South Africa. We did not want to leave, so we decided to follow the entrepreneurial dream, as opposed to staying in the conventional ‘9 to 5’. We both have extremely different skill sets, each of which complement the other greatly. We have many more projects we are involved in and hopefully you will get to see these soon in the upcoming months as well.

1. Concept behind the Selfie Stick?

The Selfie Stick was created in order to allow for amazing photos which include optimal angles, group shots, party pictures, sporting activities, and ultimately the ‘Perfect Selfie’. We first saw these practical devices being used with GoPros, but wondered why had no one developed something compatible with smartphones and various camera types.

2. What about the Selfie Stick did you see doing well in the South African market?

We thought Selfie Sticks would do well here because of the amount of use they are getting worldwide. We also really liked the fact that South Africans are very much involved with outdoor activities, music festivals, and so on, and enjoy taking selfies as much as anyone. The high rate of tourism to South Africa also had an influence. So we thought we would give it a bash and start a company in South Africa. We have now franchised in Belgium and just signed a deal to franchise in Australia – if this tells you anything about the demand worldwide!

3. Where did you first see the Selfie Stick and what did you find appealing about it?

I first saw them in the US when I was working in Colorado, and Jan saw them all over Europe last year. (He’s from Belgium). We soon discovered that the Selfie Stick is popular in China too! Now everywhere we go in South Africa people say, ‘I saw these all over Europe/Asia/America when I was travelling!’ The most appealing thing about the Selfie Stick is how much it really opens up a picture. You get shots that you would have never seen before and it’s so easy to use! We get emails all the time from boyfriends or girlfriends who want to solve the ‘selfie addiction’ of their significant other.

4. Where can we buy them?

They are available for purchase on our website – SelfieSticksShop.com, or you can send us an email to SalesAfrica@SelfieSticksShop.com if you prefer.

5. What devices can be used with the Selfie Stick and how does the actual photo-taking process work?

Selfie Sticks can be used with any almost cellular device. The Bluetooth remote is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, allowing for easy use. We just tried the Iphone 6 in the grasp at the end of the Selfie Stick and it fitted perfectly (and that’s a BIG phone, basically a tablet, haha). You can also use digital cameras with a timer, and GoPros fit the end screw as well… The actual photo-taking process starts with connecting the Bluetooth remote to your phone. Then you connect your phone or camera to the grasp at the end of the Selfie Stick and extend it to the desired length. Once you think you have the perfect shot, you press the button on the remote and BOOM! You’ve just taken the ‘perfect selfie’.

6. How long can the stick extend?

The length of extension is 235mm to 1005mm. We think that it should be the ‘It’ item for any handbag this summer or the must-have accessory for the beach, hikes, bikes, etc. Best of all, it only weighs 130g…

7. Is there a choice of colours?

Yes, they are available in six different colours: red, black, blue, green, yellow and orange. Red and orange have been extremely popular so far…

8. What are the different types of photos produced by the Selfie Stick?

Most of our photos are group shots from hikes and big events. Lots of people are taking them on amazing treks up Table Mountain, for example, and the pictures they are getting are ridiculous! We are getting photos from all around the world such as Thailand, Greece, Mt. Everest, and so on. If you look at our Instagram page, you will be blown away by all the different shots. We’ve received images from our clients such as the ‘Stealthy’ and the ‘Sealfie’ which have been absolutely hilarious. See social media to find out more.

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