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I See Colour – A Forecast On 2018’s Palette

It’s never too early to see the colour palette set to decorate our wardrobes in 2018. Trend forecasting agency WGSN’s Colour Editor, Hannah Craggs, paints a vivid picture of what’s to come.

‘Youth Tonic speaks of a new rebellious direction driven by a wave of young designers,’ Craggs says. Get ready for an eclectic clash of styles with a generous dash of neo-nostalgia. We’re talking ’90s clubwear and street style taking on a new relevance. Colour is playful, and it’s an invitation to mix, match and mismatch within styling.

Pastels? They’re coming back, ‘but not in the sugar sweet iterations we have seen before, with Electric Lilac being most notable, moving away from pinks. It’s still feminine but tough and influenced by South Korean K-Pop culture. Orange and sporty blues also gain importance but feel more retro. These tones are all about versatility and are ideal for a more layered approach to dressing,’ she adds.

Womenswear begins to reflect more fluid concepts around age, gender, nationality and seasons. Dark Wonder’s palette becomes super enriched by also contrasting. ‘We see deep plums and dusky blues offset by bright ashes of yellow or lilac, these accents punctuate the twilight shades. Tinted darks are key for this season, darks with a mysterious almost spiritual quality: Galactic Green and Mystic Violet have a rich appeal that is perfect for winter, while Atomic Cerise and Nuclear Yellow work as essential highlights as darker days take hold.’

Originally printed in  Elle South Africa July 2017