Salient Twitter Responses to the Inxeba Film Protests

On Friday, February 2nd, a group of protestors occupied Nu Metro cinemas in Walmer Park to encourage a boycott of Inxeba(The Wound), the screenings were suspended thereafter.

The multiple SAFTAs awarding film has received a lot of backlash on social media from people, predominantly men, who feel that it is a disrespectful depiction of the isiXhosa culture’s initiation schools. The movie, which is entirely in isiXhosa, tells the story of an unrequited love affair between two initiates. However, though 85% of viewers who watched pre-screenings approved of the movie, homosexuality is frowned upon in many societies, especially when it comes to traditional cultural practices. As a result of the national screenings, Directors and Producers of the film received death threats which they have since filed complaints with the South African Human Rights Commission and the Commission for Gender Equality.

People took to Twitter to express their views against the protests and these 5 tweets were amongst the top responses:

Celebrities and other media personalities have also taken to Twitter to express their views, one which made headlines, in particular, was Loyisa Gola, who hasn’t actually seen the movie and said he doubts he will:

Director John Trengove said, “Inxeba is not for everyone, but there are many young South Africans, particularly from the black queer community, who have every right to watch and engage with it because it reflects something of their own experience.”